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Daihatsu Malaysia Joins Hands with Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur

Daihatsu Malaysia Free Tree Society

Daihatsu Malaysia first formulated the ‘Rewilding Roadshow’ environmental initiatives exclusively with FTS in mid-June of 2019.

Daihatsu Malaysia Launches Rewilding Roadshow

Daihatsu Malaysia has partnered with Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur (FTS) recently to launch the Rewilding Roadshow, an initiative to encourage urban Malaysians to plant green spaces at home towards supporting biodiversity and sustainable lifestyles.

Sponsored by Daihatsu, the initiative would provide ordinary people with a starter base of knowledge and plants to take home. The plants have been carefully chosen to not only benefit homeowners and their families, but also contribute to biodiversity in the face of climate change which we are currently experiencing.

“Many homeowners pave over their garden spaces or leave balconies bare, resulting in hot, sterile spaces. As Malaysia becomes more urbanised, there is a break in the transmission of knowledge about planting and the benefits of biodiverse green space. Many urban Malaysians simply do not know appropriate plants to grow in their environment and how to care for them,” said Baida Hercus, President, FTS.

The Rewilding Roadshow is a natural fit for Daihatsu Malaysia’s Environmental Action Plan 2020, which is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and also blends with the company’s Group philosophy that states ‘Harmonious coexistence with the earth and society is our responsibility.’

Daihatsu Malaysia first formulated the ‘Rewilding Roadshow’ environmental initiatives exclusively with FTS in mid-June of 2019. This year, celebrating our 40 Years of establishment in Malaysia, we’ll be kicking off 2020 by embodying global Daihatsu Group ‘Light You Up Action’ in promoting sustainable environmental conservation through yet another exciting collaboration, this time with FTS and Taman Tugu Project,” said Muhammad Fahmi, Senior Manager Corporate Planning, Product and Marketing of Daihatsu Malaysia.

“With Daihatsu Green Van strategically placed at Taman Tugu Nursery, we aim to enhance the brand confidence with a close affinity to its park residents, communities as well as foreign visitors together with achieving zero-balance environment load vehicle carbon emissions,” he added.

Taman Tugu, a lush forest part of the city that is also an important carbon sink for Klang Valley, would be the operations base for the roadshow. Starting from 17th January to 17th July 2020, the Daihatsu Gran Max Green Van would be stationed at Taman Tugu to give away plants for free on weekends and public holidays from 8a.m. to 11a.m.

The Green Van also made its appearance at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicles Expo (MCVE) 2019, and distributed about 450 free plants to the visitors. Coming with complete retractable canopy and television, the van is also fitted with compartments to carry plants to support the FTS’s free plant giveaway.

Upon invitation, the Rewilding Roadshow would also tour other places, including shopping malls.

大马大发与吉隆坡Free Tree Society联手

马来西亚大发日前与吉隆坡Free Tree Society(FTS)联手推介“修复路秀”(Rewilding Roadshow),鼓励市区里的马来西亚人在家里种植绿地,支持生物多样性和可持续性的生活方式。


“许多房主将他们的花园或阳台空置,形成炙热贫瘠的空间。 随着马来西亚越来越城市化,种植知识的传播和生物多样性绿色空间的好处也都中断了 。许多住在城市里的大马人不懂得哪些是适合他们家居环境的植物, 也不知道如何种植和照顾它们。”FTS主席赫克斯(Baida Hercus)表示。

“修复路秀”与马来西亚大发的2020年环境行动计划可说是“天作之合”,不仅与联合国可持续性发展目标(SDGs)一致,也与公司的集团理念 :“与地球和社会和谐共处是我们的责任”相融合。

“马来西亚大发于2019年6月中旬首次与FTS独家制定‘修复路秀’环保倡议。今年,配合公司创立40周年纪念,我们将以一个体现大发集团全球‘Light You Up Action’概念,再次通过一个令人兴奋的合作,这次是与FTS和纪念碑公园(Taman Tugu)计划推广可持续性环保。”马来西亚大发产品及行销企业策划高级经理法米(Muhammad Fahmi) 表示。


作为此次路秀基地的纪念碑公园是城中森林,也是巴生谷重要的碳汇。大发Gran Max绿色客货车将从2020年1月17日起至6月17日,停泊在纪念碑公园中,在周末和公共假期早上8时至11时免费将植物送给公众。



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