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UD Trucks & TCIE Deliver 10 New Quester Prime Movers to EH Utara Holdings

UD Trucks TCIE EH Utara

EH Utara, UD Trucks‘ long-lasting customer recently recived 10 new UD Quster trucks from LK Utara

EH Utara Holdings Invests in UD Trucks

UD Trucks Malaysia and sole distributor partner Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), through its appointed dealer in Kedah, LK Utara Sdn Bhd, recently handed over 10 new heavy-duty UD Quester trucks to long-term customer and one of the largest logistics providers in the Asean region, EH Utara Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Steve Hedouin, Managing Director, UD Trucks Malaysia, thanked EH Utara for its unbridled trust and support to UD Trucks and for being the company’s long-lasting customer. “The UD Quester trucks represent an evolution in Japanese innovation, providing smarter solutions for navigating today’s logistics business. UD Quester combines first-class fuel efficiency with durability and is the ideal heavy-duty long-haul partner for customers who demand extra power and performance as it is built to go the extra mile. We are indeed extremely glad that our trucks have contributed to EH Utara’s business growth and would continue to do so.”

The 10 Questers comprised five each of the UD Quester GDE 6×2 and GKE 4×2 prime-mover models.

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UD Trucks和TCIE移交10辆崭新Quester牵引车给EH Utara控股

马来西亚UD Trucks和其独家授权经销伙伴陈唱工业用具私人有限公司(TCIE)日前通过吉打的授权经销商LK Utara私人有限公司,移交10多辆UD Quester 重型卡车给长期客户——东盟规模最大的物流服务供应商EH Utara 控股私人有限公司。

在交车仪式上,马来西亚UD Trucks 董事经理赫都安(Steve Hedouin)首先向EH Utara对UD Trucks所给予的信任和支持,并成为他们长期和忠实的客户致谢。“UD Quester卡车是见证日本不断创新的杰作,它为当今的物流行业提供更精明的解决方案。UD Quester 将一流的燃油效益和持久耐用的特性结合在一起,行稳致远,它那额外动力和性能使这部重型卡车成为客户的理想长途良伴。我们很高兴本公司的卡车能协助推进EH Utara的业务增长,往后的日子我们也会继续这么做。” 

这10辆Quester重型卡车包括5辆UD Quester GDE 6×2 牵引车和5辆 GKE 4×2 牵引车……


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