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Thermo King Truck Refrigeration Solutions from Monzone Air-Conditioning

Monzone Air-Conditioning Pte Ltd is the distributor for Thermo King, seen as the world leader in transport temperature control systems, truck and trailer refrigeration, bus and rail air-conditioning systems in Singapore and Malaysia. 

Thermo King, a unit of Ingersoll-Rand Company Ltd, is one of North America’s and Europe’s most recognised brands, and Monzone has brought in the robust yet competitive systems to this region. Unlike those that supply parallel imports, Monzone says it could provide longer warranty coverage and maintenance. Another after-sales highlight is its 24/7 hotline for fast response services. 

The company adds that it would be at the Food and Hotel Asia 2018 from 24th to 27th April, 2018 at the Singapore Expo Hall.  

Thermo King’s Self-powered T-Series M Units

Monzone distributes Thermo King’s new self-powered T-Series M Units, including three new models that are said to exceed expectations when it comes to truck refrigeration, namely the T-700M, T-900M, T-1100M. 

It says the T-Series truck refrigeration units set new industry standards for reliability, performance and efficiency. With the new and improved expansion of the range, the T-Series delivers greater capacities at lower operating speeds, from 6000W to 10,600W at 0°C and from 3,700W to 5,700W at -20°C. 

Together with low operation and maintenance costs and fuel-saving technologies, the T-Series also reduces emissions, waste and noise pollution.  

Thermo King’s T-Series truck refrigeration units come with advanced fuel-saving control technology in the new TSR controller, which means greater fuel efficiency. Another benefit is the lower life cycle costs as the TSR controller allows optimum management of all the unit functionalities to deliver what matters for every load. Also, the Extended Maintenance Interval programme EMI 2000 reduces maintenance costs with 2,000 hours/24 months oil change intervals. There is also reduced environmental impact with less spillage and waste.  

Monzone says the new and ‘intuitive’ TSR controller is easy to use and service, and features a symbolic display for error-free operation as well as low level alerts for oil and coolant, programmable service intervals and scheduled maintenance reminders, easy service accessibility to electrical and engine components, and easy to use PC Monitor application for diagnostics and communication with USB port.  

The new TSR T-Series controller makes it easy for the drivers to precisely set and adjust the refrigeration unit, helping the customers and ultimately the company’s bottom line.

The T-Series units have GreenTech engines that are reportedly the cleanest in the market, exceeding all existing EU requirements. 

Performance is enhanced too; the GreenTech engines are described as more powerful, even running at no more than 80 per cent of their maximum output. Thus, oil and coolant temperatures are reduced, resulting in less component stress and engine wear. 

Also, all the new engines are approved for use with B5 (5 per cent bio/95 per cent diesel) fuel with no change in maintenance schedules. Fuels with higher bio-diesel content (B6 up to B100) require shorter intervals between oil changes and injector servicing. 

The T-Series refrigeration units are also quiet as Monzone says they incorporate Quiet Channel technology – advanced materials virtually eliminate the usual noise caused by misalignment. Also, the Poly-V stretch belt system is said to deliver ‘exceptional’ belt life.  

The company adds that the Thermo King reciprocating compressors mark the industry standard for proven reliability and easy service. The X214 and X426 C5 compressors feature extended life crankshaft bearings, high volumetric efficiency due to more pumping capacity per cubic centimetre, and are field-repairable for easy service. The units also feature recyclable Geloy engineered plastic, aerodynamic skins and removable side doors for easy service, while their impact-resistant, in-mould colouring process helps to reduce and hide scratches. 

The T-Series is available in a complete range of capacities to meet all transportation requirements. 

Thermo King’s Vehicle-powered SV-Series Units

The SV-Series (Supreme Vehicle-powered) is designed for refrigerated transportation on light, medium and heavy vehicles.

This new SV platform has an optimised refrigeration system, robust TK compressor, and a superior cooling capacity that protects perishable cargo, thus reducing the concern of load loss. They feature quick pull down, accurate temperature control and are renowned for high reliability and low maintenance cost.   

It has a new light and compact, energy saving condenser platform and improved evaporator that incorporates long-life integrated fans, and an optimised structure design and condensing water drain. 





冷王是北美和欧洲最受认可品牌Ingersoll-Rand 有限公司的一个单位,而Monzone将这个坚固的系统带入这个区域。不同于那些平行进口商,Monzone的特点是可提供更长的保修覆盖和维护。另一个值得一提的是它拥有反应迅速的24/7热线,提供高效的售后服务。



Monzone经销冷王的全新自供电T-系列M机组,包括3种超越卡车制冷技术预望的不同款型:T-700M 、T-900M及T-1100M。

据该公司表示,T-系列卡车制冷机组以其可靠性、性能及效率,创下了行业的新标杆。此新改善的T- 系列可在较低的运行速度下提供更大的制冷量,0°C 制冷量范围为6,000W至10,500W,-20制冷范围为3,700W至5,700W。


冷王T-系列卡车制冷机组配备先进的TSR节油控制器,带来更高的燃油效益。另一个好处是TSR控制器能使所有功能得到最佳的管理,降低每批货物的运输成本。再加上EMI 2000高效油滤,可延长维修间隔,有效降低维保成本,维修间隔为2000小时/24个月。这也有助于降低漏油和废物,减少对环境的冲击。

Monzone表示,全新“直观”TSR控制器,便于使用和维护。其作面板凭借图标化显示功能,能确保设备无差错运行,低水平的机油和防冻液警戒线可编程服务间隔及提供定期维护提醒,便于维修进入的电气和发动机部。此外,还能采用个人电脑屏幕来进行诊断和通过USB 端口沟通。



所有的新引擎都适用于B55% 生物/95% 柴油)燃料 ,不会影响定期维修。采用较高生物/柴油含量(B6以上至B100)燃料,换油和喷射器维修间隔较短。


该公司补充说冷王往复式压缩机标志着已获证实的可靠性和易于维修标准。X214 X426 C5压缩机的特点是拥有延长使用寿命的曲轴轴承、每立方厘米有更多的泵送能力带来更高的体积效率,以及易于修理和进行维护。该机组的特点还包括可再循环的Geloy工程塑料、空气动力学表层及容易进行维护的可拆卸侧门、在模具着色过程中协助降低隐藏的划痕。








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