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Shell Malaysia Launches All-New Shell Rimula Ultra 5W 30

Shell Malaysia Shell Rimula Ultra

Competitively priced, the new Shell Rimula Ultra 5W 30 offers longer oil life and extended oil-drain intervals of up to 150,000km. 

New Rimula Ultra – a result of Shell’s Technology Leadership in Lubricants

Shell Malaysia recently launched the all-new Shell Rimula Ultra 5W 30 that is described as its most advanced fully synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil to comply with European ACEA E6 and ACEA E9 specifications and manufacturers’ approvals for use in ultra-modern diesel engines that meet Euro 4 to Euro 6 emission standards.

Competitively priced, the all-new Shell Rimula Ultra 5W 30 offers longer oil life and extended oil-drain intervals of up to 150,000km, better engine wear protection under all terrain and weather conditions as well as better fuel economy.

Shell Lubricants General Manager – Malaysia & Singapore, Baljit Singh, said the introduction of the new Rimula Ultra further strengthened the Rimula portfolio of premium low viscosity synthetic lubricants available in Malaysia that included the Rimula R6 LM and R5 LE.

“As the largest lubricant supplier in the world for the past 12 consecutive years, we at Shell understand the needs of our customers. We are a partner you could trust to deliver the most advanced and proven lubricant solutions that are backed by unmatched technical support,” he said.

Speaking at the launch at the recent 2019 Shell Rimula Night at Hotel Imperial in Kuching, Shell Lubricants Marketing Manager – Malaysia & Singapore, May Tan, said: “There is a global shift towards low viscosity synthetic lubricants due to proven benefits such as improved oil and engine performance; longer oil-drain intervals and fuel economy that add up to lower total cost of ownership. This is critical for fleet operators, especially in today’s challenging economic environment. We see Malaysia as the right market for it and we are the first market in Asean to launch the new flagship product.

“The all-new Rimula Ultra is a result of Shell’s technology leadership in lubricants, which is driven by world class research and development, and extensive technical collaboration with leading OEMs, universities and industry bodies,” she added.

Another highlight at the 2019 Shell Rimula Night was the official announcement of the 13 winners of this year’s Ultimate Stopover promotion.

The winners would be taken on an exclusive 5-day 4-night all-expense paid trip to Barcelona in September to experience the vibrant Spanish city renowned for its arts, culture, football and cuisine. They would also have the opportunity to gain a deep insight into the innovation-driven world of Shell Lubricants.

The much-anticipated annual promotion is said to bring to life Shell Rimula’s promise of being the ‘engine oil that works as hard as you’, rewarding loyal customers with the ultimate stopover experience around the world.

This year’s promotion, held from 1st March to 30th June, was opened to customers who purchased any Shell Rimula heavy-duty and light-duty diesel engine oil products.

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大马蚬壳推出全新蚬壳 Rimula Ultra 5W 30

大马蚬壳(Shell Malaysia)正式推介全新蚬壳 Rimula Ultra 5W 30,一款被形容为最先进的全合成重型柴油引擎机油。此新产品不仅符合最新欧洲 ACEA E6和ACEA E9规格,也符合欧4至欧6的排放标准。

售价竞争力十足的全新蚬壳 Rimula Ultra 5W 30提供更长的机油寿命和延长换油里程达15万公里,能够在全地形和各种天候下更好地保护引擎,也更为省油。

大马及新加坡蚬壳润滑油(Shell Lubricants)总经理巴尔吉特(Baljit Singh)指出,全新蚬壳Rimula Ultra的推出, 加强了包含蚬壳 Rimula R6 LM和R5 LE的大马优质低黏度合成润滑油蚬壳 Rimula产品组合。


大马及新加坡蚬壳润滑油行销总经理陈美君在日前于古晋帝国酒店(Hotel Imperial)举办的2019年蚬壳 Rimula 之夜推介礼上说:“将已获证实的种种好处如改善的润滑油和引擎性能表现、更长的换油周期,更省油等加起来可大大降低总拥有成本,让全球转向低粘性合成润滑油。这对车队营运商来说非常重要,特别是在经济环境挑战重重的今天。我们认为大马市场相当适合Rimula Ultra 5W 30,而大马也是东盟国里第一个发布此旗舰新品的市场。”

她补充:“全新蚬壳Rimula Ultra是蚬壳润滑油领先科技下的成果。我们的技术深受世界级研发影响,并与领先原厂配备商、大专院校及行业机构拥有广泛的技术合作。”

2019年蚬壳Rimula之夜的另一个亮点是宣布今年Ultimate Stopover促销活动中的13名优胜者。


众所期盼的年度促销活动彰显了蚬壳Rimula“跟您一样刻苦耐劳的引擎机油”(engine oil that works as hard as you)承诺,并以全球各地终极景点游玩的方式回馈忠诚客户。

今年的促销活动从3月1日起至6月30日,开放给所有购买蚬壳 Rimula重型及轻型柴油引擎润滑油产品的客户参加。

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