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UD Trucks and TCIE Deliver First Unit of Light-Duty Kuzer to Malaysian Customer

UD Trucks aims to further strengthen its presence in the light-duty truck segment through the delivery of the first unit Kuzer to Jun Hong Trading.

UD Kuzer Now Available in Malaysia

UD Trucks and sole distributor partner Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE) have recently delivered the first ever unit of the all-new light-duty UD Kuzer to local transporter, Jun Hong Trading Sdn Bhd. This delivery marks UD Trucks’ strategic approach to further establish its presence in the light-duty truck segment in Malaysia

The all-new UD Kuzer was previewed one year ago at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS), following which bookings were opened to the market several months later. UD Kuzer is the newest light-duty truck in the UD range of trucks currently being offered in Malaysia, complementing the existing heavy-duty UD Quester and medium-duty UD Croner 

Steve Hedouin, Managing Director, UD Trucks Hub Malaysia & Oceania says, “The delivery of our first unit of UD Kuzer signifies the growing partnership between UD Trucks, TCIE and our customer, in addition to heralding promising growth to all our businesses. UD Kuzer is the light-duty truck that is developed to deliver extra and is ready for any tasks and challenges our customers have. This delivery has further cemented our brand presence and broaden our capability in providing quality trucks to suit our customers’ needs. UD Kuzer is indeed the perfect partner for smart logistics solutions!” 

Jaclyn Loy, Chief Operating Officer of TCIE shares, “UD Kuzer provides our customers who have diverse logistics needs. It is designed as the perfect partner for efficient day-to-day urban deliveries as it fulfills all the requirements customers seek, from easy to manoeuvring to safety and fuel economy. It is a very capable light-duty truck with superior efficiency thanks to an optimised driveline.” 

“We are extremely delighted with this handover to our valued customer Jun Hong Trading and would like to thank them for their support as our loyal customer for over 15 years”. 

UD Kuzer is designed for busy city deliveries as it provides great manoeuvrability with strong chassis, spacious cabin and better driving comfort. Its advanced engine technology offers high performance and torque, delivering reliability, durability, power, comfort, and fuel efficiency. This truck also comes with a real time Fuel Coach system to guide the driver on fuel savings optimisation and UD Telematics as optional to track and improve truck and driver performance. 

Established more than 20 years ago, Jun Hong Trading is a specialist supplier of general merchandise including products for household and garden, car care and accessories and various handy tools and lifestyle products. The company will be using its new UD Kuzer for deliveries to hypermarkets and departmental stores such as Mydin, Aeon/Aeon Big, Giant and TF Value Mart. 

Chong Fook Loy, Executive Director of Jun Hong Trading shares, “We are honoured to be the first in Malaysia to receive the new UD Kuzer. Our decision to buy it was spurred by our good experience with previous UD legacy models and the extensive and responsive aftermarket service coverage. This is important because our trucks deliver goods to the whole of Peninsular Malaysia. Our drivers’ positive feedback on UD Kuzer’s high horsepower and spacious cabin is also encouraging us to consider buying more units in the future.” 

In Malaysia, customers of UD Trucks are supported by TCIE’s extensive network of 43 services centers and dealerships nationwide which provides the UD Extra Mile Support services comprising UD Genuine Service and Parts, UD Driver Training, UD Telematics Services and UD Trust Service Agreements.


UD Trucks和TCIE交付首部Kuzer轻型卡车予马来西亚客户 


UD Trucks和马来西亚独家授权经销商陈唱工业用具私人有限公司(Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd)日前交付了首部全新的UD Kuzer轻型卡车予本地业者進鴻贸易有限公司(Jun Hong Trading Sdn Bhd),进一步巩固UD Trucks进军马来西亚轻型卡车市场的战略。 

全新的UD Kuzer一年前在吉隆坡国际车展(KLIMS )亮相,展出数月后,便开放预订。UD Kuzer也是马来西亚市场中最新推出的UD系列的轻型卡车,与现有的UD Quester重型卡车及UD Croner中型卡车相辅相成。 

UD Trucks马来西亚和大洋洲区董事经理埃杜安( Steve Hedouin)表示:“成功交付首部UD Kuzer,除了意味着UD Trucks、陈唱工业用具和客户之间的伙伴关系日益密切,也预示彼此的业务前景看俏。 

“UD Kuzer是特别设计来提高客户运载量的轻型卡车,面对客户的运输任务和挑战时,能应付自如。交付UD Kuzer轻型卡车不只是进一步提升我们的品牌知名度,也增强了我们推出优良卡车来满足客户需求的能力。UD Kuzer是智能物流方案的完美伙伴。”

陈唱工业用具有限公司首席营运员黎叡颖说:“UD Kuzer为物流需求各异的客户带来便利。这部精心设计的卡车满足了容易驾驭、安全可靠、省油等需求,还能在大都市中穿梭自如,堪称高效率运输的最佳拍档。UD Kuzer性能卓越,经过优化的动力传输系统也大大提升运行效率。

“我们很高兴能把卡车交付给進鴻贸易,也特此对他们超过15年以来的支持和忠诚表示由衷感激。我们殷切期盼近期内把更多UD Kuzer交到马来西亚客户手中!” 

UD Kuzer 专为繁华城市的运输需求而设计,底盘强大但依然易于驾驭,宽敞的驾驶舱也使驾驶路程更舒适。先进的引擎科技提高了运输表现和扭力,使UD Kuzer成为可靠、耐用、强劲、舒适和省油的轻型卡车。UD Kuzer搭配的燃油指导系统(Fuel Coach)能引导司机如何节省燃油,而选择安装UD Telematics的客户还能即时查看和改进卡车的运行状况和司机的驾驶表现。 

進鴻贸易立至今已超过20年,是专门供应家庭和园艺用品、汽车保养品、汽车饰品、各种日常工具和生活用品的贸易公司。该公司将以新交付的UD Kuzer送货至Mydin、Aeon/Aeon Big、Giant和 TF Value Mart。 

進鴻贸易执行董事张福来说:“我们很荣幸成为马来西亚首个接收全新UD Kuzer轻型卡车的客户。我们决定购买UD Kuzer是因为之前使用其它UD卡车时均有良好体验。广泛和迅捷的售后服务也是我们的考虑因素。这一点非常重要,因为我们的卡车要在马来西亚半岛各处送货。我们的司机对UD Kuzer的强大马力和宽敞空间给予正面评价,这也促使我们考虑将来添购更多部UD 卡车。” 

埃杜安表示:“UD Trucks将加倍努力提供服务,因为我们着重于协助客户创下更好的业绩。我们时时刻刻自我鞭策,不遗余力地延续‘建立当今世界需要的卡车’的精神,因为我们知道,客户也期望采用有效率的智能物流方案。” 

陈唱工业用具有限公司在全国拥有43间服务和经销中心,为马来西亚的UD Trucks客户提供UD Extra Mile Support后援服务,包括提供原装UD零件、UD司机培训、UD Telematics Services和UD Trust服务配套。

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