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Monzone Highlights at FHA 2018

Monzone FHA 2018

Monzone Air-Conditioning Pte Ltd is the distributor for Thermo King, the world leader in transport temperature control systems, truck and trailer refrigeration, bus and rail air-conditioning systems in the Singapore and Malaysia markets.

Spotlight on Monzone: FHA 2018 Highlights

Thermo King, a unit of Ingersoll-Rand Company Ltd, is one of North America and Europe’s most recognised brands, and Monzone says it is proud to bring the robust yet competitive systems to this region.

Unlike those that supply parallel imports, Monzone could provide longer warranty coverage and maintenance. Another after-sales highlight is Monzone’s 24/7 hotline for fast response services.

As logistics operators know well, these after-sales advantages are particularly important as transport temperature control systems are quite challenging refrigeration applications that need to address issues such as wide ranging and fluctuating temperatures, tough operating environments, road shocks and vibrations, and fuel efficiency.

Thus, longer warranty coverage and maintenance as well as a 24/7 hotline for fast response services are crucial in ensuring better performance and reducing repair costs and systems downtime, which ultimately translate to higher business profits.

Monzone recently took part in the Ruby Jubilee edition of Food and Hotel Asia (FHA), billed as Asia’s leading and most comprehensive international food and hospitality trade event, which was held from 24th to 27th April.

The largest FHA event ever organised and held alongside ProWine Asia (Singapore) 2018, it occupied 119,500sq metres of exhibition area at Singapore Expo and Suntec Singapore.

This biennial FHA offered an extensive assortment of products and services ranging from innovative food ingredients, halal food and beverages, speciality coffee equipment and accessories, unique tea blends, the latest bakery equipment, the most stylish of tableware and furnishing to disruptive technology for back-end food service or front-end guest experiences.

FHA 2018 welcomed 81,896 attendees from more than 100 countries, an increase of 14 per cent from 2016.

Monzone exhibited the Thermo King SLXi 400 Whisper refrigeration system, Thermo King Cold Cube (large, medium, small) as well as the 14-footer insulated container with Thermo King SV-800 and Adelift Moveable Partition. This is said to offer best-in-class quiet operation with the noise-reduced components, low engine speeds and extensive noise containment measures. There is also a Whisper noise attenuating kit as an optional upgrade for most SLXi  models that delivers further reduction in sound levels.

The Thermo King Cold Cube is described as a small but powerful refrigeration unit that could be portable or used with fixed applications. For example, Cold Cube could be moved from one vehicle to another, or even used in a warehouse situation. It is suitable in small vehicles for businesses with limited capacity requirements for cooling and freezing or wherever portable temperature control is needed, and top loader units for sampling or leisure use.

Designed for precise temperature control with the added flexibility of operating on both AC and DC power, it requires minimal installation. Made from robust and durable moulded polyethylene and could be easily cleaned with minimum maintenance, Cold Cube provides cooling and heating options as well as powerful cooling (30°C to -10°C) and freezing (40°C to -24°C). With Bluetooth connectivity, it offers precise temperature set-point control and easy viewing of temperature and status without opening the container.

Meanwhile, the Adelift Moveable Partition – seen as a solution for multi-temperature transport from French industrial vehicle equipment and accessories supplier Pommier – is an ergonomically designed and innovative wall partitioning system that has gas springs for easy lifting. It is designed to not flip down at a fast rate, thus preventing accidental injuries. Mainly made of anodised aluminium and stainless steel, its mechanical elements were approved and tested by Germany’s TUV. As such, Adelift is seen as a lightweight solution that provides an optimised load capacity.

The locks were designed to resist ice and the gas springs tested for 6,000 cycles at -40°C. Also, its insulating seals are tested according to tough ATP regulations and provide optimal thermal insulation and reduce fuel usage by the fridge unit.

Other core products included Thermo King’s vehicle-powered SV-Series (Supreme Vehicle-powered) and the self-powered T-Series M units.

The SV-Series is designed for refrigerated transportation on light, medium and heavy vehicles. Monzone says this new SV platform has an optimised refrigeration system, robust TK compressor and a superior cooling capacity that protects perishable cargo, thus reducing the concern of load loss. It features quick pull down, accurate temperature control and is renowned for high reliability and low maintenance cost.

It has a new light and compact, energy saving condenser platform and improved evaporator that incorporates long-life integrated fans, and an optimised structure design and condensing water drain.

Monzone says Thermo King is also renowned for robust compressors with high reliability and reduced failure rate, and low life cycle cost.

The new self-powered T-Series M units that Monzone distributes include three new models – T-700M, T-900M and T-1100M – which are said to exceed expectations when it comes to truck refrigeration.

According to the company, these T-Series truck refrigeration units set new industry standards for reliability, performance and efficiency. With the new and improved expansion of the range, the T-Series delivers greater capacities at lower operating speeds, from 6000W to 10,600W at 0°C and from 3,700W to 5,700W at -20°C.

Together with low operation and maintenance costs and fuel-saving technologies, the T-Series also reduces emissions, waste and noise pollution.

Thermo King’s T-Series truck refrigeration units come with advanced fuel-saving control technology with the new TSR controller. It is also available in a complete range of capacities, making it the ‘perfect fit’ for all transportation requirements.

Monzone FHA 2018展会亮点

Monzone 空调私人有限公司是冷王(Thermo King)经销商,为新加坡和马来西亚运输温控系统、卡车和拖车冰柜、公共巴士和铁路空调系统的全球领导品牌。








FHA 2018迎接来自100多个国家的81,896名与会者,比2016年增加14%。

Monzone展出了冷王SLXi 400 Whisper制冷系统,冷王冷箱(大、中、小)以及14尺的隔热容器搭配冷王SV-800和Adelift Moveable Partition。据说,该设备具有降低噪音配件,搭载更低速引擎和备有噪音抑制措施,可以提供一流的安静运行。此外还有一个Whisper噪音衰减组件,大多数SLXi型号可以选择其升级版本,以进一步降低音量。



同时,Adelift Moveable Partition是来自法国工业车辆设备和配件供应商Pommier的多温度运输解决方案,它是一种符合人体工程学设计且具有创新性的分区系统,具有气弹簧以方便升高。它的设计目的是不轻易翻倒,从而防止意外发生。它主要是由阳极氧化铝和不锈钢制成,其机械配件已通过德国TUV的认证和测试。因此,Adelift被视为提供优化负载能力的轻量级解决方案。



SV系列设计适用于轻型、中型和重型车辆的冷藏运输。 Monzone表示,这个全新的SV平台具有优化的制冷系统,坚固的TK压缩机和卓越的冷却能力,可以保护易腐货品,从而减少运输损失。它具有快速下拉、精确温度控制,并且以高可靠性和低维护成本而闻名。



Monzone销售的新型自供电T系列M装置包括三款制冷机组– T-700M、T-900M和T-1100M,据说在卡车制冷表现方面超出预期。




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