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Scania Malaysia’s Ipoh Top Team Heads to Sweden!

Scania Malaysia Ipoh

The Scania Malaysia’s (SMY) Ipoh workshop team named B100 wins the Top Team Asia-Pacific Regional Finals 2023 in Bangkok.

SMY B100 Qualified for Scania Top Team Grand Final

SMY B100 is one of only 12 teams out of 1,500 teams worldwide from 70 countries that qualified for the Grand Final in Södertälje, Sweden. A lucrative first prize of 50,000 Euro goes to the winner, 30,000 Euro to the first runner-up and 20,000 Euro to the second runner-up.

“It was a fantastic and emotional experience when we were announced as winners for the Asia-Pacific Regional Final. We faced very tough competition from strong teams who were very much more experienced than us. In facing the Grand final challenge in Södertälje, we need to further increase our technical knowledge to perfection in order to be the Champion of Top Team Global 2023 and Champion for our customers!” Muhamad Amirsyazwan, Team Leader/Workshop Manager, SMY Ipoh. 

Top Team is a global competition for professional service teams within the Scania service network. The competition requires a high level of technical knowledge, team spirit and discipline among service technicians, parts specialists and service advisors as participants. It is brains, technological skills and teamwork that characterise the service personnel who Scania recruit and develop over the years. Essentially, Scania says, these traits should be evident in all the qualifying teams while winning teams are those who demonstrate a superior level to secure the Top Team title. The format of the competition follows daily work patterns with the most essential objective being to satisfy the needs of customers.

This competition is seen as a way of recognising the importance of service personnel to be the best and top of their profession. The teams would increase their knowledge about Scania’s products and services and strengthen collaboration among service, parts and service advisor personnel. Scania says the ultimate benefactors are the customers and heavy vehicle industry.

“I couldn’t describe how proud I feel of this team and I am sure we all share this sentiment. Credit to them as they have put a lot of effort to prepare and compete with other teams from the various business units who have proven winning history. Coming out on top is a clear demonstration of not only their technical knowledge but team cohesiveness and tenacity,” said Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

This generation of technicians and the future ones are expected to drive real change in line with the transport industry undergoing a technological shift. Scania believes Top Team members would have the unique opportunity to affect and implement the technology needed to create a sustainable transport system.


名为B100的斯堪尼亚马来西亚(SMY)怡保修车厂团队在曼谷举行的2023年亚太地区顶尖服务团队总决赛中胜出。本届赛事共有来自70 个国家/地区的1,500 支队伍参加,而SMY B100 是12支进入决赛的队伍之一。他们将前往瑞典南泰利耶(Södertälje)参加总决赛。总决赛冠军将获得5万欧元的丰厚奖金,亚军和季军的奖金则分别为3万和2万欧元。

SMY怡保服务员团队负责人/修车厂经理莫哈末(Muhamad Amirsyazwan)表示:“当我们被告知我们在亚太地区决赛中获胜时,我们无比激动。我们将和比我们更有经验的强劲队伍一争高下。为了成为2023年全球顶尖服务团队争霸赛的冠军和我们客户的冠军,我们需要进一步提高技术知识以达到完美,来面对南泰利耶的总决赛。”



斯堪尼亚东南亚区董事经理赫芭(Heba El Tarifi) 表示:“我无法描述我对这支团队的表现感到有多骄傲,我相信我们都一样。我要向他们致谢,他们付出了许多的努力和准备来与各个业务部曾胜出的其他服务团队竞争。他们的脱颖而出不仅清楚地反映出他们的技术知识,还清楚地展示了团队的凝聚力和坚韧不拔的精神。”


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