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Daihatsu Malaysia Brings Value to its Customers during Covid-19

Daihatsu Malaysia Customers Covid-19

Daihatsu pride themselves in having the Daihatsu Gran Max in their product portfolio as a mode of transport especially for last mile carrier services.

The Extremely Versatile Gran Max

The global outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to standstill, affecting all social and economic sectors. All countries in the region have suspended business activities, including Malaysia, which has now moved into in a Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) from the original Movement Control Order (MCO) earlier than initially expected in order to reopen the country’s economy.

“Before the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a steady growth of internet users and a rise in online shopping. The E-commerce market has been further driven by the MCO due to working from home, social distancing and staying at home. The logistics and transport services that support supply, marketing and e-commerce are allowed to operate, as they are considered as one of the essential services. This is to ensure that the retail supply chain, especially for essentials and food, is not affected. In times like these, a reliable vehicle is important to ensure smooth and effortless delivery,” said Muhammad Fahmi, Product and Marketing Senior Manager of Corporate Planning, Daihatsu Malaysia Sdn Bhd (DMSB). 

Thus, he continued, this will be the sector that experiences an increase in demand with an unprecedented spike in online orders and groceries. Even if the CMCO is lifted, there is still a need for social distancing and staying at home until the virus is well contained through social-control measures or a supposed effective vaccine is administered in time.

Gran Max ideal for Last Mile Carrier Services

“We foresee continued rapid growth in e-commerce, as the Covid-19 outbreak has caused a shift in consumer buying behaviour, with more and more people shopping online. This would demand an equally speedy response from transport and logistics businesses. We pride ourselves in having the Daihatsu Gran Max in our product portfolio as a mode of transport especially for last mile carrier services.  Our Gran Max Panel Van and Pick-up Box Van are fit for small and medium delivery partners such as Ninja Van, Shopee, SkyNet as well as independent food deliveries.”

The significance of Gran Max is evident, he stressed, and plays major factors that influence choice of vehicle for a delivery company on its courier work. “Most delivery drivers are looking for van that blends space, great mobility and low running cost. Gran Max particularly shines with its ‘passenger car-like comfort’ in which driver comfort is solid for a basic looking interior and driver handling is easy to use in terms of mobility specially within urban areas. With a 1.5L DVVT engine, the Gran Max produces the right amount of workhorse and speed that is capable of carrying huge loads while maintaining inexpensive running cost, considered some to be the best in its class and segment.”

The durability, practicability, reliability and overall performance including fuel efficiency of Gran Max, he commented, make it ideal for the increasing demand in courier transport resulting from the escalating volume of online purchasing. With Gran Max, he claimed, the logistics partners will have the peace of mind that every final mile delivery will arrive on time and in great condition.

Gran Max, he pointed out, is extremely versatile with 17 customised body applications including the availability of automatic transmission for the panel van that can cater for every business need. It offers the possibility of a rise in independent and start-up business, change of business, as well as side business to generate additional income to counter economic downturn.

Fahmi also told us that the company has recently introduced Daihatsu e-Showroom through its official website “This is our effort to create other avenues for our customers to reach us. Although it sounds unorthodox and unconventional for the commercial vehicle industry, we are exploring new ways to stay in touch with our existing customers and potential clients. The e-Showroom  reflects DMSB’s effort in adapting to the new normal , continues to strive to understand every customer’s needs, engaging and communicating with them in the time of social distancing.“

To ensure safe and smooth running of their fleet customers, as well as peace of mind during emergency assist that the vehicle is in good hands, he said, DMSB’s service centre mobile service and emergency breakdown team is always on standby to serve. “Our service team is always ready to go and available to reduce downtime in the event of emergency pre and post MCO KitaJagaKita, so that the vehicle could get back to the road the soonest possible. This in line with the #KitaJagaKita (Malaysian Helping Malaysians Fight Covid-19) movement, a ‘one-stop shop’ for Malaysian civil society Covid-19 efforts that match people who want to help with people who need help (affected individuals, groups, medical community) via various civil society initiatives.”

According to Fahmi, DMSB, including its group of subsidiaries, have already resumed their business operations nationwide effective 12th May, 2020. He assured the customers that the company’s sales showrooms and service centres strictly adhere to the tight standard operation procedures for the safety and well-being of its customers and employees.

To support the nation’s healthcare system in the ongoing battle against the Covid-19 epidemic, he said, DMSB’s parent company MBM Resources and its motor trading subsidiaries have contributed RM300,000 in medical donations.



“在新冠肺炎大流行前,互联网用户和网上购物都有稳定增长的趋势。行管令落实后,居家办公、保持社交距离及留在家中等工作与生活上的改变,进一步驱动了电子商务市场。没有被影响的是支持供应、营销及电子商务的物流及运输服务,因为它们被政府列为是必要服务之一。这是为了确保零售供应链,特别是必需品和食物,不被影响。在这样的非常时期,一辆可确保顺畅和轻松交付的可靠车辆非常重要。”大发马来西亚私人有限公司(DMSB)企业策划高级产品及营销经理法米(Muhammad Fahmi)表示。


“我们预见了电子商务的快速增长,新冠肺炎的爆发影响了消费者的购买行为,网上购物的人越来越多。而这将要求运输和物流业务做出同样迅速的回应。我们为我们产品组合中的大发Gran Max感到自豪,特别是作为最后一英里运送的运输工具。我们的Gran Max厢型车和皮卡厢式货车适合中小型运输伙伴如Ninja Van、虾皮(Shopee)、SkyNet等独立的食品配送服务。

他强调说,Gran Max的重要性显而易见,并且是影响送货公司的快递服务车辆选择的主要因素。“大部分的送货司机都在寻找结合了空间、良好移动性及低运行成本的客货车。Gran Max最大的亮点就是它的基本内饰具有像轿车般的舒适性,让驾驶员感到非常舒服,而且能够在城市里操纵自如。搭配1.5升DVVT引擎,Gran Max提供最适合的马力和速度,在维持不昂贵的营运成本的同时,还能运送重物,被认为是同类产品中最好的。

Gran Max是最后一英里运送的理想工具

“我们预见了电子商务的快速增长,新冠肺炎的爆发影响了消费者的购买行为,网上购物的人越来越多。而这将要求运输和物流业务做出同样迅速的回应。我们为我们产品组合中的大发Gran Max感到自豪,特别是作为最后一英里运送的运输工具。我们的Gran Max厢型车和皮卡厢式货车适合中小型运输伙伴如Ninja Van、虾皮(Shopee)、SkyNet等独立的食品配送服务。

他强调说,Gran Max的重要性显而易见,并且是影响送货公司的快递服务车辆选择的主要因素。“大部分的送货司机都在寻找结合了空间、良好移动性及低运行成本的客货车。Gran Max最大的亮点就是它的基本内饰具有像轿车般的舒适性,让驾驶员感到非常舒服,而且能够在城市里操纵自如。搭配1.5升DVVT引擎,Gran Max提供最适合的马力和速度,在维持不昂贵的营运成本的同时,还能运送重物,被认为是同类产品中最好的。

Gran Max的耐用、实用、可靠及整体性能,包括节油,他评论说,使它非常适合因网上购物量不断提高而快速增长的快递运输需求。他宣称,有了Gran Max,物流伙伴就能够放心,确保每最后一英里的交付都准时,完好无损地到达。

他指出,Gran Max的用途非常广泛,拥有17种订制车身作为不同应用,包括能够满足各种业务需求的自动排档厢型车。它增加了独立创业、改变业务及发展副业以增加额外收入来应对经济放缓。





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