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Daihatsu Malaysia Launches E-Commerce Digital Store on Lazada and Shopee

Daihatsu Malaysia E-Commerce Digital Store

Daihatsu Malaysia has launched its first e-commerce digital store on Lazada and Shopee

Daihatsu Malaysia to Further Expand Market Coverage through Official Online Store

Daihatsu Malaysia has officially launched its first e-commerce digital store named Daihatsu MY OS Flagship Store on Lazada and the Daihatsu Malaysia Official Store on Shopee.

In line with the company’s business growth and diversification strategy, Daihatsu Malaysia aims to provide customers with a seamless buying experience and, simultaneously, to further expand its market coverage reach significantly. The company believes in the strategic importance of an e-commerce store, especially in this pandemic period, which has speeded up the adoption of digital technologies, and the company is confident that this initiative will complement its extensive networks of distribution available nationwide.

Arman Mahadi, Managing Director of Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. commented “This is yet another initiative from Daihatsu Malaysia. Having been the first to introduce a web-based online e-showroom for the commercial vehicle segment back in 2020 when the pandemic first hit, we are once again very proud to be the first one-stop e-commerce digital store offering automotive solutions comprised of aftersales genuine parts, vehicle sales bookings and the only official Daihatsu merchandise retailer brand in Malaysia to have an exclusive presence on both Lazada and Shopee – recognised in Malaysia as the leading e-commerce shopping platforms.”

The Daihatsu Malaysia e-commerce digital store offers an array of genuine and local certified parts (OEM), with a more extensive range of parts that are the most sought after to be added in the near future. Being an exclusive and official distributor of Daihatsu motor vehicles and component parts in Malaysia, every part distributed by Daihatsu Malaysia is 100 per cent authentic, guaranteed, quality-assured, passed and packed with an authentication security proof seal for the customer’s peace of mind.

Customers also have the option of having their purchased parts professionally installed at elected authorised Daihatsu Malaysia service centres nationwide by expert technicians for optimal performance. In addition, customers are entitled to 3 months/5,000 kilometres, parts installation warranty, whichever comes first. Terms and conditions apply.

Since Daihatsu Gran Max is a significant and essential mode of transport, this especially relates to last-mile carrier services as such e-commerce companies. On the other hand, placing a booking for the Gran Max via the Daihatsu Malaysia e-commerce digital store is also now possible. With booking from as low as RM500, every Gran Max comes with a standard warranty of 3 Years/ 100,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.

Hassle-free booking process

As unconventional as it may be for the commercial vehicle industry, the booking process is hassle-free. Customers only need to browse through their preferred Gran Max variant in Daihatsu’s official LazMall and Shopee Mall store and pay an upfront booking payment. Customers will then receive an e-coupon via push notifications. Upon confirmation customers will be contacted by Daihatsu Malaysia’s official representative to arrange the preferred authorised Daihatsu Malaysia showroom, date and time slot for the redemption of the e-coupon.

Additionally, the e-commerce digital store also offers the Daihatsu Lifestyle Collection line of official merchandise. Ranging from limited-edition die-cast models to day-to-day essential pieces, the list of collectables will expand more moving forward.

“From placing a booking of a Gran Max to the purchase of genuine parts and collectable official merchandise, we have it all via the Daihatsu Malaysia e-commerce digital store. What’s more, it can be delivered directly to your doorstep!” said Arman.

Muhammad Fahmi, Head of Corporate Planning, Product & Marketing of Daihatsu Malaysia highlights that exclusively, “for the launch of the Daihatsu Malaysia Flagship Store on Lazada and Official Store on Shopee, we are offering irresistible deals. These offers include special discounts and a 10 per cent Coins Cashback offer for selected items with every parts purchase and other exclusive deals from 21st February to 31st March 2022). Customers are encouraged to follow Daihatsu Malaysia’s official Facebook page and watch out for a one-day-only 3.3 & 3.15 Consumer Day Sale and limited time shop vouchers of up to RM30 via our social media giveaway.”

Fahmi further added, “We are excited for our customers to venture into Daihatsu’s new journey with the e-commerce digital store. With so many great online deals, we are already looking at the possibility of offering special vehicle maintenance service packages that will benefit our customers with a worry-free driving experience. We intend for the e-commerce digital store to enhance our 2022 business pipeline, ergo customers can expect more products and services to be added to our e-store as we progress ahead.”

For more information, visit the Daihatsu MY OS Flagship Store on Lazada, Daihatsu Malaysia Official Store on Shopee and the official Daihatsu Malaysia Facebook page.


大发马来西亚已在来赞达(Lazada)和虾皮(Shopee)正式设立其第一家名为 Daihatsu MY OS 的电子商务旗舰数字商店。


大发(马来西亚)私人有限公司董事经理阿曼(Arman Mahadi)评论说:“这是马来西亚大发的另一项举措。早在2020年疫情首次爆发时,马来西亚大发就率先为商用车领域推出基于网络的在线电子陈列室。如今,我们再次非常自豪地成为领先电子商务购物平台–第一家提供汽车解决方案的一站式电子商务数字商店,包括售后原厂零件、车辆销售预订、大发品牌官方商品零售商,在国内公认的领先电子商务购物平台—来赞达和虾皮上拥有独家的存在。”

马来西亚大发电子商务数字商店提供一系列正品和本地认证零件 (OEM),并将在接下来的阶段中添加最抢手和更广泛的零件。作为大发汽车和零部件在马来西亚的独家和官方经销商,马来西亚大发分销的每一个零部件都是百分之百正品保证,并获得质量批准、带有安全认证印章,让客户放心。

此外,客户还可选择在全国选定的授权大发马来西亚服务中心,由专业技术人员为他们购买的零件进行安装,以获得最佳性能。此外,客户还享有3 个月/5,000 公里的部件安装保修(视何者为先)。须符合规定的条款和条件。

由于大发Gran Max是一种重要且不可或缺的运输方式,尤其是对电子商务公司等最后一英里运输服务。客户现在也可以通过马来西亚大发电子商务数字商店预订 Gran Max。预定的最低额度从500令吉起,每辆 Gran Max 均享有 3 年/100,000 公里的标准保修期(视何者为先)。


尽管这对商用车行业来说可能是非常规的,但预订过程却无忧无虑。客户只需在大发官方 LazMall 和 Shopee Mall 商店浏览他们喜欢的 Gran Max车型,并支付预付款。然后,客户将通过推送通知(push notification)收到电子优惠券。在获得确认后,马来西亚大发官方代表将与客户联系,为客户安排他们首选的授权马来西亚大发陈列室、日期和时间,以兑换电子优惠券。


阿曼说:“通过马来西亚大发电子商务数字商店,我们提供从预订Gran Max 到购买原厂零件和可收藏的官方商品的一切服务。更重要的是,它可以直接送到你家门口!”

马来西亚大发企业规划、产品和营销主管法米(Muhammad Fahmi)特别强调说:“为了在来赞达设立马来西亚大发旗舰店和在虾皮开设官方商店,我们提供了不可抗拒的优惠。这些优惠包括特别折扣和从2022年2 月 21日至31日期间特定商品的10% 硬币现金返还(Coins Cashback) 优惠、关注商店优惠券、购买每件零件的免费礼物以及其他独家优惠。鼓励客户关注马来西亚大发官方脸书页面和留意仅限一天的 3.3 和 3.15 消费者日促销,以及通过我们的社交媒体赠品获得高达30令吉的限时购物券。”


请访问来赞达上的Daihatsu MY OS 旗舰店、虾皮上的马来西亚大发官方商店和马来西亚大发官方脸书页面,以取得更多信息。

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