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UD Trust Service Agreements Optimise Truck’s Life Cycle Profitability

TCIE has made the fleet maintenance and repairs much simpler providing full peace of mind with UD Trust.

UD Trust Service Agreements Provide Peace of Mind

Managing a fleet is not an easy task. The challenge for fleets has always been about keeping the trucks properly maintained and on-the-road making money.

Given the sophistication of today’s vehicles, running in-house maintenance comes with a capital cost. This involves investment in workshops, diagnostics tools, equipment and parts inventory, as well as in trained and qualified technicians. All of these costs have to be taken into consideration, and it can be a challenge for larger fleets.

More and more fleet operators have opted for contract maintenance when they determine that maintaining their fleet is not sensible for them as it is not one of their core competencies. Especially, with the ever-changing technology in truck industry, fleets will require special tools and trained technicians to troubleshoot and maintain an optimum fleet.  Compared to sending your truck to a service provider on an as needs basis, many find that contract maintenance offers them more advantages.

A new vehicle’s original equipment manufacturer’s warranty lasts for a certain time period or a certain number of kilometres, which also covers defects or certain repairs to specific parts, components and systems. But when the warranty expires, the fleet owner would have to be liable for all maintenance and repair needed.  This is where a vehicle service contract or agreement comes into play.

Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), the sole distributor of UD Trucks in Malaysia, understands that vehicle maintenance is not only one of the most common expenses for fleet operators but also requires a lot of effort and time to manage. Therefore, the company has made the fleet maintenance and repairs much simpler providing full peace of mind with UD Trust.

What is UD Trust?

UD Trust, TCIE said, is the official name of the UD Trucks service agreement programme. When a customer signs a UD Trust Service Agreement with them, they will ensure that the fleet is running at peak efficiency by making sure that the vehicles get the essential UD service and parts that it needs.

No one knows better than TCIE when it comes to how to maintain and repair UD’s brand of vehicles. Furthermore, the company does not believe in a one-size-fits-all policy. “We know every business is unique. In order to provide better support to our customers, our sales representatives will pay a visit to our clients to understand their operations. This allows us to tailor-make business plans according to their business and fleet, meaning they only pay for the services that they need.”

UD Trust is UD Trucks’ promise to its customers to keep their fleet running smoothly and performing at its best. Signing up for UD Trust, the company pointed out will ensure the customer receives specialist care at the UD’s Genuine Service Plan, plus the best UD genuine parts.

“We understand that every time your vehicle breakdowns, it affects not only your bottom line but also customer satisfaction and return on investment (ROI). Therefore, UD Trucks always strives to maximise vehicle’s uptime, efficiency and the vehicle’s lifetime through our UD Trust programme, which increases operational effectiveness. Coverage starts immediately once the contract is signed.”

The Benefits

With UD Trust, TCIE said that customers can rest assured that their vehicles will be in good hands, enjoying a complete and integrated repair and maintenance solution within the right network, in-house expertise, technical support and consultation.

UD Trust’s customers will enjoy greater control over costs. Administrative paperwork will instead be converted into one simple monthly invoice. We will keep track of the mileage, dates and maintenance actions for our customers’ vehicles. With UD Trust, record-keeping is streamlined and reporting accuracy is increased. A company outsourcing its maintenance to UD Trucks will save company time for its fleet and be able to focus on its core business.”

UD Trust offers two service agreement plans – UD Trust Standard and UD Trust Ultimate. TCIE explained that the UD Trust Standard plan covers the annual and basic services that individual UD trucks require. This includes all essential service areas such as scheduled inspections, lubricants and maintenance parts.

Meanwhile, with the UD Trust Ultimate plan, the company explained that it provides comprehensive and total coverage for all aspects of UD vehicles. It also covers engines, transmission for both electronic and electric models, and repairs for brake, wheel suspension, steering, rear axle, chassis, shock absorbers and wheel bearings. However, TCIE said that the repair service packages are subject to the agreed usage of trucks and that extreme condition or wear and tear due to abuse/accident will not be covered.

TCIE concluded by recapping the many benefits that the UD Trust packages offer. These, the company said, include better budget planning, improving the residual value of trucks, a lower total cost of ownership, reduced administration, proper functioning of components, better truck performance, maximised uptime, enhanced resale value and peace of mind. In short, TCIE stressed that UD Trust is the life insurance plan for all UD Trucks customers.

UD Trust服务协议






UD Trucks马来西亚独家经销商陈唱工业用具有限公司 (TCIE) 明白,车辆保养不仅是车队运营商最常见的费用,而且需要花费大量精力和时间来管理。因此,该公司推出了UD Trust,使车队维护和维修变得更加简单,让业者完全放心。

什么是UD Trust?

TCIE 表示,UD Trust 是 UD Trucks 服务协议计划的正式名称。当客户与他们签署 UD Trust服务协议时,他们将通过保障车辆获得其所需的基本 UD 服务和零部件,确保车队以最高的效率运行。

没有人比 TCIE 更了解如何保养和修理UD品牌的车辆,而且该公司不相信“一码通吃”的政策。 “我们知道每个企业都是独一无二的。为了向客户提供更好的支持,我们的销售代表将拜访客户以了解他们的运营情况。这使我们能够根据他们的业务和车队量身定制业务计划,这意味着客户只需为他们所需要的服务付费。”

UD Trust是UD Trucks 对其客户的承诺,即保持车队平稳运行并发挥最佳性能。该公司指出,签署UD Trust将确保客户在 UD 的正品服务计划中获得专业护理,以及最好的UD正品零件。

“我们明白,每次车辆发生故障时,它不仅会影响利润,还会影响您的客户的满意度和投资回报 (ROI)。因此,UD Trucks 始终致力于通过UD Trust计划最大限度地延长车辆的出勤率、效率和使用寿命,从而提高运营效率。合同签订后立即开始承保。”


TCIE 表示,有了 UD Trust,客户可以放心,他们的车辆将获得妥善的养护,在合适的网络、内部专业知识、技术支持和咨询中享受完整和集成的保养与修理。

“UD Trust 的客户将更好地控制成本。行政文书工作将转为一张简单的月度发票。我们将跟踪客户车辆的里程、日期和维修工作。使用 UD Trust,可以简化记录保存并提高报告的准确性。将维修外包给 UD Trucks 的车队公司可节省时间,专注于其核心业务。”

UD Trust 提供两种服务协议计划 – UD Trust Standard 和 UD Trust Ultimate。 TCIE 解释说,UD Trust计划涵盖了个别UD 卡车所需的年度和基本服务。这包括所有基本服务领域,例如定期检查、润滑油和维修零部件。

同时,通过UD Trust Ultimate计划,该公司解释说它为UD车辆的各个方面提供全面的覆盖。它还涵盖引擎、电子和电动车型的变速箱,以及刹车、车轮悬架、转向、后轴、底盘、减震器和车轮轴承的维修。但是,TCIE 表示,维修服务配套取决于卡车约定的使用情况,并不包括滥用/事故导致的极端情况或磨损。

TCIE 最后总结了 UD Trust 配套提供的许多好处。该公司表示,这些包括更好的预算规划、提高卡车的剩余价值、降低总拥有成本和管理、组件的正常运行、更好的卡车性能、最大化的出勤率、强化转售价格和安心。简而言之,TCIE 强调 UD Trust 是所有 UD Trucks 客户的车寿保险计划。

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