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Shell Malaysia Launches 18-Litre Pail Rimula R4X Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Shell Rimula
Shell Rimula

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd recently introduced a new 18-litre pail for its best-selling Shell Rimula R4X heavy duty engine oil.

Shell Rimula Provides Triple Protection

With the introduction of the 18-litre pail, Shell Rimula R4X 15W 40 is now available in five different sizes to meet different customer needs.  The other sizes are the 209-litre drum, 20-litre pail, five-litre pail and one-litre pack.

Formulated with Shell’s ‘innovative Dynamic Protection technology’, the Shell Rimula R4X is seen as a favourite among driver-owners of small and medium trucks and heavy equipment operators. This engine oil provides Triple Protection, which is said to be proven to provide up to 50 per cent better acid corrosion protection in engine and laboratory tests and field trials under real-world truck driving conditions.

It also maintains strong protective oil films to keep critical engine components working, as proven in the Mack T-10 engine test.  It exceeds the API CI-4 specification by up to 30 per cent, providing enhanced wear protection for engine piston rings and cylinder liners.

Furthermore, it demonstrated up to a 50-per cent improvement in engine cleanliness and resists high-temperature oxidation, keeping engines free from deposits. This results in reduced engine sludge across various engine parts, as validated in key engine tests to meet US and European specifications.

According to Nyon Kam Yew, Shell Lubricants General Manager for Malaysia and Singapore, the introduction of the 18-litre pail was aimed at minimising wastage and enhancing the affordability of the popular Shell Rimula R4X.

“This new smaller pail was very well received when Shell introduced it in Vietnam and Thailand. The company believes customers in Malaysia would also appreciate the convenience of the new size. You could just pick it up and go from any authorised spare-part shop or independent workshop,” he said.

Despite the availability of more efficient and lower emission synthetic lubricants, mineral oils such as Shell Rimula R4X currently make up about 89 per cent of the heavy-duty engine oil market in Malaysia. Shell Malaysia said it aimed to step up efforts to heighten awareness of the benefits of using synthetic oils among its customers.

Shell continually works to address various misconceptions such as doubts on the ability of ‘thinner’ synthetic oils to offer critical engine protection and ‘higher’ price points among others. Numerous trials with customers in the transport and logistics sectors have proven that Shell Rimula’s synthetic range could offer superior wear protection, remain in grade for far longer and therefore, help extend oil drain intervals for lower total costs of ownership,” explained Nyon.

He also highlighted that the Shell Rimula R4 Plus, an entry-level synthetic technology heavy duty engine oil, would be a cost-effective next step up for fleet owners aiming to reduce the carbon emissions of their vehicles.

大马蚬壳推出全新18公升装Shell Rimula R4X重型柴油引擎机油


蚬壳马来西亚贸易私人有限公司(Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd)近期发布了全新18公升装的销量冠军Shell Rimula R4X重型柴油引擎机油。

随著全新18公升装的推出,Shell Rimula R4X 15W 40如今拥有5种不同的容量,以满足客户的不同需求。其他的容量包括209公升装、20公升装、5公升装,以及1公升装。

Shell Rimula R4X采用蚬壳创新的Dynamic Protection技术配制而成,深受小型与中型卡车司机和车主,以及重型机器营运商的喜爱。它提供三重保护, 据悉在引擎和实验室测试,以及实际卡车驾驶现场测试证实,它可以提供高于50%的防酸性锈蚀保护。

此外,Mack T-10引擎测试还显示它能更好地保护油膜,维持引擎重要部件的运行。它比API CI-4的规范高出30%,可提高对引擎的活塞环和气缸套的磨损保护。


蚬壳润滑油大马及新加坡总经理阮锦耀表示,推出18公升装有助减少浪费,也让更多人能够负担得起广受欢迎的Shell Rimula R4X。


尽管市场上不乏高效、碳排放更低的合成润滑油,矿物油如Shell Rimula R4X还是在大马目前的重型柴油引擎润滑油市场占了约89%的份额。大马蚬壳表示,该公司将更加努力,让更多客户了解使用合成油的好处。

他说:“我们努力不懈地化解各种有关合成润滑油的误解,例如‘更薄’的合成机油无法提供重要的引擎保护能力,以及价格‘更贵’等。物流运输业客户的大量测试证明,Shell Rimula的合成系列产品具有出色的磨损保护,也更耐用,并有助于延长换油周期,进而降低总拥有成本。”

阮锦耀也强调,入门级合成技术重型柴油引擎润滑油Shell Rimula R4 Plus对有意降低车辆碳排放的车队业主来说,是他们节省成本的下一步。




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