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Seven Lucky Customers to Discover Dubai with Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover

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In recognition of the hard work and tireless dedication of fleet owners, Shell Rimula heavy duty diesel engine oil (HDDEO) is offering an all-expense paid 4-day 3-night break at the Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover 2018 from 13th to 17th November in the luxurious city of Dubai. 

Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover: Seven Fortunate Customers to Explore Dubai

Whether you are a trucker planning your route day to day or a small business owner mapping out your future ambitions, you need time to pause, reflect and re-energise. Shell says the seven lucky winners of the Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover 2018 competition would venture off the beaten track to see Dubai as never seen before.

They would also hear from industry experts on the latest innovations in truck engine and lubricant technology, designed to help truckers and fleet owners tackle their everyday challenges.

Topics include global trends and insights for HDDEO, new Shell Rimula initiatives and innovations, and the advanced science and technology behind Shell Rimula products. Participants would also get hands-on with technical demonstrations showing how the engine oils work and put their skills and the Shell Rimula engine oil to the test with an off-road driving experience in the dunes of Dubai.

“Whatever journey our customers are on, the road ahead can be tough; long hours, time away from family and the risks of doing business in an increasingly challenging economic environment. And yet at Shell Rimula, we know that what matters is inside – the dreams and ambitions that drive you forward,” said Baljit Singh, General Manager – Malaysia and Singapore, Shell Lubricants.

Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover celebrates commitment to hard work and offers the opportunity for a once-in-a lifetime break to Dubai – the iconic city where the future has become the everyday. What better place to reflect on your journey than under the Arabian night sky?” 

For the chance to discover Dubai at this year’s Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover, customers need to purchase any Shell Rimula R6 LM, R5 LE or R4 M heavy duty diesel engine oil, complete the online form at and submit their entries by 31st July, 2018.

七位幸运客户将踏上Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover迪拜探索之旅

为了表扬车队业主勤奋不倦的奉献,蚬壳Rimula(Shell Rimula)重型柴油引擎机油(HDDEO)将透过从2018年11月13日至17日的Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover,为幸运客户提供4天3夜免费的难忘豪华迪拜之旅。

不管您是每天勤於规划路线的卡车司机,还是积极於创造未来的小型业务业主,您都需要暂停脚步休息和再充电。2018年Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover竞赛的7名幸运优胜者将有机会一睹前所未见的迪拜。



大马及新加坡蚬壳润滑油(Shell Lubricants)总经理巴吉(Baljit Singh)说:“不管客户在哪里,他们眼前的路途都很艰辛。他们必须离开家人,长时间工作,在愈发巨大的经济环境挑战下,面对着愈来愈高的经营风险。但蚬壳Rimula了解,内心那股不断驱使大家勇于追梦的驱动力才是重要的!”

“Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover要表扬勤奋的人,同时为他们提供一生仅一次,参观未来城市迪拜的难得机会。还有什麽比在阿拉伯的夜空下,更适合您反思您的旅程?” 

凡购买任何蚬壳Rimula重型柴油引擎机油R6 LM丶R5 LE或R4 M,就有机会赢取本年度Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover迪拜探索之旅。登入填妥参赛表格,并在2018年7月31日前提交。


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