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Green Haulage: UD Quester Offers Reliability and Good Fuel Efficiency

Green Haulage UD Quester

TCIE has handed over 10 UD Quester trucks to Green Haulage Sdn Bhd recently.

Green Haulage to Add More UD Trucks

Green Haulage, a subsidiary of Syarikat Jasa Selamat Sdn Bhd, has recently made the decision to purchase 10 UD Quester trucks to start up its business operation.

“We are a new player in the haulage industry, with Green Haulage being established about two years ago. However, due to the movement control order (MCO) implemented by the Malaysian government to curb the spread of Covid-19, there was a delay in getting vehicle permits, so we only started operations in March this year,” said Director Aaron Tay.

The reason for setting up Green Haulage, he said is because Syarikat Jasa Selamat saw the potential in the export and import industry. During the first and second phase of the MCO, most businesses in the construction sector had suspended their operations. This, he pointed out had a great impact on their business.

“For the export and import industry, the impact was smaller as essential goods such as food items, medical supplies and gasoline were allowed to be transported. Today, as there are only two major haulage players in Perak, there is ample room for us to grow.”

As a startup, he continued the company needs a fleet that consists not only of an affordable, but dependable workhorse, and UD Trucks is a brand that they can trust.

Tay revealed that the relationship with Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), the sole distributor of UD Trucks in Malaysia began from their parent company, Syarikat Jasa Selamat. “Founded in 1975, our parent company is one of the nation’s biggest cement transportation specialists with 45 years of experience in the industry. It has more than 200 trucks, and 40 of them are UDs. For us, UD Trucks is a familiar brand with reliable quality and a good all-around performance.”

UD Quester – A Worthwhile Investment

Tay stressed that Quester is a good investment. “UD trucks have never failed our parent company, which is one of the decisive factors that influence our procurement. Other factors include safety, robustness, good fuel efficiency, superior performance and competitive pricing.”

Tay was also impressed with the pre-delivery inspection that was carried out by TCIE before they handed the trucks over to them, which give the company confidence and peace of mind with the vehicles that they were buying. He also noted that many truck manufacturers and suppliers said that they provided vehicle familiarisation training for the new vehicle, but most of the time they could not offer the initiative for their customers, unlike TCIE.

“The driver training that TCIE provided definitely benefited our drivers. It enabled them to gain knowledge about the new vehicles, such as safety features and specification, how to improve fuel efficiency, maintenance, and many other qualities, which boosted their confidence in driving the new Quester,” he added.

Additionally, TCIE takes aftermarket services very seriously, and have a good coverage of service centres nationwide. To top this, they also have a 24-hour breakdown service. “I called their hotline once, and help arrived surprisingly fast. This gave us added peace of mind as we now know that we are in good hands.”

Although he clarified that all their Questers are performing well, he did mention an issue that the company encountered, which was luckily very minor. Tay explained that as the company doesn’t have their own workshop, the company has started discussions with TCIE on taking up UD Trust Service Agreements.

“Even though we can rely on our parent company’s workshop, with a vehicle service contract, we can now relax as we do not have to worry about our trucks. We value our partnerships with TCIE and UD Questers that help fuel our business, and we believe that we are able to grow together. Green Haulage is looking forward to adding more UD trucks into our fleet.”

Green Haulage:UD Quester提供可靠性和良好的燃油效率

Syarikat Jasa Selamat 私人有限公司子公司 Green Haulage,近日决定购买 10 辆 UD Quester 卡车来启动其业务运作。

Green Hualage董事郑敦仁表示:“我们是运输行业的新进业者。事实上,Green Haulage早在两年前就已经成立,可是我们却在今年3月才开始营运。这是因为马来西亚政府为遏制冠病的传播而实施行管令(MCO),导致我们延迟取得车辆许可证。”

他说,Syarikat Jasa Selamat看到了进出口行业的潜力,所以才设立Green Haulage。在第一和第二阶段的行管令期间,大多数的建筑企业都暂停了运营。他指出,这对他们的业务产生了很大的影响。


作为一家初创公司,他继续说,公司需要一支由不仅负担得起且可靠,而且还要结实耐用的卡车组成的车队,而UD Trucks 正是他们可以信赖的品牌。

郑敦仁透露,与大马 UD Trucks 的独家经销商陈唱工业用具有限公司 (TCIE) 的关系始于其母公司 Syarikat Jasa Selamat。 “我们的母公司成立于 1975 年,是国内最大的水泥运输专家之一,在这个行业拥有 45 年的丰富经验。它拥有200多辆卡车,其中40辆是UD。对我们来说,UD Trucks 是一个熟悉的品牌,拥有可靠的质量和良好的全方位性能。”

UD Quester:一项值得的投资 

郑敦仁强调,Quester 是一项不错的投资。 “UD卡车从未让我们的母公司失望,这是影响我们采购的决定性因素之一。其他因素包括安全性、坚固、良好的燃油效率、卓越的性能及具竞争力的价格。”

此外,郑敦仁对TCIE 在将卡车移交给他们之前所进行的交付前检查印象深刻,这也让该公司对他们购买的车辆安心和充满信心。他指出,许多卡车制造商和供应商表示,他们会为新车提供车辆熟悉培训,但他们与TCIE不同的地方是大多时候都不会主动为客户提供该培训。

他补充:“TCIE 提供的驾驶员培训无疑使我们的驾驶员受益良多。该培训使他们能够获得有关新车的知识,例如安全功能和规格、如何提高燃油效率、维护车辆等,从而增强了他们驾驶新 Quester 的信心。”

再者,TCIE 非常重视售后服务,并在全国拥有良好的服务中心。最重要的是,他们还提供 24 小时故障服务。 “我曾给他们的热线打过一次电话,结果很快就取得援助。这让我们更加安心,因为我们知道我们会获得妥善的照顾。”

他澄清说他们所有的 Quester 都表现良好,该公司虽然曾经遇到过一个问题,不过只是个小问题而已。郑敦仁解释说,由于该公司没有自己的维修厂,目前正在与 TCIE 商讨签署UD Trust服务合约的事宜。

“即使我们可以依靠母公司的修车厂,但是有了车辆服务合同,我们可以比较放心,因为不必再担心我们的卡车。我们重视与 TCIE 和 UD Questers 的合作伙伴关系,它们有助于推动Green Haulage的业务发展,我们也相信我们能够共同成长。 我们还计划为公司的车队添购更多的UD卡车。”

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