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Monzone Showcases Latest Thermo King Refrigeration Solutions at FHM 2019

Monzone Thermo King Refrigeration Solutions

Monzone showcased Thermo King SLXi trailer refrigeration series, SV-800 truck refrigeration series and the portable ColdCube containers at the show.

Monzone Shows Strong Presence at FHM 2019

Monzone Air-Conditioning Pte Ltd is the distributor for Thermo King, the world leader in transport temperature control systems, truck and trailer refrigeration, bus and rail air-conditioning systems in the Singapore and Malaysia markets.

Thermo King, a unit of Ingersoll-Rand Company Ltd, is one of North America and Europe’s most recognised brands. Monzone recently took part in Food & Hotel Malaysia (FHM) 2019, the 15th Malaysian international exhibition of food, drinks, hotel, restaurant & foodservice equipment, supplies, services & related technology.

Held from September 4 to 27, 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, FHM 2019 also incorporated Halal Food Asia 2019 and Bakery & Confectionery Malaysia 2019. FHM 2019 had 1,500 participating companies and welcomed more than 28,000 trade visitors.  For the four-day event, Monzone showcased products such as the Thermo King SLXi trailer refrigeration series, SV-800 truck refrigeration series and the flexible and portable ColdCube containers.

The Thermo King T-1000M was also presented at the event to promote the new and improved self-powered truck refrigeration unit, the Thermo King T-Series M units, which extended its refrigeration capacity range to match various application needs.

Monzone also exhibited its impressive 17-footer refrigerated container, which was customised using Lamilux Germany’s fibre reinforced composite Extreme High Impact panels on the exterior and AntiBac fibre reinforced panels on the interior, thus showcasing how durable and bacteria-free Monzone’s containers are. The container was also fitted to showcase the Adelift moveable partition, an ergonomically designed innovative wall partitioning system.

With a partition and air ducting system, this makes multi-temperature compartments possible – one compartment for freezing and another for chilling temperatures, depending on needs. Thermo King‘s new T-Series Meanwhile, Thermo King’s new T-Series is the result of years of research and exhaustive testing. The T-Series sets new industry standards for reliability, performance, efficiency and low cost of ownership, delivers greater capacities at lower operating speeds and allows for precise temperature control. Low operation and maintenance costs, as well as fuel saving technologies, keep cost of ownership to a minimum.

High ambient capability was a “must have” for the performance criteria for the T-Series, and extensive trials and thousands of running hours have proven the design’s performance in even the harshest of conditions, right up to 55°C.

A heating option has been especially developed to ensure top performance at low ambient conditions too. Operation is easy and error-free, thanks to new, intuitive in-cab controllers, and this ease of monitoring means the units deliver optimum performance with maximum efficiency.

The T-Series minimises an operator’s carbon footprint with reduced exhaust emissions and less waste, while whisper quiet operation allows access to noise sensitive urban delivery areas. With the widest range in the truck refrigeration industry, there is a T-Series model to suit all trucks from the smallest to the largest, running one, two or three temperature zones. ColdCube containers Smaller businesses today have challenges maintaining proper refrigeration temperatures, and this is where small but powerful ColdCube containers from Thermo King – the world leaders in refrigeration – can help.

The ColdCube containers can be loaded quickly into a standard van/truck and feature a single-piece moulded design that is robust and durable. They are heavily insulated, with no gaps for air leakage, and easily cleanable inside and out. They are also food grade and UV stabilised, and come with visible user interface/controller systems.

Another highlight here is that operators can view current temperatures and status without opening the door.  They can be easily moved from one vehicle to another or vehicle to facility, and run off a standard 12V vehicle battery or 120V outlet.   No vehicle modifications are required, and ColdCube containers provide both operational flexibility and a high return on your vehicle investment. Monzone is the best choice With a wide range of products showcased at FHM 2019, Monzone attracted many business partners and potential clients to its booth, who were keen to know more and explore the benefits of these products to their businesses.

Monzone helped those interested to understand the need for a good quality refrigeration system, insulation containers, hassle-free after-sales maintenance services – which Monzone as a one-stop solution provider, is able to provide.

Unlike those that supply parallel imports, Monzone, as a proud distributor, is able to provide longer warranty coverage and maintenance. Another after-sales highlight is Monzone’s 24/7 hotline for fast response services.

Monzone’s 24/7 hotline is complemented by the company’s own maintenance workshop and building, which stocks common parts and components to reduce the operating unit’s downtime. Thus, speedy recovery of the operating unit can be achieved with Monzone‘s after sales support and customer service sales teams.

As logistics operators know well, these after-sales advantages from Monzone are particularly important as transport temperature control systems are quite challenging and need to address issues such as wide ranging and fluctuating temperatures, tough operating environments, road shocks and vibrations, and fuel efficiency.  Thus, longer warranty coverage and maintenance as well as a 24/7 hotline for fast response services are crucial in ensuring better performance and reducing repair costs and systems downtime, which ultimately translate into higher business profits.

Monzone于FMM 2019


Monzone空调私人有限公司是冷王(Thermo King) ,运输温控系统、卡车及拖车制冷机组、巴士及铁路空调系统世界领袖,在马来西亚和新加坡的经销商。

英格索兰旗下品牌冷王,是北美洲和欧洲最受认可的品牌。Monzone 近日参与2019年马来西亚食品及酒店展 (FHM) ,第15届马来西亚国际食品、饮料、酒店、餐厅及食品服务设备、供应商、服务及相关科技展览会。

2019年马来西亚食品及酒店展于2019年9月4日至27日在吉隆坡盛大举行,并与2019清真食物展和面包与甜食展同期展出。 该展会吸引了1,500名参展企业,并吸引超过28,000名贸易观众。在这为其4天的展会中,Monzone展出的产品有冷王SLXi拖车制冷机组、SV800卡车制冷机组,以及充满弹性的便携式Coldcube冷箱。

该公司还展出冷王T-1000M,以推广全新和改善的自我供电卡车制冷机组–冷王T-系列M 机组 。该机组扩大了制冷范围,可满足各种应用需求。

Monzone还展示了令人印象深刻的17尺制冷箱,其外部采用 Lamilux德国增强复合材料极高冲力板制成 ,内部则采用抗细菌纤维增强板,显示Monzone冷箱的耐用性和无细菌。从安装好的冷箱,能够看到Adelift可移动隔板,一个符合人体工程学设计的创新隔墙系统。













该公司协助那些想更了解优质制冷系统、 绝缘冷箱、无忧售后维修服务等的访客。一站式解决方案供应商的Monzone,能够提供这些服务。


另一个售后服务焦点是Monzone 24/7热线,可迅速响应服务。配合Monzone 24/7热线,该公司自己的维修厂和大楼将库存一般零件,以降低停机时间。 因此,Monzone的售后服务和客户服务销售团队能够迅速恢复运行中的制冷机组。


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