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New Daihatsu 3S Centre Opens in Balakong

Daihatsu 3S Centre Balakong

Daihatsu Malaysia has recently opened a new 3S dealership in Balakong, Selangor,  operated by SSD Automobile Sdn. Bhd.

Daihatsu Malaysia Optimises Market Coverage

The strategic move is part of the company’s plan to strengthen and expand its dealers’ network and competitiveness in the automotive segment.

Situated at No. 7, Jalan Taming Jaya, Taman Taming Jaya, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, the new 3S outlet is in the prime area of Balakong.  Easily accessible by main roads and major highways, it offers a full range of sales and after-sales services for Daihatsu Gran Max.

Costing approximately RM 1 million, the new facility features a spacious built-up area of 20,000 square feet. Equipped with 6 service bays and 15 units of hoists, the premises can accommodate up to 4 display vehicles in a showroom. Apart from the management office area, the new 3S centre also holds a washing bay, parts storeroom and utility room.

Amenities such as a refreshment area, laptop charging ports and free Wi-Fi are available. There is also a resting room that can accommodate up to 7 people and is specially designed for the convenience and comfort of drivers. However, only 3 persons are allowed at one time during this current Movement Control Order (MCO) period with the 1-metre social distance rule in practice.

“The dealer network expansion is in line with Daihatsu Malaysia’s direction in optimising market coverage in coming years. Importantly, Daihatsu will work on optimising its market coverage for the upcoming years. Aside from high-quality product range offerings and reliable aftersales service, the network development and dealer expansion will play a crucial role in serving as the main contact point for our customers within reach. Additionally, it also facilitates greater customer experience as the demand for the highly-dependable Gran Max continues to grow within the courier and logistics sectors,” said Managing Director Arman Mahadi.

With this new well-equipped 3S centre, he pointed out, the company can offer more accessibility for the business and industrial community, especially in the commercial and high industrial hub in the Balakong district and its surrounding areas like Sungai Besi, Seri Kembangan, Cheras, Kajang and Bangi.  All these customers, he said, can now conveniently enjoy sales, service, spare parts availability all under one roof. Moreover, they can be rest assured that all their Daihatsu vehicles are being taken care of by certified and highly trained technicians.

SSD Automobile is one of the key players in the commercial vehicle industry. Specialising in commercial vehicles, the company engages in sales, service, spare parts, insurance claims, warranty parts, body and construction, wheelbase extension, body and paint, as well as inspection services. Within its Group of Companies, they also hold a dealership with Hino Malaysia at Seremban and Nilai in Negeri Sembilan.

SSD Automobile has years of experience in dealing with various commercial brands, and partnered with Daihatsu Malaysia represents a huge opportunity for us.  We are proud to be part of the Daihatsu family, which gives us a platform to offer our customers great products and a superior ownership experience,” said SSD Automobile Director Samson Chan.

Arman added that Daihatsu Malaysia sold 1,409 units in 2019, 1,410 units in 2020. The expansion of dealer network is part of the company’s commitment and extended efforts to retain its first place ranking in the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segment nationwide, as well as top customer brand preference for LCV models this year and upcoming years.

Daihatsu Malaysia has 22 sales and 28 service centres nationwide to date. Arman revealed that the company is looking to expand to 25 3S outlets by 2024. He encouraged independent automotive outlet operators to consider becoming a Daihatsu dealer, to be a partner in growth. E-mail Daihatsu Malaysia at www.daihatsu.com.my for more enquiries.


马来西亚大发近期在雪兰莪州无拉港(Balakong)开设了一家新的 3S 代理商门店,由 SSD 汽车私人有限公司经营。这一战略性的举措,乃是该公司加强和扩展其代理商网络和汽车领域竞争力计划的一部分。

此全新的3S 中心,位于 7, Jalan Taming Jaya, Taman Taming Jaya, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor。可通过主要高速公路和道路轻松抵达的它,位处无拉港黄金地段,可为大发 Gran Max 提供全方位的销售和售后服务。

新设施耗资约100 万令吉,拥有 20,000 平方英尺的宽敞建筑面积。配备 6 个服务车间和15台举升机,一个最多可容纳4辆展示车辆的陈列室。除了管理办公区外,新的3S中心也设有洗涤间、零件库和杂物间。

该中心备有茶点区、笔电充电端口和免费 Wi-Fi 等设施。它还有一个专为司机便利和舒适而设计,最多可容纳7人的休息室。然而在当前的行动管制令 (MCO) 期间,一次只允许 3 人进入,并且必须遵守 1 米的社交距离。

董事经理阿曼(Arman Mahadi)表示:“代理商网络的扩张,与马来西亚大发未来几年优化市场覆盖的方向一致。更重要的是,大发将在未来几年努力优化其市场覆盖范围。除了提供高质量的产品系列和可靠的售后服务外,网络和代理商的扩张与发展,在为客户提供触手可及的主要联系点方面将发挥至关重要的作用。此外,随着快递和物流行业对高度可靠的Gran Max 不断增长的需求,它还有助于改善客户体验。”

他指出,有了这个设备齐全的新3S中心,公司可以为企业和工业社区提供更多便利,尤其是在无拉港及其周边地区的商业和高工业中心,如新街场(Sungai Besi)、史里肯邦安(Seri Kembangan)、蕉赖、加影和万宜。他说,这些客户现在都可以在同一个屋檐下享受便利的一站式销售、服务和备件供应服务。此外,他们可以放心,因为他们的大发车辆都将获得经过认证和训练有素的技术人员的妥善照顾。


SSD 汽车总监 Samson Chan 说:“SSD汽车在经营各种商业品牌方面拥有多年经验,能够与大发马来西亚合作对我们来说是一个巨大的机会。我们很自豪能成为大发家族的一员,这为我们提供了一个能为客户提供出色产品和卓越持有权体验的平台。”

阿曼补充说,马来西亚大发 2019 年的销售量为 1,409 辆,2020 年则为 1,410 辆。代理商网络的扩张是该公司的承诺和进一步努力的保证,确保大发在全国轻型商用车 (LCV) 细分市场保持第一,并继续在今年和未来几年,成为大马LCV车型客户的首选品牌。

迄今为止,马来西亚大发在全国拥有 22家销售中心和 28 个服务中心。阿曼透露,该公司计划在 2024 年将 3S 门店扩张到 25 家。他鼓励独立汽车门店运营商考虑成为大发代理商,成为该公司的增长合作伙伴。发送电子邮件至马来西亚大发 www.daihatsu.com.my查询,以获取更多有关信息。

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