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UD Trucks & TCIE Introduces New Euro 5 Quester and Croner Range in Malaysia

UD Trucks
UD Trucks

UD Trucks and its sole distributor partner in Malaysia, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), unveiled the new Euro 5 range for the well-established heavy-duty Quester and medium-duty Croner trucks.

UD Trucks  & TCIE Continues to  Reduce Environmental Impact

According TCIE, the upgrade also boasts features that will improve uptime, efficiency, and optimise Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for truck owners, while lowering the vehicle’s environmental impact.

The new Euro 5 Quester and Croner are UD Trucks’ first models designed specifically for markets outside of Japan.

Incorporating Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, the new Euro 5 range delivers substantial gains in environmental conservation and fuel efficiency. This technology has reduced nitrogen oxide emissions by 60 per cent and particulate matter emissions by 80 per cent when compared to current Euro 3 standards. In comparison to Euro 4 standards, nitrogen oxide emissions have decreased by 43 per cent. Additionally, Euro 5 engines exhibit improved fuel economy and reduced CO² emissions in comparison to their Euro 3 trucks.”

Steve Hedouin, Managing Director Hub Malaysia, UD Trucks said “The introduction of our new Euro 5 Quester and Croner is a significant evolution driven by UD Trucks’ corporate purpose of creating Better Life through more efficient and cleaner emission trucks that the world needs today, for a sustainable future.”

“With air pollution being one of the biggest health threats and the transport sector facing increasing environmental pressure and business challenges, this is an era where sustainable logistics has become even more critical than ever before. As industry players, we need to embrace and make positive changes to reduce emissions and future-proof our business operations. The new Euro 5 Quester and Croner give customers the leverage they can depend on for furthering their business productivity, all while minimising their environmental impact and helping them stay competitive.”

UD Trucks is the first truck manufacturer to introduce the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology back in 2004, and this technology is proven to be more reliable when compared to other emission control technologies for reducing nitrogen oxides emission.

The SCR technology also delivers improved fuel efficiency and total cost of ownership with lower maintenance requirements, compared to other available emission control technologies, as well as higher power and torque through optimised combustion without increasing the size of the engine.

Business uptime is also enhanced with improved service intervals and less time required for maintenance. This is further supported by the availability of AdBlue, a safe-to-use diesel exhaust fluid used in vehicles with SCR technology to reduce harmful gases from being released into the atmosphere, at all TCIE’s 26 branches and dealers throughout Malaysia.

With cleaner and more robust engine configuration and lower sensitivity to sulfur content in fuel, the SCR technology contributes to longer engine life and reduced environmental pollution.

Aside from featuring a Euro 5 system with SCR technology, the new range of Quester and Croner also features a new instrument cluster with real-time fuel coaching. This enhancement provides drivers with immediate and specific feedback on driving techniques that are more fuel efficient.

Say Teck Ming, Chief Operating Officer of TCIE shared, “The offering of the new Euro 5 range reflects TCIE’s and UD Trucks’ shared commitment in supporting Malaysia’s environmental, social and governance agenda and in meeting the needs of modern transport operators in a changing world environment. Leveraging on TCIE’s strengths, the new Euro 5 Quester  and Croner trucks will be produced as CKD under our manufacturing facility.

“The new Euro 5 range offers all of the additional advantages to help our customers go the extra mile efficiently and responsibly whilst retaining all other existing benefits that Quester and Croner have been delivering.”

Quester combines excellent fuel efficiency with durability, connectedness and business-ready with the innovative UD Telematics, and good fuel efficiency and safety with numerous features including the ESCOT automated manual transmission. Croner, on the other hand, offers reliability and versatility through a wide and customisable model offering to suit specific applications, fuel efficiency with its aerodynamic cab design that reduces the drag coefficient, drivability with the Allison automatic transmission, and superior ergonomics, cab space and comfort for the driver.



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