Publication Dates

Truck and Bus News is published six times a year. The publishing dates for the year 2019 are as follows:

Issue Date
2019/1 Jan-Feb 2019
2019/2 Mar-Apr 2019
2019/3 May-Jun 2019
2019/4 Jul-Aug 2019
2019/5 Sep-Oct 2019
2019/6 Nov-Dec 2019

Circulation Details

Unlike other general automotive and motoring magazines, Truck and Bus News is highly targeted at business readers and is not sold to the general public. The total print run of Truck and Bus News is currently 5,000 copies, the majority of which are distributed to truck and bus fleet managers, logistics companies and truck and bus service workshops in Malaysia and Singapore. The current approximate distribution breakdown is as follows:

Truck and Bus Fleets – 80%

Truck and Bus Sales and Service Organisations – 15%

Others 5%

At present the distribution is entirely within Malaysia and Singapore.

Extra copies are often printed for distribution at key trade exhibitions

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