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Asialink Cargo & Packing Agency Goes the Extra Mile

Asialink Cargo & Packing Agency

Asialink Cargo & Packing Agency Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned Malaysian company, is one of the leading and established transportation service provider covering major towns and remote outskirts in East Malaysia. It offers logistics and a supply chain for local manufacturers, retail outlets and traders for merchandise ranging from heavy machinery, containers, consumer goods, electrical appliances, local commodities to foodstuff as well as logistics for roadshows and general cargo.

Asialink Cargo & Packing Agency Goes Above and Beyond

“More than 20 years of experience have equipped us with the knowledge, skills and expertise that are hard to match. This allows us to offer much more than just transportation; we are able to provide customised and cost-effective solutions that meet the different needs of our customers. For towns and districts that are only accessible by water, we provide trans-shipment services,” said the Sibu Branch Manager Christine Ting.

With its head office located in Sibu, Sarawak, Asialink Cargo & Packing Agency has another 5 branches across the state and a branch in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. “We provide a wide range of services that include cargo handling, warehousing services, packing, transportation and haulage. At the moment, we also currently operate 6 warehouses across East Malaysia; 3 in Kuching and 1 each in Sibu, Bintulu and Kota Kinabalu Sabah. ”

Ting pointed out that when a company was awarded a project, it was expected to deliver as per the set milestone and timeline. This was sometimes a challenge for many companies.

“We were selected by the local authority as its transport partner to deliver milk to more than 1,900 schools in Sarawak. As you might be aware, most schools in rural Sarawak could only be reached by walking for hours, riverine transport or crossing over bamboo/wooden suspension bridges. That means our delivery services do not rely solely on refrigerator trucks. It also involves different modes of transportation for road, water and air. This requires professional time management and costs as well as working with trusted local partners such as the indigenous people to deliver the milk to places that are not reachable by trucks or boats. In addition, there is no cell coverage in some of these remote areas and milk is a perishable item. Furthermore, we have to make sure that all the documentation are in order and signed when we successfully deliver the milk.”

She said the company covered all aspects of exhibition logistics and transport for the event. The services included pre-show planning, on-site logistics and storage management and move-in, move-out operations.

“We have successfully handled quite a number of logistics for road-show projects. The set-up is normally done at night and requires a lot of manpower. Compared to the other companies, experience, expertise and good network, even in rural areas, are our strengths. However, what really distinguishes us from them is the willingness to do more than what is simply required. For instance, we would work and communicate with all our clients, including their on-site team and venue and other contractors to ensure that we have a full understanding of their project requirements before we begin. Pre-planning, good communication and continuous improvement through the use of technology are what we offer as your transportation and logistics solution provider.”

Other than the above mentioned services, Asia link also offers cargo-in-transit insurance as a further value added service for its customers.

The company has its own workshop to keep its fleet in optimal condition and to be able to respond immediately if any of its trucks breaks down. Currently, it has more than 180 trucks including forklifts.

What about the challenges? She said logistics was a labour-intensive industry; for instance, one would need much manpower for a roadshow. Manpower especially high labour turnover & driver shortage was the company’s greatest challenge.

Moving forward, she said the company would strive to become one of the best transportation and logistics solution service providers in the country.

“I urge those in the same industry to complement each other. I think besides a healthy competition, we should also complement each other especially in terms of services. For example, we welcome companies that do not provide in-land transport or warehouses to work with us,” she added.


领先的知名运输服务供应商亚洲货柜有限公司,是一家完全由马来西亚人持有的公司,覆盖的服务范围包括东马主要城镇和偏远地区。它除了为本地的重型机械、集装箱、消耗品、电器、本地商品及食品等制造商、零售商店及贸易商提供物流和供应链外 ,也提供路秀和一般商品物流服务。

“我们在这一行业的20多年丰富经验,使我们拥有其他同业无法匹配的知识、技能及专业装备。这使我们不仅仅只是提供运输服务而已,还可提供量身打造和具有成本效益的解决方案,以迎合客户的不同需求。对只能以水路进入的城镇和地区,我们提供转运服务。”诗巫分行经理Christine Ting表示。






该公司拥有自己的维修厂,以确保车队保持最佳状况,并可在卡车发生故障时,马上采取行动。目前,它拥有超过180 辆卡车,包括叉车。



“我呼吁同行相互配合。我想,除了健康的竞争,我们也可以在服务方面‘互补’。比如,我们欢迎那些没有提供陆路运输或仓库服务的同行 ,与我们一同合作。”她补充说。

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