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UD Trucks Launches New Quester

UD Trucks New Quester

The New Quester is said to represent an evolution to smarter solutions to today’s transport challenges.

New Quester Helps Overcome Business Challenges and Accelerate growth with Smart Logistics

UD Trucks Malaysia unveiled its New Quester with enhancements to the well-established Quester heavy-duty truck at the recent Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo 2019. The New Quester would enable logistics companies in Malaysia to tackle critical industry challenges and boost their bottom line through Smart Logistics.

The New Quester is said to represent an evolution to smarter solutions to today’s transport challenges. Building on proven robustness and reliability, the New Quester introduces key features such as ESCOT automated manual transmission, retarder, electrical cab tilt, engines with higher horsepower and user-friendly telematics. These are expected to deliver greater productivity, fuel efficiency, uptime, driver efficiency and safety.

Steve Hedouin, Managing Director, UD Trucks Hub Malaysia and Oceania, said: “The New Quester is the truck that could help meet our customers’ requirements and expectations to manage their key business challenges. We have developed New Quester with the ‘Gemba Spirit’, by being close to the ground, listening to the needs of our customers.

“Since 1995, UD Trucks has delivered more than 80,000 trucks with ESCOT automated manual transmission. We are humbled by the tremendous confidence and recognition that the Quester line has earned. With New Quester, we are positive in carrying on this legacy of being the truck brand that our customers want to partner with,” added Hedouin.

Fuel Efficiency Up 10% Compared to Previous Quester

To boost productivity and profitability for business owners and logistics companies, New Quester achieves an enhanced fuel efficiency of up to 10 per cent from the current Quester with the ESCOT automated manual transmission, lighter tare weight and optimised driveline, and depending on the operating condition, driving behaviour and vehicle maintenance.

ESCOT includes software that optimises gear shifting according to engine revs, vehicle speed, loading weight and even road gradient. The smart system also includes a sensor that would select optimum gear automatically instead of assuming a first gear selection.

New Quester is equipped with engines that deliver high torque and pulling power at low RPMs, while flat torque curve minimises the need for gear changing. This enables it to deliver higher average speeds and lower fuel consumption in the long run. Its enhanced fuel performance also aligns with the increasing focus on environmentally friendly regulations to curb fuel consumption.

Driver Friendly Features

The New Quester introduces more driver-friendly features to make the driving experience more seamless and comfortable. This helps transport companies in their critical and competitive battle to secure the best drivers for their fleets.

A game changer in the transportation business, New Quester with ESCOT takes away the need for manual gear shifting, which could happen between 1000 and 1500 times in a day.

Driver fatigue continues to be a serious industry challenge, resulting in 20 per cent of road accidents in the world. To address this, New Quester is developed with an air suspended cab and ride comfort package with reduced cab vibrations up to 18 per cent. Driver’s comfort is also enhanced with ergonomic seats and lumbar support for long-distance assignments.

New Questers with UD Telematics

In line with elevating business success through Smart Logistics, New Quester supports effective fleet management and driver performance with innovative customer telematics such as real-time vehicle tracking and geofencing for better fleet visibility and optimisation.

New Quester trucks are equipped with UD Telematics, which could connect directly to UD Trucks workshops for the monitoring and detection of each vehicle’s condition and service needs before a potential emergency occurs. Preventive maintenance analysis guides customers with monthly driving behaviour and fuel consumption reports, ensuring higher uptime and more optimal fuel economy over time.

Owners of New Quester also enjoy increased uptime with a 2.5 to 3 times longer clutch life span under ESCOT automated manual transmission compared to manual clutch replacement depending on the operating condition, driving behaviour and vehicle maintenance.

Tan Keng Meng, Executive Director, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment (TCIE), said: “As UD Trucks’ sole distributor partner, we are fully committed to deliver on UD Trucks’ ethos of ‘Ultimate Dependability’ by increasing truck uptime through our UD Extra Mile Support. Offering an extensive network of well-trained service technicians, we provide quality after-sales service with genuine parts, service planning and vehicle handover training that optimises fleet performance.

“We recognise the immense potential in Malaysia, where business success is a key contributor to economic progress. Combined with our Ultimate Dependability standard and Gemba spirit, we are confident that New Quester marks the company’s commitment to continue championing Smart Logistics and providing unmatched value to customers. With our extensive network of 43 service centres and dealerships throughout Malaysia, TCIE would continue to play a major role in providing key support to all our customers,” added Tan.

The New Quester is compliant with B10 biodiesel.

UD Trucks 推出New Quester重型卡车

马来西亚UD Trucks 近日于2019年马来西亚商用车展(MCVE)隆重推介New Quester卡车,这款崭新卡车是深受欢迎的Quester重型卡车之升级版。New Quester 卡车有助于马来西亚物流公司应对行业重大挑战,并通过智能物流来提高他们的盈利。

New Quester 卡车是应对当今运输挑战的升级智能解决方案。New Quester 卡车是一款强悍精壮及值得信赖的卡车,它备有多个重要特点,例如ESCOT半自动变速器、液压缓速器、电动倾翻驾驶室、超强引擎及易于使用的远程信息处理。这些功能将提高企业的生产力、改善燃油效率、延长卡车运行时间、让司机感到更舒适和安全。

UD Trucks马来西亚和大洋洲国家董事经理埃瑟安(Steve Hedouin)说:“New Quester卡车能满足本公司客户应对关键业务挑战的需求和期盼。我们秉持着‘现场(Gemba)精神’来开发New Quester卡车,因为我们走入企业,聆听客户们的心声。”

他补充:“自1995年以来,UD Trucks已交付超过8万辆搭载ESCOT半自动变速器的卡车。我们感到很荣幸,因为Quester卡车深受大家的信任及肯定。我们会凭藉New Quester卡车传承这个车款的精髓,继续推广这个获得客户们鼎力支持的卡车品牌。”


为了提高商家和运输公司的生产力和盈利能力,New Quester卡车透过ESCOT半自动变速器、轻量化和经优化的传动系统,提高其燃油效率,比现有的Quester卡车高出10%。当然,这也取决于卡车的操作状况、驾驶行为和保养情况。

ESCOT 内有一个根据引擎转速、车速、装载量甚至是道路坡度来优化换档的软件。这个智能系统还包括一个会自动选择最佳档位而不是预设一档的传感器。

New Quester卡车搭载低转速高扭矩引擎,呈平坦的扭矩曲线减少了换档的需要。这使得卡车长时间行驶也能保持更高的均速,而且油耗量也比较低。 随着以环保法规来抑制油耗越来越受到关注,New Quester卡车的燃油性能也与这个法规保持一致。


New Quester卡车引进更多对司机有利的功能,让司机享受无缝及更舒适的驾驶体验。这些功能有助于运输公司在关键及竞争激烈的行业中,为车队留住表现出色的司机。

New Quester 卡车打破运输行业的常规,它搭载的ESCOT半自动变速器,让司机再也不必每天手动换档1,000次至1,500次。ESCOT半自动变速器会根据操作状况,在正确的时间自动选择最佳档位。因此,司机可以轻易掌握操作New Quester卡车的方法,进而集中精力安心开车。自动换挡功能让一名普通司机也能像熟练司机一样驾驶New Quester卡车。

司机疲劳驾驶一直是这个行业的严重问题,占全球交通意外事故20%。为了解决这个问题, New Quester 卡车驾驶室搭载了空气悬挂系统以及舒适驾驶配套,使驾驶室的减震效率高达18%。符合人体工程学的座椅和适用于长途行驶的腰部支撑系统也让司机感到更舒适。

New Quester配备UD 远程信息处理

为了通过智能物流来提高企业的业绩,New Quester 卡车搭载创新的客户远程信息技术,例如实时追踪卡车位置及地理围栏来优化车队管理和司机绩效,进而强化车队监控系统和效率。

每辆New Quester卡车都配备UD Telematics,此系统会把UD 卡车与修车厂连接在一起,在可能发生的紧急情况前监督和检测每辆卡车的情况和维修需求。有了实时数据通信分析,就能按照驾驶行为和油耗量为司机提供指导,确保卡车运行时间更长以及更省油。

ESCOT 半自动变速器比手动变速器的寿命高出2.5至3倍,因此New Quester 卡车车主能享有更长的卡车运行时间,唯取决于操作状况、驾驶行为和卡车保养情况。

陈唱工业用具有限公司(TCIE)执行董事陈庆民说: “作为UD Trucks的独家授权经销商,我们致力于通过UD Extra Mile Support后援服务来延长卡车运行时间,实现UD Trucks‘终极信赖’的理念。我们备有一大批训练有素的技术人员,为客户提供优质的售后服务,包括采用原装零件、安排服务以及交付卡车驾驶培训,以便优化车队性能。”

陈庆民续称:“我们认为,马来西亚市场有巨大的潜力,而企业的成就是推动经济发展的关键因素。New Quester卡车是本公司终极信赖标准以及现场(Gemba)精神的结晶,它会坚守本公司的承诺,继续打造智能物流以及提供客户无以伦比的价值。TCIE将凭藉在全马各地43家服务中心和经销商,继续为所有客户提供一切必要的服务。”

New Quester 可采用B10生物柴油。

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