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UD Trucks Donate 5,000 Masks to Nursery Schools in Ageo City

UD Trucks Donate Nursery Schools

UD Trucks donated 5,000 masks to nursery school in Ageo City and distributed masks to employees on the frontline to prevent the spread of the disease.

UD Trucks Support the Fight Against Covid-19

On May 20, UD Trucks donated 5,000 masks to nursery schools in Ageo City, as part of the company’s effort to support essential workers, who are critical to keeping society moving amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

In April, UD Trucks distributed masks to employees on the frontlines that are critical to keeping trucks on the road, namely UD customer centres and sales offices, to prevent the spread of the disease. The company has now prioritised the donation of masks to essential workers in Ageo City, Saitama, where UD Trucks is headquartered.

UD Trucks Senior Vice President Konstantin Kriegelsteiner, who presented the masks to the city said,  “We are honored to support these essential workers who help keep livelihoods and society running in the face of adversity.”

Ageo City Mayor Minoru Katamaya said, “Nursery schools are obligated to care for the children, even in these trying times. As it is still difficult to obtain a sufficient volume of masks we are grateful to UD Trucks for the donation.”

As part of the donation to multiple schools, the social welfare council of Ageo City arranged a special event to have UD Trucks hand out masks to Otani nursery school teachers.

UD Trucks will continue to support all essential workers in these challenging times.

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