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Daihatsu Malaysia Contributes to Local Communities

Daihatsu Malaysia continues to show its commitment in supporting the local communities through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

DMSB Kicked Off its CSR Initiatives with Full Force

The Covid-19 pandemic led to a drastic drop in the number of blood donors, resulting in the rapid depletion of blood supply at the National Blood Centre and hospitals nationwide.

In response, the Daihatsu Group of Companies in collaboration with the National Blood Centre jointly organised a Blood Donation Drive Campaign for its employees as part of its CSR mission. This also allowed the Group to engage and get its customers from the showroom and service centres in the opportunity to involve as many people as possible to donate blood.

Held on 5th July at Daihatsu Malaysia headquarters in Shah Alam, the ‘Donate Blood, Save Lives’ campaign saw a turnout of more than 50 employees and on-site customers.

“The Blood Donation Drive is an annual CSR activity for the Daihatsu Malaysia Group. However, we were unable to hold it for the past two years due to the pandemic. We are grateful that we could do it this year and encourage all employees on corporate volunteerism by contributing to the needs in our society and alleviating the inadequate blood supply in hospitals,” said Arman Mahadi, Managing Director, Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (DMSB).

To promote healthy living as well as good values such as teamwork, fair-play, discipline and never-give-up spirit towards the local community, DMSB also hosted two friendly football matches. One was between DMSB and Persatuan Guru-Guru Wilayah Persekutuan on 25th March at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur and the other was between DMSB and Bomba Wilayah Persekutuan on 5th July at Padang Turf Kelab Sultan Sulaiman (KSS), Kampung Baru.

DMSB was represented by its very own Daihatsu Football Club, in collaboration with Kelab Rekreasi Daihatsu (KRD), a staff recreational club established under Daihatsu Malaysia. The company sees sports management as an opportunity-driven concept that assists in achieving better company strategic direction and outlines areas of market development and penetration. An example is vehicle purchase or fleet management total solution to government bodies and other corporate sectors.

“Sports have the power to unify people beyond cultural, social, ethical and religious barriers. One need to be aware of CSR development and the strategic importance in sports, just as it would have been in any CSR and environmental initiatives in other industries. In continuing sustainable development, with impeccable good values such as discipline from sport CSR, every business entity is expected to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of its workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large,” he stated.   

As 2022 is an exciting year to revive the lack of comings and goings caused by the pandemic, DMSB kicked off its CSR initiatives with full force and has a few philanthropic support programmes in the pipeline. DMSB said it was proud to involve MBM Resources as a power supporter as well as other subsidiaries within the Group in planning of CSR activities for the remainder of the year.

“All this effort echoes our company’s overall message while seeking to align its values and beliefs with those of its stakeholders. It also contributes to creating a well loving and caring society. It is an exemplary act for its customers to contribute to the community as well. We would continue to improve our brand image by making a positive impact on local communities, while fulfilling our ethical and philanthropic responsibilities to support and provide benefits to the people around us through our CSR approach,” Arman concluded.  




马来西亚大发继续通过其企业社会责任 (CSR) 倡议,履行该公司对本地社区的承诺。



7 月 5 日,马来西亚大发在其位于沙亚南总部举行的“捐血拯救生命”活动,吸引了50多名员工和现场客户参加。

大发(马来西亚)私人有限公司(DMSB)董事经理阿曼(Arman Mahadi)表示:“捐血运动是马来西亚大发集团一年一度的企业社会责任活动。然而,由于冠病的大流行,我们停办了两年。我们很高兴今年能够做到这一点,并鼓励所有员工与企业志愿者参与,回应社会需求并做出贡献,以缓解医院血液的供应不足。”

为了促进本地社区的健康生活和良好价值观如团队合作、公平竞争、纪律和永不放弃的精神,马来西亚大发还举办了两场足球友谊赛。第一场在3 月 25 日于吉隆坡独立体育场举行的马来西亚大发对垒联邦直辖区教师公会(Persatuan Guru-Guru Wilayah Persekutuan ),另一场是在7 月 5 日于甘榜巴鲁(Kampung Baru Padang Turf Kelab Sultan Sulaiman (KSS)的马来西亚对垒联邦直辖区消防局( Bomba Wilayah Persekutuan) 。

马来西亚大发由自己的大发足球俱乐部作为代表,与马来西亚大发成立的员工娱乐俱乐部 (Kelab Rekreasi Daihatsu)合作。该公司将体育管理视为机会驱动概念,有助于实现更好的公司战略方向,并勾勒出市场开发和渗透的领域。其中的一个例子就是与政府机构及其他企业部门的车辆购买或车队管理整体解决方案。






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