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UD Trucks Achieves Quester’s 15,000 Units Production

UD Trucks Quester Production

Quester was first introduced to the Thailand market in 2013 as part of UD Trucks’ foray into growth markets with Thailand as the regional production hub for SEA and worldwide.

UD Trucks Bangkok Plant Celebrates Production Milestone

UD Trucks celebrated its remarkable business achievement of producing 15,000 Quester units, highlighting its unwavering commitment of ‘Going the Extra Mile’ to customers’ businesses and the region. Announced at UD Trucks’ Bangkok plant, this business milestone represents the Japanese transportation solutions provider’s trusted legacy worldwide with the enhanced Quester line.

Jacques Michel, President, Volvo Group Trucks Asia & JVs Sales, said: “Quester was first introduced to the Thailand market in 2013 as part of UD Trucks foray into growth markets with Thailand as the regional production hub for SEA and worldwide. Incorporated with UD Trucks’ Ultimate Dependability standard and Gemba spirit, Quester marks the first in a new generation of UD Trucks specifically developed for the world of heavy-duty transportation.”

With SEA’s trade volumes set to increase by 130 per cent in 2023 especially with the establishment of the Asean Economic Community, demand for local and cross-border land transportation is expected to grow.

For the past 40 years, Volvo Group has invested two billion baht with the aim of expanding UD Trucks’ Bangkok plant to 20,000 units of UD trucks per annum. Being the first completely built-up production facility for UD Trucks outside of Japan, the plant’s production of 15,000 Quester units is said to align with its vision of supporting markets worldwide and furthering SEA as an economically competitive region.

UD Trucks says that being defined by its Gemba spirit means being close to the ground and listening to the needs of local customers in the respective markets and segments.

Designed to meet the holistic requirements of customers, Quester is seen as a tried-and-tested truck that supports customers and businesses with high durability, reliability and fuel efficiency.

Combining advanced Volvo Group technology and UD Trucks’ high-quality Japanese manufacturing, Quester’s GH8E and GH11E engines are said to ensure optimal fuel efficiency while maintaining high performance. The built-in Fuel Coaching system encourages fuel efficient behaviour by providing drivers with instant feedback during the journey.

Every Quester truck is incorporated with UD Telematics Services that connects to a UD Trucks workshop to monitor and detect each vehicle’s condition and service needs before a potential

emergency occurs. With the analysis of real-time data communication, it guides customers based on their driving behaviour and fuel consumption to ensure higher uptime and more optimal fuel economy.

Quester is also built to deliver UD Trucks’ ethos of ‘Ultimate Dependability’. Complementing its reliability, UD Trucks reduces downtime through the UD Extra Mile Support. Offering an extensive network of well-trained service technicians, it provides quality after-sales service with genuine parts, service planning and vehicle handover training that optimises fleet performance.

These are said to be in line with UD Trucks’ goal to reduce long-term operational costs for ‘valued partners’ to accelerate their continued success, especially with fleet operators in Asia still spending up to 50 per cent of their operating costs on fuel.

Since the introduction of Quester, it has earned the recognition of global logistics companies that have established cross-market accounts for the Quester line.

Quester has also proven its credibility among local customers. A logistics customer in East Malaysia continued to increase their fleet with Quester trucks since 2017 after experiencing business efficiency for their long haul operations with these trucks.

Today, Quester continues to be widely regarded by customers with 25 per cent of Quester trucks being booked by repeat customers in Malaysia.

In keeping with its commitment to add value to the global logistics and economy, UD Trucks addresses the skills gap problem by enhancing local expertise through knowledge transfer and the creation of high-value jobs within markets.

Quester, along with other trucks by UD Trucks, comes from the best of three worlds – UD Trucks’ strong Japanese heritage and craftsmanship, Volvo Group’s cutting-edge technology and sourcing and local manufacturing and customer support. 

Kamlarp Sirikittiwatn, President, UD Trucks Thailand, said: “We are humbled by the confidence and support our customers have in our trucks and services. We believe that this would only inspire us to continue learning from them to design the best trucks and services that the world needs.”

He added: “This achievement also highlights the importance of the Thailand market to our parent company, Volvo Group. We are positive in carrying on this legacy with our local engineers to benefit and support the Thailand economy and global market.”

UD Trucks 的Quester 产量达15,000辆

UD Trucks 透过庆祝Quester产量达15,000辆,凸显它对客户业务和这个区域 “心聚力 . 道致远 ”(Going the Extra Mile) 的坚定承诺 。这个由UD Trucks 曼谷工厂宣布的业务里程碑,显示了强化的Quester 系列是该日本解决方案供应商在全球信守的可靠性承诺。

富豪集团亚洲卡车及合作经营销售总裁米凯尔(Jacques Michel)表示:“ Quster于2013年在泰国首推,作为UD Trucks进军卡车的一部分,并以泰国作为东南亚和全球的生产中心。结合了终极信赖(Ultimate Dependability)标准和现场(Gemba)精神,Quester 标志着专为全球重型运输研发的第一代  UD Trucks。”

随着东盟经济共同体的成立,东南亚的交易量将在2023年增长130% ,本地和跨境陆路运输的需求预料将会有所增长。

富豪集团在过去的40年里,投资了20亿泰铢扩充UD Trucks 的泰国工厂,以达到每年生产20,000辆UD 卡车的产能。据悉,作为UD Trucks 首家在日本以外完全建立起来的工厂,该工厂的Quester产量达15,000 辆,正好与它支持全球市场和更进一步地使东南亚成为一个具竞争力区域的愿景一致。

UD Trucks 说,现场精神的意思是了解当地 的情况和聆听在本地客户在各个市场和领域的需要。

拥有迎合客户整体需求设计的Quester,被视为是一辆经过验证的卡车,能够以高耐用性、可靠性及燃油效率支持客户和他们的业务 。

据悉,结合了富豪集团的先进技术和UD Trucks的高品质日本制造,Quester的GH8E 和GH11E 引擎不仅能优化燃油效率,还可同时保有高性能。内置的燃油辅导系统透过旅途中的即刻反馈鼓励司机省油。

每一辆Quester卡车都配备UD 远程信息处理服务,将UD 卡车与修车厂连接起来,在可能发生的紧急情况前监督和检测每一辆车子的情况和维修需求。有了实时数据通信分析,就能按照驾驶行为和油耗量为司机提供指导,确保更高的出勤率和更优化 的燃油经济。

Quester 是为了实现UD Trucks的“终极信赖”价值观。配合其可靠性,UD Trucks 透过UD Extra Mile Support 降低停工时间。它广泛且训练有素的服务技术人员网络,提供优质,采用纯正零部件的售后服务、服务规划及优化车队性能的车辆移交培训。

据悉,上述种种都与UD Trucks降低长期运营成本的目标一致,以加速其伙伴的成功,特别是亚洲的车队营运者的燃油仍占他们营运成本的50%。

自Quester 推出以来,它就赢得了全球物流公司的认可,并成立了Quester系列的跨市场户口。

Quester 也在本地客户中赢得了口碑。东马一家物流公司自2017年购买Quester 卡车以来,发现该款卡车大大提升公司长途运营业务效率后,持续增加其车队里的Quester数量。


UD Trucks 为持守它为全球物流和经济添加价值的承诺,不忘关注技能差距问题,并透过知识转移和在市场内创建价值的工作,强化本地的专门知识。

Quester与其他的UD Trucks 卡车结合了最好的三个领域 – UD Trucks日本工艺的悠久历史、富豪的顶尖技术及采购,以及当地的制造和客户支援。

泰国UD Trucks总裁Kamlarp Sirikittiwatn表示:“客户对我们的卡车和服务的信心和支持,让我们感到无比自豪。我们深信这将成为我们持续设计出世界所需要的最好卡车和服务的灵感。”

他补充:“ 这项成就也显示了泰国市场对我们的母公司–富豪集团的重要性。我们有信心与我们本地的工程师一起传承UD Trucks 的精神和使命,为泰国的经济和全球的市场带来利益和支持。”

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