Gran Max Tops 2022 for Light Commercial Vehicle Segment (Below 2.0L)

Daihatsu Malaysia

Daihatsu Malaysia reported sales of 1,190 units for 2022.

Gran Max Minor Change Contributes to Daihatsu Malaysia Strong Overall Sales Performance 

The overall sales volume, which includes pick-ups and panel vans (both manual and auto transmission), sees Gran Max being retained as Malaysia’s Number One pick-up and panel van model for the light commercial vehicle segment (below 2.0L).

While sales were challenging compared to 2021 with the auto industry being globally affected by a supply chain disruption and an economic slowdown, Daihatsu Malaysia still posted a strong overall sales performance that is attributed to the introduction of Gran Max Minor Change (MC) in June 2022 in addition to consistent fleet support.

The most sought-after light commercial vehicle, both Gran Max pick-up and panel van, were given minor changes last year with updates in the power windows, multimedia player system, reverse camera and 12v-24v fast charging USB port.

“Keeping in mind that convenience and practicality are among the strongest aspects in consideration for commercial vehicle use, Daihatsu Malaysia aims to deliver an overall driving experience by providing comfort, reliability, safety and above all, convenience and practicality in every drive. For that, we believe the Gran Max (MC) received positive reception, thus contributing to good 2022 sales,” said Arman Mahadi, Managing Director of Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

With the new vehicles in operation, quality assurance also came in reliable after-sales service. The company saw steady growth in its service intakes for the past five years despite a slowdown in service activity due to the pandemic lockdown that took effect in 2020.

The increasing volume in Daihatsu service intake was in tandem with steady overall sales in 2022, followed by consistent fleet sales support over the last three years with comprehensive service retention scheduled for its dedicated fleet customers.

The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) recorded 78,885 registered commercial vehicles in 2022 (25 per cent higher than the forecasted TIV). This improvement in commercial vehicle sales was due to the increased demand as companies had invested in anticipation of an economic rebound after two years of slowdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The company is now looking forward to 2023 to embark on its business transformation plan and dealer network expansion in the northern and southern regions of Peninsular Malaysia as well as Sabah and Sarawak.

As the exclusive distributor of Daihatsu commercial vehicles in Malaysia, the company says expanding and improving customer reach is always its top priority. Building the ideal distribution network not only creates opportunities to reach new customers but also builds brand recognition to stay relevant and competitive among the market leaders, ultimately further growing the company’s revenue and profitability for business sustainability. 

Daihatsu Malaysia adds that it believes in providing durable vehicle and reliable product offerings as well as striving to deliver best quality after-sales service for customers.

“At the end of the day, making our customers, even our dealers and business partners, happy and well satisfied is what matters most! Putting a smile on their faces and providing happiness is a side effect that would build trust, followed by loyalty and investment in return. And for that, we are forever grateful to our valued customers and associates for their endless support,” Arman said.


2022年轻型商用车细分市场(2.0 升以下)

Gran Max名列前茅


马来西亚大发公布它2022年的销售量为1,190 辆。其总销量,包括皮卡和厢式货车(手动和自动变速箱),Gran Max再次在大马商用车(2.0L以下)的轻型皮卡及厢式货车车型中稳坐第一。

尽管与2021年相比,汽车行业在全球范围内受到供应链中断和经济放缓的影响,销售面临挑战,但马来西亚大发的整体销售业绩仍然亮眼。除了来自车队的一致性支持外,就要归功于20226月推出的Gran Max Minor ChangeMC)。

最抢手的轻型商用车,包括 Gran Max 皮卡和厢式货车,去年都进行了微小的改动,更新了电动车窗、多媒体播放器系统、倒车摄像头和12v 24v快速充电 USB 端口。 

大发(马来西亚)私人有限公司董事经理阿曼(Arman Mahadi)表示:由于便利性与实用性是使用商用车的两大要素,在每次驾驶中提供舒适性、可靠性及安全性,还有最重要的便利性和实用性的整体驾驶体验,因此成了马来西亚大发的目标。 大受市场欢迎的Gran Max (MC),为我们 2022 年的良好销售做出了贡献。 

随着新车的投入使用,质量保证也伴随着可靠的售后服务而来。虽然服务活动因 2020 年为遏制冠病大流行政府所采取的封锁措施而放缓,但该公司在过去五年中的服务量稳步增长。


据马来西亚汽车商公会(MAA)的数据显示,大马2022年的商用车注册总量为78,885 辆,比预期的汽车总销量(TIV)高出25%。商用车销量的改善是由于需求增加,因为在冠病大流行导致经济放缓的两年后,许多公司预期经济将反弹而进行了投资。马来西亚大发如今期待在 2023年开展其在大马半岛北部和南部地区,以及沙巴和砂劳越的业务转型和代理商网络扩展计划。








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