UD Trucks Continues its Digital Transformation

UD Trucks

UD Trucks has entered a digital transformation and hybrid cloud contract with HCL Technologies to further accelerate its digital transformation journey.

UD Trucks Aims to Leverage the Power of Cloud & IoT 

HCL Technologies will deliver end-to-end IT solutions across digital platforms, agile digital application development, migration, support and digital workplace services.

UD Trucks selected HCL Technologies considering the company’s extensive capabilities in managing both legacy and next-generation technologies, best-in-class IT transformation frameworks, and dynamic cybersecurity services. By moving to a new next-generation IT environment, UD Trucks aims to leverage the power of cloud and IoT while providing its own colleagues globally with an enhanced user experience. 

“Migrating our infrastructure and business-critical applications is of strategic importance to UD Trucks in our accelerated digitalisation journey,” said Satish Rajkumar, Senior Vice President Digital Solutions & IT, UD Trucks. “HCL’s deep understanding of our existing IT footprint, combined with its leading-edge transformation capabilities, made it the standout choice. We have full confidence that HCL will help us build a world-class IT environment to further accelerate our digital transformation journey.” 

Nicolas Gendre, Senior Vice President Purchasing, UD Trucks added, “When entering such an important collaboration, you not only need to check that the technical capabilities are there for today and the foreseeable future, you must also deeply assess and ensure that the partnership matches your values and long-term ambitions. We have that here with HCL Technologies.”


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