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Monzone Air-Conditioning Delivers Longest Insulated Container Trailer in Malaysia

Monzone Container Trailer Malaysia

Monzone Air-Conditioning Sdn Bhd recently delivered a 45-feet trailer fitted with Thermo King SLXi Spectrum 3 zone refrigeration system.

Thermo King SLXi Spectrum Fitted on Tesco Trailer

Monzone Air-Conditioning Sdn Bhd recently delivered a 45-feet trailer fitted with Thermo King SLXi Spectrum 3 zone refrigeration system in Johor. This is the longest insulated container trailer in Malaysia and was custom built for the Tesco hypermarket chain.

A key feature of the Thermo King SLXi unit includes a dramatic reduction in fuel costs.

As fuel typically represents more than half of the total cost of ownership, a reduction of 10 to 20 per cent in fuel costs would help the operator’s bottom line. It also provides a choice of profiles ranging from decimal point accurate temperature control for highly sensitive loads to substantially reduced fuel consumption for less sensitive cargo.

Monzone Air-Conditioning says its dealers are trained to help operators match operating parameters exactly to their individual requirements. This would ensure that cargo is maintained in perfect condition and maximise business profits.

The Thermo King SLXi unit also provides precise control with the latest SR-3 controller that offers a selection of preset operating profiles that are not just error-proof but also fully meet operational needs. The SR-3 controller boasts many new features that allow for customisation, temperature control and fuel optimisation, and operators who are familiar with the previous SR-3 controller would find that the menu system is retained to minimise additional training.

Another highlight is that operators could connect anytime, anywhere as the SLXi unit is fully ‘telematics ready’ via the installation of a TK BlueBox communication device. With this device in every unit of the fleet, the operator could manage the fleet more effectively.

With better fuel economy, the SLXi unit is said to cut global warming by 45 per cent and CO2 emission by 15 per cent. The unit has micro-channel heat exchangers technology that reduces refrigerant charge and minimise the risk of leakage. A direct injection industrial grade engine operating at reduced engine speed provides clean, dependable power. Also, a bigger condenser that is 27 per cent larger permits reduced engine speeds and minimises component stress. This exceptional component durability gives increased uptime and lower maintenance costs, while the E-coated frame provides lifetime corrosion protection.

Monzone Air-Conditioning Pte Ltd is the distributor for Thermo King, acclaimed as the world leader in transport temperature control systems, truck and trailer refrigeration, bus and rail air-conditioning systems in the Singapore and Malaysia markets.

Thermo King, a unit of Ingersoll-Rand Company Ltd, is one of North America’s and Europe’s most recognised brands, and Monzone says it is proud to bring in its robust yet competitive systems to the region.

Unlike those that supply parallel imports, Monzone could provide longer warranty coverage and maintenance. Another after-sales highlight is its 24/7 hotline for fast response services. For logistics operators, these after-sales advantages are seen as particularly important as transport temperature control systems are quite challenging refrigeration applications that need to address issues such as wide ranging and fluctuating temperatures, tough operating environments, road shocks and vibrations, and fuel efficiency. Thus, the longer warranty coverage and maintenance as well as a 24/7 hotline for fast response services are crucial in ensuring better performance and reducing repair costs and systems downtime, which ultimately translate to higher business profits.


最近,Monzone空调私人有限公司在柔佛州交付一辆45英尺的拖车,里面配备冷王(Thermo King) SLXi Spectrum 3区制冷系统。这是全马最长的隔热集装箱拖车,也是为特易购超市连锁店所量身定制。

冷王 SLXi系统最大的特性是大幅降低燃料成本。由于燃料通常占总成本的一半,若燃料成本降低10%至20%,这将有助于提升营运商的利润。该系统也提供各种配置选项,对于高敏感度的商品,它有以小数点为单位的精准温控;至于低敏感的货物,该系统也可以大幅降低燃料消耗。


冷王SLXi系统还通过最新的SR-3控制器提供更精确的控制。该控制器提供一系列预设操作配置,不仅可以防范错误,也可以完美满足操作需求。 SR-3控制器拥有许多新功能,可以进行定制、温度控制和燃料优化,对于熟悉以往SR-3控制器的操作员将会发现,它保留了过去的菜单系统,以尽量减少额外的培训需求。

另一个亮点是操作员可以随时随地连接,因为SLXi系统通过安装TK BlueBox通信设备,让人们能够完全地“远距离通信”。透过该设备,操作员可以更有效地管理车队。




冷王是英格索兰有限公司的子公司,它是北美和欧洲最知名的品牌。 Monzone表示,它很自豪能够将强大而有竞争力的系统引入本区域。



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