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Johor Trucking Association Organises ‘Understanding AdBlue + Euro 5’ Seminar

Johor Trucking Association Seminar

Johor Trucking Association recently organised a seminar titled ‘Understanding AdBlue + Euro 5’ for its members, friends and business partners.

‘Understanding AdBlue + Euro 5’ Receives Good Response

Held on 2nd October at UTM Skudai (Dewan Kuliah P19, Hall 4), Skudai, Johor, the seminar aimed to provide a better understanding of AdBlue and Euro 5 technology on diesel engine and the benefits.

The topics included ‘Inside Euro 5&6 Exhaust Aftertreatment’ by Foo Siew Mun, OEM Technology Manager, Southeast Asia, Valvoline Ptd Ltd; ‘MAN Euro 5 Engine with SCR’ by Ghino Galantinus, MAN Product Manager (Truck) Cluster Australasia, and ‘Will AdBlue Increase the Cost?’ by Kenny Lee, Fleet Management Consultant, Safe Truck.

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柔佛罗厘同业公会主办“了解AdBlue + 欧5”研讨会

柔佛罗厘公会近日为其会员、朋友和商业伙伴举办了一场名为“了解 AdBlue + 欧5”的研讨会。该研讨会于10月2日在柔佛州士古来的UTM Skudai(Kuliah P19礼堂,4号厅)举行,旨在让与会者更了解 AdBlue和欧5柴油引擎技术及其优势。

讲题包括Valvoline私人有限公司东南亚原装配备技术经理 Foo Siew Mun主讲的“欧5和欧6内部排气后处理”。曼恩澳大利亚集群卡车产品经理加兰提努斯(Ghino Galantinus)主讲的“采用 SCR后处理技术的曼恩欧 5 引擎”,以及 Safe Truck 车队管理顾问 Kenny Lee 主讲的“AdBlue 会增加成本吗……..”


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