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Tenaga Nasional Berhad Adds More UD Trucks to Fleet

Tenaga Nasional Berhad UD Trucks

The 6 Croner trucks would be used to transport diesel to refuel TNB’s mobile generator sets during operation on site.

TCIE Delivers 6 Units of Croner to Tenaga National

UD Trucks and sole distributor Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE) announced that Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Malaysia’s largest electricity utility supplier for businesses, homes and industries, recently purchased six units of UD Trucks’ medium-duty Croner, bringing to a total of 78 UD Trucks vehicles the power company currently owns.

A vehicle handover ceremony at the TNB headquarters to mark the delivery of the trucks was attended by the senior management teams of the TNB Fleet Management Department, UD Trucks and TCIE. The trucks would be used to transport diesel to refuel TNB’s mobile generator sets during operation on site.

Dato’ S. Viswanathan, Head of Fleet Management Department, TNB, shared in a short speech: “As the national electricity provider, TNB has an important role in ensuring that customers get reliable supply from our system network. The acquisition of UD Trucks’ medium-duty Croner would serve as support trucks to transport diesel for mobile generator sets that are mobilised in the event of unexpected disruption. We need to quickly deploy mobile generator sets to minimise the duration of an outage. These mobile generator sets, which are equipped on trucks including the UD Trucks’ heavy-duty Quester, need to be stationary and operational on-site and must be refuelled from time to time to keep them going.”

Last year, TNB purchased nine heavy-duty UD Quester trucks, which comprised seven 18-tonne trucks and two 24-tonne trucks that are now being used as mobile generator sets.

Steve Hedouin, Managing Director, UD Trucks Hub Malaysia & Oceania, said: “UD Trucks feels honoured that TNB has decided to purchase UD Croner to provide the support for the mobile generator sets. UD Croner was specifically made for growth markets like Malaysia, with versatility, uptime and safety in mind. It is one of the most fuel-efficient trucks in its category as it combines a new engine series and a more aerodynamic cab design. This truck was built and designed to deliver extra productivity and superior uptime and we truly believe that UD Croner would serve TNB’s needs well.”

According to TNB’s Fleet Management Department, there are positive feedback from its drivers on UD Croner that include easy driveability and comfort over long distances, strong safety alert features, fuel-coaching system that helps to improve driving behaviour by prompting the driver to use optimal revs and reduce unnecessary acceleration, and TCIE’s fast aftermarket service response.

Jaclyn Loy, Chief Operating Officer, TCIE, added: “We would like to thank TNB for putting its solid trust and confidence in UD Trucks and TCIE to provide reliable transport solutions. This truly highlights a successful relationship with a valued customer based on our brand promise to go the extra mile, which comprises quality products and strong aftermarket support that we have been providing to TNB.”

TCIE has an extensive network of 43 services centres and dealerships nationwide. Any purchase of UD trucks is supported by UD Extra Mile Support services that include UD Genuine Service and Parts, UD Driver Training, UD Telematics Services and UD Trust Service Agreements for customers.

马来西亚国家能源有限公司增购 UD Trucks卡车

UD Trucks和马来西亚独家授权经销商陈唱工业用具有限公司(Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd)宣布,全马最大的电力供应商—国家能源有限公司(TNB)不久前增购6辆UD Croner中型卡车,使国能的UD Trucks卡车增加至78辆。

UD Trucks和陈唱工业用具有限公司日前在国能总部举行的卡车移交仪式中,正式交付国能增购的卡车,而国能车队管理部、UD Trucks和陈唱工业用具有限公司的高层主管也出席观礼。国能将以刚购买的卡车来运输柴油,为国能在外的流动发电机供应燃料。

国能车队管理部主管拿督维斯瓦纳坦(S. Viswanathan)在仪式上表示:“作为国家电供公司,我们必须确保客户从我们可靠的系统中获得不间断的电供。购买UD Croner中型卡车能加强国能的后援车队,为发生突发事故时派上用场的流动发电机运送柴油燃料。出动流动发电机时,行动必须快捷,务必缩短停电的时间。流动发电机装载于UD Quester 重型卡车上。它们派上用场时必须固定不动才能发电,而要维持运作,发电机就必须适时添加燃料。”

去年,国能购买9辆UD Quester重型卡车,分别为7辆18吨卡车和2辆24吨卡车,目前作为国能的全国流动发电机。

马来西亚和大洋洲UD Trucks国家董事经理埃瑟安(Steve Hedouin)说:“UD Trucks深感荣幸,因为国能决定购买UD Croner作为流动发电机的后援卡车。UD Croner是专为新兴市场如马来西亚制造的卡车,设计理念强调功能多样、较长的运行时间以及拥有安全的操作性能。与同级卡车相比,UD Croner乃最省油的卡车之一,因为它采用全新引擎和流线型车厢设计。除了能够提高生产力,它也能够延长卡车的运行时间。因此,我们相信UD Croner卡车能满足国能的需求。”

国能车队管理部表示,司机给予UD Croner中型卡车正面评价是UD Croner易于驾驶,即使长途跋涉,也很舒服。除了UD Croner搭配的安全警示、燃油指导系统等功能会适时提醒司机注意转速,减少不必要的加速,这有助于改进司机的驾驶习惯。此外,陈唱工业用具也提供快捷的售后服务。

陈唱工业用具有限公司首席营运员黎叡颖说:“感谢国能对UD Trucks和陈唱工业用具的运输方案充满信任和信心。我们谨守‘Going the Extra Mile’的品牌承诺,为国能提供优良产品和强大的售后支援,成功与忠诚客户建立牢固的关系。”

陈唱工业用具全国拥有43间服务中心和经销商,服务网络广泛。购买UD卡车也将获得UD Extra Mile Support后援服务,包括UD专业保修、原装UD零件、UD司机培训班、UD远程信息处理 服务和UD Trust服务配套。



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