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Preliminary Rounds for UD Extra Mile Challenge 2018 to Hunt for a Winner Have Begun!

UD Extra Mile Challenge 2018

After announcing the opening of the enrolment for the third UD Extra Mile Challenge (UDEMC) last month, the search for a local champion – Malaysia’s most skilled and efficient UD Quester driver who could best illustrate the brand values and spirit of UD Trucks – has begun! 

UD Extra Mile Challenge 2018 Preliminary Rounds Commence in Search for the Ultimate Winner

The UDEMC, organised by UD Trucks and its sole distributor partner in Malaysia, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), is described as a friendly drivers’ competition aimed at increasing their competency through skills enhancement and knowledge on how to maximise the capability of a UD Quester heavy-duty truck.

Truck drivers are the seen as the unsung heroes of the economy as they travel across the nation to perform their duties. With the help of smart logistics enabled by the innovative features on the UD Quester, they could plan and manage their duties more competently and effectively, ultimately resulting in fuel efficiency, lower costs for the company and making roads a safer place for everyone. The UDEMC is the first drivers’ competition organised by a Japanese truck brand locally, in which the winner would represent Malaysia in the Global Finals in Japan in the latter part of this year.

“The UD Extra Mile Challenge was designed based on UD Trucks’ brand promise of ‘Going the Extra Mile’ as embodied by our company values, quality products and services. We always go the extra mile in everything we do and are always looking for ways to provide our customers with the optimum transport solutions – to provide ultimate dependability. Thus, apart from building and selling trucks that our customers could rely on, we place high regard on how we could continue supporting in the aftersales period. This is where UDEMC comes in as it teaches drivers fuel efficiency, good driving techniques and behaviour with the aim of enhancing their skills and confidence, thereby allowing them to carry out their jobs efficiently,” said Filip Van den Heede, Managing Director Hub Malaysia, UD Trucks.

More than 40 UD Quester truck drivers from all over Malaysia have entered the pre-selection rounds. The first of the four pre-selection rounds kicked off on 7th July in TCIE Batu Caves. This was followed by the pre-selection round in TCIE Johor Bahru, Johor on 14th July, TCTS Bukit Mertajam, Penang on 21st July and the latest location that was added to the competition, Edaran Setia Auto Sdn Bhd in Kuantan, on 28th July.

“As the long-time partner of UD Trucks in Malaysia, we at Tan Chong Industrial Equipment believe that UDEMC is an excellent platform for us to prove our commitment to customers and the fact that we have always placed great importance on aftermarket support too. UDEMC is a competition tailored to deliver many advantages to both the truck drivers and UD Quester fleet owners, as drivers who have been guided through it learn how to maximise the innovative features of a UD Quester truck, thus making them better drivers and more efficient in achieving the highest truck uptime and reducing operational costs,” said Jaclyn Loy, Chief Operating Officer, TCIE.

“Due to the overwhelming response in last year’s competition, we have decided to add another location for the pre-selection trials making it more accessible for enthusiastic UD Quester drivers from the East Coast,” she added.

The UDEMC is an annual drivers’ competition held in stages – pre-selection, local finals and global finals. Enthusiastic UD Quester drivers are tested on several elements that include pre-inspection, fuel efficiency and safety, and driveability.

During the pre-selection stage, contestants are given a presentation on the competition concept, rules, scoring and shown ways to maintain truck uptime. Subsequently, they are tested on pre-inspection during which they are assessed on their knowledge and skills through a theory test. A total of 10 contestants who scores the highest points would qualify for the UDEMC Malaysia final in August 2018.

In the final round of the competition, contestants are assessed based on overall best scoring for Best Pre-Drive Inspection, Best Fuel Consumption and Best Driving Skill, and a winner from each category would receive an award.

An all-expense paid trip to Japan to represent Malaysia at the UDEMC Global Final 2018 awaits the local champion. Additionally, the winner would also walk away with Quester Parts voucher worth RM2,000 and an exclusive driver training session held in the winner’s company for all the drivers. Apart from these, each sub-category winner would also take home Quester Parts voucher worth RM500.

2018UD Extra Mile Challenge初赛登场


第3届UD Extra Mile Challenge(简称UDEMC)上个月开始接受报名后,现已来到搜寻冠军司机的阶段。大家正殷切期待马来西亚新一届最优秀、最能体现UD Trucks卡车品牌,并发挥其精神的UD Quester卡车司机!

UDEMC是UD Trucks卡车公司和马来西亚独家授权经销商陈唱工业用具有限公司(简称TCIE) 联办的卡车司机友谊赛,目的是提高司机的驾驶技术和知识,让他们驾驶的UD Quester重型卡车发挥最高性能,进而提升司机的工作能力。

足迹遍布全国的卡车司机是经济发展的无名英雄,而UD Quester重型卡车具备创新功能,成功开创智能物流时代,协助司机有效地规划和处理日常工作。如此一来,公司便能实现节能省油和降低成本的目标,同时提高公路安全,造福其他公路使用者。UDEMC是日本卡车公司在马来西亚首办的卡车司机比赛,优胜者将代表马来西亚到日本参加全球总决赛。

UD Trucks卡车公司马来西亚区董事经理赫德(Filip Van den Heede) 说:“UD Extra Mile Challenge是以UD Trucks卡车品牌“心聚力●道致远” (Going the Extra Mile)的理念设计,充分反映公司的价值观和优良的产品与服务。不管做什么,我们都力求上进,精益求精,致力于为客户提供最好的运输方案,誓成为客户的首选。除了生产和出售客户信赖的卡车,我们也重视良好的售后服务。这正是主办UDEMC的原因。我们通过赛事活动教导司机节省燃油与良好的驾驶技巧和行为,全面提升司机的技术与信心,以及工作效率。”

超过40名来自全马各地的UD Quester卡车司机报名参加第一阶段初赛。首场初赛于7月7日在黑风洞TCIE举行,另三轮初赛依序在柔佛新山(7月14日),槟城大山脚TCTS(7月21日)和彭亨关丹Edaran Setia Auto私人有限公司(7月28日)举行。

陈唱工业用具有限公司首席营运员黎叡颖说:“身为UD Trucks卡车公司在马来西亚的长期伙伴,TCIE相信,以主办UDEMC为平台不但可以证明我们对客户的关心,也可以展示我们对售后服务的重视。经过特别规划的UDEMC不但造福卡车司机,也惠及拥有UD Quester卡车的公司,因为经过培训的司机懂得善用UD Quester卡车的创新功能,大大提高司机的工作效率和表现,同时延长卡车运行时间,达到降低营运成本的目标。”


一年一度的UDEMC比赛分成初赛、全国赛和全球总决赛三个阶段举行。参赛的UD Quester卡车司机将接受多方面的测试,包括行前检查能力、省油效果、安全性能和驾驶能力。



马来西亚全国冠军将代表我国到日本参加UDEMC全球总决赛,费用全包。此外,冠军选手将获得2,000令吉的Quester Parts零件优惠券,任职公司的司机们也能接受免费培训。各小组优胜者将获得500令吉的Quester Parts零件优惠券。

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