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RISDA Fleet Buys More Units of Heavy-Duty UD Quester

RISDA Fleet UD Quester

RISDA purchased 3 UD Quester 6×4 prime-movers with tankers and 2 UD Quester 6×4 prime-movers with wooden cargo trailers. 

RISDA Receives 5 New UD Questers 

UD Trucks and its sole distributor partner, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), recently delivered five units of the heavy-duty UD Quester to RISDA Fleet Sdn Bhd, the fleet management arm of the Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Authority (RISDA). These newly purchased trucks comprised three UD Quester 6×4 prime-movers with tankers and two UD Quester 6×4 prime-movers with wooden cargo trailers.

The delivery is said to fulfil UD Trucks and TCIE’s commitment in helping RISDA Fleet with its growing logistical demand as the trucks are used for transporting fertilisers and crude palm oil across Malaysia.

RISDA, which is under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is entrusted to oversee the smallholder sector as an important production sector in the national economy. The agency’s key mandate is to implement development policies and programmes to ensure the growth and viability of the smallholder sector of the rubber industry and improve their social and economic well-being.

A vehicle handover ceremony was held recently to mark the official delivery of the new heavy-duty trucks. With these new trucks, RISDA Fleet now owns nine units of UD Quester.

According to RISDA Fleet, managing fuel cost and ensuring the safety of people and cargo are extremely important for it as a transporter. The company said based on its previous purchase of four UD Quester prime-movers, the trucks were found to be very reliable, durable and fuel-efficient with an excellent track record on truck uptime and lifespan. These qualities helped RISDA Fleet forego any need for heavy maintenance, thus enabling efficient delivery of cargo.

RISDA Fleet also added that its decision to purchase more UD Quester trucks were influenced by factors such as affordability and positive feedback from its drivers on the driveability and technological advancements of UD Quester, especially on its safety and fuel-coaching features.

Jaclyn Loy, Chief Operating Officer of TCIE, said: “We would like to thank RISDA Fleet for choosing UD Quester once again to support its expanding logistics needs. UD Quester is built to provide superior performance and fuel efficiency to our customers and we are very glad that RISDA Fleet could experience all its benefits. This new truck handover also highlights our highly valued relationship with RISDA Fleet and our continued commitment to deliver smart logistics.”

In Malaysia, customers of UD Trucks are supported by TCIE’s extensive network of 43 service centres and dealerships nationwide that provides the UD Extra Mile Support services comprising UD Genuine Service and Parts, UD Driver Training, UD Telematics Services and UD Trust Service Agreements.

RISDA 车队购买更多UD Quester 重卡 

UD Trucks和马来西亚独家授权经销商陈唱工业用具有限公司(Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd,简称TCIE)最近移交5辆UD Quester 重型卡车给橡胶业小园主发展局(RISDA)的车队管理臂膀 RISDA 车队私人有限公司。这些新购买的卡车包括3辆UD Quester 6×4 油罐车和2辆 UD Quester 6×4 半挂牵引车。

这些新卡车是UD Trucks和TCIE协助RISDA 车队满足其日益增长物流需求的承诺。它们将负责运载全马各地的化肥和棕榈油。


TCIE日前在一场卡车移交仪式上,正式把这些重型卡车移交给RISDA 车队。如今,RISDA 车队共有9辆UD Quester 卡车。 

RISDA 车队指出,作为一家运输公司,管理燃油成本以及确保人身和货物安全极为重要。该公司续称,根据他们早前购买的4辆UD Quester牵引车的经验,他们发现这些卡车非常可靠、很耐用也很省油,而且卡车运行时间和使用寿命很长。这些卡车性能避免卡车维修成为RISDA 车队 的沉重负担,从而提高载货的效率。

RISDA 补充, 该公司决定增添多辆UD Quester 卡车是因为这辆卡车经济效益佳,司机们也对卡车的驾驶性能和先进科技等特点给予正面反馈,特别是卡车的安全警示和燃油指导系统功能。

TCIE首席营运员黎叡颖说:“感谢RISDA 车队再次选择UD Quester卡车来扩大其物流需求。UD Quester 卡车的性能卓越,也非常省油,我们感到很高兴,因为RISDA 车队能体验它所带来的各种好处。移交这批新卡车不只是突显了我们与RISDA 车队的关系非常密切,也展示了我们对智能物流的不懈追求。”

TCIE在全马各地拥有43间服务中心和经销商,服务网络广泛。购买UD卡车能享有UD Extra Mile Support后援服务,包括UD专业保修、原装UD零件、UD司机培训班、UD 远程信息处理服务和UD Trust服务配套。

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