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UD Trucks Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary of Quester

UD Trucks
UD Trucks

UD Trucks marks a decade of recognising the accomplishments and development of Quester. 

Quester: A Decade of Triumphs and Transformations

UD Trucks celebrates the 10th anniversary of the heavy-duty Quester and reflects proudly upon its journey of innovation and expansion. Quester has aimed to embody the company’s vision of creating trucks that meet the present-day requirements of the world.

Developed with a strong focus on customer needs and leveraging UD Trucks‘ 87-year history of Japanese engineering expertise, Quester stands as a contemporary, heavy-duty truck tailored to cater to the demands of growing markets and around the world. The first Quester began its journey on the road in 2013, first in Thailand. Today, UD Trucks is proud to announce that over the last 10 years, Questers have been on the roads of over 46 countries across four continents.

Jacques Michel, Senior Vice President of UD Trucks International Sales, said: “Since the introduction and the continuous innovations we have pioneered with Quester, UD Trucks has always kept the Gemba spirit top of mind. We are committed to stay closely connected to the field and understand the requirements of our customers in different markets. We aim to continue to be their preferred transport solution provider.”

Expanding upon Quester’s established durability and dependability, New Quester incorporated notable enhancements like the ESCOT automated manual transmission, more powerful engines, and intuitive telematics. These improvements aimed to provide improved fuel efficiency, productivity, drivability, safety, and uptime.

Fuel costs typically constitute 60 per cent of operating costs for fleet operators. New Quester achieved an even greater improvement in fuel efficiency of up to 10 per cent compared to the first Quester model by incorporating the ESCOT automated manual transmission, reducing vehicle weight, and optimising the driveline.

The ESCOT automated manual transmission system incorporated specialized software that optimises gear shifts based on engine revolutions, vehicle speed, load weight, and road gradient. This intelligent system also featured a sensor that automatically selects the most suitable starting gear, rather than defaulting to first gear.

New Quester’s advanced fuel efficiency was meant to align with the global call for reducing consumption. The New Quester met the fuel economy and quality requirements for heavy-duty vehicles, ranging from Euro 3 to Euro 4, across all intended markets.

New Quester’s automatic selection of the most suitable gear was also meant to make driver training easier and improve drivability. It’s easy-to-operate gear lever, which uses a straight shifting pattern, was meant to help companies expand their pool of drivers by making driving more intuitive and easier to pick up.

The New Quester was also intended to elevate the driving experience. Designed to feature an air-suspended cab and a ride comfort package that effectively decreases cab vibrations by as much as 18 per cent, driver comfort was further prioritized through the inclusion of ergonomic seats and lumbar support.

Since 2018, all trucks come equipped with UD Connected Services, which possess the capacity to establish a direct connection with UD Trucks workshops, enabling real-time monitoring and proactive identification of each vehicle’s status and maintenance requirements prior to potential emergencies. The analysis of preventive maintenance offers customers guidance through monthly reports on driving patterns and fuel usage, leading to improved operational efficiency and enhanced fuel economy in the long run.


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