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Scania Service Top Teams in the Making

Top Team is a global competition for professional service teams within the Scania service network.

B100 from Ipoh Wins Scania Top Team Competition 

Five of Scania’s 12 branches in Malaysia made it recently to the National Final. The company says these Scania technicians are dedicated specialists who contribute to its premium brand image and ‘well trusted and respected name’ in the heavy-duty commercial transportation industry. The winning team, B100 from Scania Malaysia Ipoh workshop, would fly to Thailand to join their colleagues from Singapore and Philippines for the Asia-Pacific Regional Final and the winner would represent the region for the Grand Final in Europe.

Dr Ahmad Zainal Abd Aziz, Head of Automotive Department, and Suhardi Md Yunus, Head of Commercial Vehicle Department, Institut Kemahiran Tinggi Belia Negara Dusun Tua (IKTBNDT), graced the event with 15 trainees. They were invited to observe the competition and attend a career talk. 

Top Team is a global competition for professional service teams within the Scania service network. Everyone who works in the service area is welcomed to compete in teams of three to five people. The most common contestants are service technicians, parts specialists and service advisors. Scania Top Team begins at the teams’ workshops with theoretical challenges in two parts.  As teams advance to the national final stage, the theoretical exercises are supplemented by practical ones. The competition requires a high level of technical knowledge, team spirit and discipline. The format of the competition follows daily work patterns with the most essential objective being to satisfy the needs of its customers…. 

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今年的斯堪尼亚顶尖服务团队(Scania Top Team)争霸赛,斯堪尼亚本地分支机构的十二名技术人员中有五名成功进入了全国总决赛。该公司表示,这些斯堪尼亚技术人员都是敬业的专家,他们为斯堪尼亚的优质品牌形象做出了贡献,使它成为重型商业运输行备受信赖和尊重的品牌。在此次比赛中脱颖而出,来自马来西亚斯堪尼亚怡保修车厂的B100服务团队将飞往泰国,与来自新加坡和菲律宾的同事一起参加亚太地区决赛,获胜者将代表该地区参加欧洲总决赛。

国家技术学院(Institut Kemahiran Tinggi Belia Negara Dusun Tua)汽车部门负责人阿曼再纳( Ahmad Zainal Abd Aziz) 博士和商用车部门负责人苏哈迪(Suhardi Md Yunus)以及 15 名学员一起出席了此次活动。他们被邀请观看比赛并参加职业讲座。

顶尖服务团队是一项针对斯堪尼亚专业服务团队的竞技比赛。所有服务人员能够以三人至五人的团队形式参赛。最常见的参赛者是服务技术人员、零件专家及服务顾问。 斯堪尼亚顶尖服务团队争霸赛将经过两轮的理论测试。进入全国决赛的团队将进入理论与实操相结合的环节。该比赛要求高超的技术知识水平、严明的团队纪律和精神。比赛的项目根据日常工作制定,而满足客户的需求是最重要的目标…..




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