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New Telematics-Equipped Quester CKE42R Comes with Upgraded Horsepower

Quester CKE42R Horsepower

UD Quester CKE is the most affordable and smallest member in the Quester line-up.

UD Quester CKE42R -A Smart Move for New Possibilities

UD Quester was specifically developed for all types of heavy-duty transport assignments, and the UD Quester CKE is the most affordable and smallest member in the Quester line-up.

“We believe this versatile 4×2 configuration of the UD Quester CKE is a smart move for new possibilities. It is big enough to be classified as a full-size truck capable of being a heavy load haulier. With a gross vehicle weight of 19,000kg, it is available in mixer, cargo, dump or tipper configurations. Its rugged durability makes it just right for a variety of applications including food and beverage delivery, municipality, utility, petroleum and waste handling,” said Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE).

Powered by a GH8E engine compliant to Euro 3 standards, the new Quester CKE42R with upgraded 330hp of power output and 1200Nm of torque makes it the most powerful truck in its class, said TCIE. The diesel engine comes mated to 9-speed manual transmission unit.  Its safety kit includes a complete air brake system, S-cam type brakes with an automatic slack adjuster, spring-based parking brakes, exhaust brake system, and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

“The sleeper cab of Quester CKE42R is aerodynamically designed with sleeping bunk, developed for regional distribution transport and other transport tasks where the driver might need accommodation. Service and repair of components in the engine compartment and under the cab are made easy with manual cab tilting, “added the company.

“We believe that Quester is the answer to the ongoing challenges of increasing fuel prices and environmental legislation. Questers, including the Quester CKE42R, delivers what the local transport companies are looking for: an affordable real heavy-duty truck that combines first-class fuel efficiency with reliable durability and longest service intervals as compared to other competitors. Not only when you buy it, but also when you drive it. It cuts fuel costs and maximises uptime so transport companies can get a fast and dependable return on investment (ROI) that will help them to reach their business goals.”

Additionally, TCIE said, the Quester CKE42R comes with in-built telematics. The company explained that UD Telematics Services help improves customer’s profitability by maximising vehicle uptime and fuel efficiency; while reducing unplanned stops and operational costs. UD Telematics Services integrates a host of features designed to support customers and their businesses.

Benefits of UD Telematics

In terms of benefits, TCIE said, UD Telematics keep customers up to date about their business. “With UD Telematics Services, customers will have full visibility of their vehicles for efficient fleet management. Tracking and tracing vehicles has never been easier thanks to the user-friendly interface of the UD Telematics web portal and mobile app to ensure that the visibility of your fleet is always at your fingertips, even while on the move. It also allows customers to generate and analyse easy-to-read reports on fuel utilisation and driving behaviour, thus simplifying the management of their fleet. Improvements to driving behaviour will lead to more efficient fuel consumption, ultimately resulting in significant cost savings for their business. Last but not least, UD Telematics Services strive to provide support in maximising vehicle uptime. This is achieved through working closely with our customers in regular preventive maintenance planning, remote assistance or fuel advice services.”

TCIE then went on to explain how the UD Telematics work. Real-Time Track and Trace, TCIE says that this ensures customers have a precise overview of the location of their fleet -keeping them in control. This knowledge allows them to know when their delivery will be made and can plan alternative routes in the event of traffic congestion. Whereas the trace function allows the customer to extract vehicle history data when the need arises. This is particularly useful for incident investigation and is available as a text-based report or a graphical interface.

Meanwhile, TCIE said Fuel Utilisation Report can be easily generated and analysed for potential areas of improvement so that fuel savings can be identified and optimised through advanced driving techniques. The Fuel Level Change Alert helps inform the customer when there is a sudden drop in fuel detected, providing crucial vehicle information for the investigation. These alerts will be sent via email or as a push notification for the UD Telematics Mobile App, allowing customers to investigate the incident immediately.

Added visibility on how customer vehicles are driving, according to the company is also possible with UD Telematics, thanks to its Driving Behaviour monitoring feature. Key parameters such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking, over speeding, seatbelt usage and excessive idling, the company pointed out are essential in the management of a high performing fleet

Furthermore, troubleshooting vehicle issues have become easier with onboard diagnostic where diagnosed errors occurring in the truck and the relevant data are linked to telematics. Identifying the issues help the rescue team to find the right solution and reduce vehicle downtime.

New Quester for Today’s Essential Needs

Apart from the Quester CKE42R with upgraded horsepower, the new Questers models from distribution to long haul cover all local business needs. These include CDE: 6×2 Rigid, CWE:6×4 Rigid, CQE: 8×2 Rigid, CGE: 8×4 Rigid, GKE: 4×2 Tractor, GDE: 6×2 Tractor and CWE:6×4 Tractor.

Building on proven robustness and reliability, TCIE said, the new Quester introduces key features such as ESCOT automated manual transmission, retarder, electrical cab tilt, engines with higher horsepower and user-friendly telematics. These deliver even greater productivity, fuel efficiency, uptime, driver efficiency and safety. Thus, the company concluded that the new Quester is definitely a smart move for their customers’ businesses.

As the sole distributor of UD Trucks in Malaysia ever since TCIE started, TCIE has been instrumental in the growth of the brand to where it is today, a highly visible and trusted Japanese name in the Malaysian truck industry.

全新 Quester CKE42R 配备远程信息处理与升级马力

UD卡车Quester是专为各种类型的重型运输任务而开发,而 UD Quester CKE 则是 Quester 系列中最实惠、体积最小的成员。

“我们相信这款 UD Quester CKE 4×2 多功能卡车是实现新可能性的明智之举。它足够大,可以作为重载运输车的全尺寸卡车。车总重为 19,000 公斤的它,能够充作搅拌机、货车或自卸车用途。它坚固又耐用,非常适合各种应用,包括食品和饮料配送、市政、公用事业、石油和废物处理。” 陈唱工业用具有限公司 (TCIE) 表示。

TCIE说,全新的Quester CKE42R搭载符合欧3标准 GH8E引擎,具有升级的330马力功率输出和 1200Nm扭矩,使它成为同类产品中最强大的卡车。该柴油引擎配备9速手动变速箱,安全配备包括全空气制动系统、带自动松弛调节器的S凸轮型制动器、基于弹簧的驻车制动器、排气制动系统及防抱死制动系统 (ABS)。

该公司补充说:“Quester CKE42R的卧铺驾驶室采用空气动力学设计,专为区域配送运输和可能需要住宿的驾驶员运输任务而开发。其手动倾斜驾驶室,方便技术人员为引擎和驾驶室下方进行部件养护和维修。”

“我们相信 Quester 是应对燃油价格上涨和环保法令的答案。Questers,包括 Quester CKE42R ,提供了本地运输公司正在寻找的东西。与其他竞争对手相比,它结合了一流的燃油效率、可靠的耐用性和最长的服务间隔,是一款经济实惠,真正的重型卡车。不仅在您购买时,在您驾驶时也是如此。它降低了燃料成本并最大限度地延长了出勤率,因此运输公司可以获得快速可靠的投资回报 (ROI),助力他们实现业务目标。”

此外,TCIE表示,Quester CKE42R 配备内置远程信息处理。该公司指出,车队公司需要有效管理他们的车队,使车队在路上行驶更长时间,同时降低运营成本,最大幅度地提高盈利能力。这就是 UD 远程信息处理服务发挥作用的地方。

该公司解释说,UD远程信息处理服务(UD Telematics Services) 通过最大幅度提高车辆出勤率和燃油效率来提高客户的盈利能力,同时减少计划外的停机和运营成本。 UD远程信息处理集成了大量支持客户与他们业务的功能。


TCIE表示,UD远程信息处理的好处是让客户掌握他们的业务进度。 “客户可以借助 UD 远程信息处理服务全面了解他们的车辆,从而实现高效的车队管理。界面友好的UD 远程信息处理门户网站和移动应用程序,使跟踪和追踪车辆变得格外简单,确保您的车队始终在您的掌控中,即便车队在移动中。它还能让客户生成和分析关于燃料使用和驾驶行为易于阅读的报告,从而简化车队管理。驾驶行为的改善将带来更有效的燃料消耗,最终为他们的业务节省大量成本。最后却并非不重要的一点是UD远程信息努力为车辆的最高出勤率提供支持。这是通过我们与客户的密切合作,制定定期预防性维护计划、远程协助或燃料咨询服务来实现的。”

TCIE接着解释 UD 远程信息处理如何运作。该公司说,实时跟踪和追踪(Real-Time Track and Trace)确保客户对其车队的位置有一个精确的概览——让他们处于控制之中。这些信息使他们知道何时交货,并可在交通拥堵时规划替代路线。而跟踪功能允许客户在需要时提取车辆的历史数据。这对于事件调查特别有用,并且能够以文本报告或图形界面来呈现。




全新 Quester满足当今基本需求

除了具有升级马力的 Quester CKE42R,适用于分销到长途运输的新 Questers 车款涵盖所有本地业务需求。这包括 CDE:6×2 整体式车架卡车、CWE:6×4整体式车架卡车、CQE:8×2 整体式车架卡车、CGE:8×4 整体式车架卡车、GKE:4×2 拖拉机、GDE:6×2 拖拉机及CWE:6×4 拖拉机。

TCIE 表示,基于久经考验的稳健性和可靠性,新型 Quester 引入了关键功能,例如 ESCOT 手自一体排变速箱、缓速器、倾斜电动驾驶室、更高马力的引擎和用户友好的远程信息处理。这些功能可提供更高的生产力、燃油效率、正常运行时间、驾驶员效率和安全性。因此,该公司得出结论,全新的 Quester ,绝对是客户业务的明智之举。

UD Trucks如今是马来西亚卡车行业中一个高度可见和可信赖的日本品牌。自成立以来便是UD Trucks马来西亚独家经销商的TCIE,显然对UD Trucks品牌的发展发挥了关键作用。

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