Daihatsu Malaysia Launches Gran Max Euro 4

Daihatsu Malaysia

Daihatsu Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. (DMSB) launched its new Gran Max Euro 4 for both its Pick-up and Panel Vans.

Daihatsu Gran Max Euro 4 Delivers Superior Loading Capacity 

Replacing the Euro 2 version, the improved and enhanced models went on nationwide sale as of 1st March. 

Managing Director Arman Mahadi said, “Demand has always been encouraging for Daihatsu Gran Max, as it is used in a wide variety of industries, including in construction, service, agriculture as well as in courier, delivery and logistics sectors. With this upgrade, Daihatsu intends to cater to the needs of those looking for improved fuel-efficiency, performance and to support the work and lifestyles of a variety of customers.” 

Produced at Daihatsu’s Indonesian subsidiary, P.T. Astra Daihatsu Motor, the new Gran Max Euro 4 comes with several new features. It is equipped with a 1.5 litre aluminium block 2NR engine with a new Dual VVT (variable valve timing for both intake and exhaust valves) to achieve outstanding fuel efficiency, boost driving performance with reduction in NOx and particulate emissions to help mitigate the environmental footprint of daily operations. In addition, the adoption of a front mid-engine layout with the engine positioned beneath the front seats creates an optimal front-rear weight distribution, contributing to superb driving stability at high speeds and during cornering.

The Electrical Power Steering (EPS) in the new models also provides better handling, driving comfort and fuel economy. Better stability control on the road and better support on bigger cargo loads are achieved as the vehicles are fitted with 14-inch wheels, which is an inch bigger than from the previous model.

Equipped with a 43-litre fuel tank, the new vehicle offers better fuel consumption when compared with the previous model. Fuel consumption for the manual transmission pick-up truck variant is 12.5km per litre while the manual transmission panel variant offers 13.3km. The automatic panel van delivers 13.5km per litre. 

The new models are equipped with the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), an important safety feature that prevents oversteering or understeering and ensures stability by preventing the vehicle from spinning. The Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) - which enables hazard lights to flash at high speed when brakes are applied abruptly at high speed is another new safety feature added on top of the Dual SRS Airbags for drivers and passengers. Other features also included are the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Immobilizer, Reverse Sensors and Alarm System. 

Spacious Loading Capacity 

Both the Gran Max Van and Pick-up has a superior loading capacity of a light commercial vehicle, with the Gran Max Pick-up having a maximum loading capacity of 800 kilograms while the Gran Max Van’s maximum loading capacity is 750 kilograms. 

The Gran Max Pick-up’s spacious, square-shaped deck measures 2,480 millimetres in length, providing customers in a variety of industries with convenient luggage space. The walls of the deck are 360 millimetres in height and feature 20 rope hooks, enabling any cargo to be securely held. In addition, both vehicles have a minimum turning radius of 4.9 meters, making them easy to manoeuvre, even in narrow streets. 

As for the Gran Max Van, a low floor clearance of 620 millimetres and a wide rear door opening makes it easy to load and unload cargo from the hold. The vehicle also features convenient, 815mm sliding doors on both sides, enabling users to load and unload cargo even in tight spaces. When seating a driver and single passenger, the length of the cargo hold is a maximum of 2,075 millimetres. 

Furthermore, the cargo hold is square and is designed to enable cargo to be loaded to the very corners; it can hold cardboard boxes, tall objects, furniture, and other large loads. Additional practical compartments are included to provide added convenience, along with other essential comforts such as the Passenger Seat Open Tray, the Centre Console Tray, three Cup Holders (for the passenger, driver and console box). 

The on-the-road-without-insurance price of the Gran Max 1.5 Litre (Euro 4) starts from RM73,164.


大马大发发布欧四Gran Max


大发(马来西亚)私人有限公司(DMSB)推介其最新欧4 Gran Max皮卡和厢型车。这两款改善和加强的车型将替换现有的欧2版本,并从3月1日起在全国销售。

董事经理阿曼(Arman Mahadi)表示:“大发Gran Max一直很受市场欢迎,它被广泛用于各个行业,包括建筑业、服务、农业、快递、交付及物流领域。凭借着此升级产品,大发旨在满足人们对改善燃油效率与性能的需求,支持客户的各种工作和生活方式。”

由大发印尼子公司P.T. Astra Daihatsu Motor生产的全新欧4 Gran Max拥有好几个全新特点。搭载代号为2NR 1.5升排量 Dual VVT铝制缸体引擎(进排气双连续可变气门正时),实现卓越燃油效率,提高驾驶性能和减少碳氧化物和微粒排放,帮助减轻日常营运的环境足迹。此外,采用前中置引擎布局,引擎位于前排座椅下方,优化前后重量分布,有助于高速与转弯行驶的稳定性。 


该款新车拥有43升的燃油箱,与其上一个车型相比更为省油。手动皮卡车的油耗量为每公升12.5 公里,而手动厢型车的油耗量则是每公升13.3公里。自动挡厢型车的油耗量为每公升13.5公里。 



Gran Max厢型车和皮卡都拥有宽敞的轻型商用车装载能力,Gran Max皮卡厢型车的最大承载能力分别为800和750 公斤。 

Gran Max皮卡宽敞的方型甲板长2.480毫米,为各行各业的客户提供便利的行李空间。高360毫米的甲板壁配有20个绳钩,能安全地存放任何货物。此外,该两款车型的最小转弯半径为4.9米,使它们即使在狭窄的街道也容易操纵。 

至于Gran Max厢型车则拥有低至620毫米的地板间隙和宽阔后门开口,易于从货舱装卸货物。该厢型车的两侧还配有便捷的815毫米滑动门,让用户即使在狭窄的空间也能装卸货物。当驾驶人和一名乘客坐下后,货舱的最大长度为2,075毫米。 


Gran Max 1.5升(欧4)上路价(不含车险)从73,164令吉起。


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