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New Introduction of Daihatsu Gran Max Minor Change

Daihatsu has given its popular and versatile Gran Max an update with minor changes and it would be officially launched in June 2022.

Gran Max MC is Now Available 

Daihatsu aims to offer an overall driving experience by providing comfort, reliability, safety and above all, convenience and practicality in every drive. All things considered, the Gran Max Minor Change (MC) 2022 would see an update in the Power Window, new Multimedia Player System with Reverse Camera and a new 12v-24v Fast Charging USP Port,” said Arman Mahadi, Managing Director, Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

“All these are in line with the minor change concept behind the updated Gran Max; honouring the hardworking workforce behind every successful business, particularly the man and woman at the wheel of a Gran Max. Every driver attempts to have access to in-vehicle infotainment system with the possibility of it serving as the co-driver’s safety assist as well as support to the integration of external technology, connectivity and personalisation,” he added. 

The Gran Max MC now comes equipped with power windows for both driver and passenger. The driver could control both windows independently and simultaneously. Muhammad Fahmi, Head of Corporate Planning, Product & Marketing, Daihatsu Malaysia Sdn Bhd, pointed out that this added to the overall convenience and functionality of modern electronic luxury.

“Compared with power windows, manual windows require additional time and effort to roll up and down, which draws the driver’s attention away from the task at hand of driving safely.”

Enhanced efficiency and connectivity

While convenience and practicality are among the strongest aspects considered for commercial vehicles, the rapidly burgeoning infotainment and connectivity areas had become an important part of automotive development and vehicle features enhancement.

Fahmi also highlighted that the newly added modern multimedia player system came with a reverse camera function, which greatly enhanced user experience. Featuring high resolution seven-inch touchscreen display with smooth touch control and ‘loads of infotainment features’, he said this enabled the user to get the job done while listening to his or her favourite tune. Supported by an Android 10.0 Operating System that is ‘smarter and more powerful’, it is said to allow a smoother and more efficient user experience.  A double-Din head unit player with tuner, he pointed out, provided the user the option to access multiple media sources such as radio, MP3 player, Aux-Jack and USB port.

“Road safety is greatly improved with the enhanced standard safety feature. The reverse camera significantly reduces the likelihood of minor accidents or collision as well as eliminates blind spots while backing up. It also helps to prevent injury and vehicle damage.  Parking and reversing are made easier and stress-free in tight spots and busy traffic areas. In the long run, it saves money on body repair or repaint work resulting from accidents or collision.”

The Gran Max MC also comes with an enhanced version of Bluetooth interface compared to the previous version of the Gran Max audio player system. Its Bluetooth 4.2 mobile device made pairing easier and faster, and the user could pair up his or her mobile phone and use a few functions. It also enables driving mode for mobile phonebook syncing for calls and music playback, managing contact list to accept calls as well as making and ending calls. All these, Fahmi said, not only enhanced connectivity but also allowed the driver to make phone calls hands-free.

“With the PhoneLink that supports Android two-way control and iOS one-way control, you could project smartphone display onto your car monitor. It could be connected by cable or mirroring,” he adds. 

It is also worth mentioning that the display of GPS from mirroring and connected smartphone apps is now available, given that the GPS is highly beneficial for commercial vehicle specifically. “The use of GPS in fleet management would lead to efficient, optimised, flexible and user-preferred route structures. It helps delivery businesses and drivers in plotting the most efficient and optimised route for daily deliveries.”

Effective battery charging for a range of devices is made possible as well, thanks to its new 12v-24v fast charging USP port. He believed this was a feature that would be welcomed and appreciated by logistics and transportation companies as it kept most devices charged especially on long-haul trips.

With these new additions, the price of the Gran Max MC 2022 starts only from RM73,888 (NSP).

“Daihatsu Malaysia strives to put together a series of new product enhancement and services to benefit new and existing customers. Incorporating Daihatsu’s official slogan ‘Light You Up’, our aim is to further refine the strengths that Daihatsu has developed thus far, reflecting its mission to illuminate the finer parts of our customers’ needs. Thus, Gran Max MC is one of our commitments to undertake for 2022, “concluded Arman.

Over the span of five years, Daihatsu Malaysia had accomplished some noteworthy innovations! From the introduction of the first ever Automatic Transmission (AT) light commercial vehicle, new Euro 4 emission, availability of Daihatsu Mobile Service, launch of Daihatsu Business Fleet Programme to Daihatsu e-Showroom Online Booking and Daihatsu E-Commerce Digital Store, keeping its customers happy is the company’s top priority.


大发Gran Max Minor Change的全新介绍


大发对其广受欢迎且用途广泛的 Gran Max 进行了更新和细微改动,并将于2022 年 6月正式推出。

大发(马来西亚)私人有限公司董事经理阿曼(Arman Mahadi)表示:“大发通过每次驾驶提供的舒适性、可靠性、安全性,以及最重要的便利性和实用性带来整体的驾驶体验。Gran Max Minor ChangeMC2022更新了其电动车窗、拥有带倒车摄像头的全新多媒体播放器系统和新的12v-24v快速充电USB端口。” 

“以上提及的一切都符合更新后的 Gran Max 背后的微小变化概念:表彰每一个成功企业背后辛勤工作的人员,尤其是驾驶 Gran Max 的男女。每个驾驶员都会试图访问有可能作为副驾驶员安全辅助,支持外部技术、连接性和个性化的集成的车载信息娱乐系统。”他补充说。

Gran Max (MC) 如今配备供驾驶员和乘客使用的电动车窗。驾驶员可独立和同时控制两者,包括乘用车车窗。马来西亚大发私人有限公司企业规划、产品及营销主管法米( Muhammad Fahmi) 指出,这提高了现代电子奢侈品的整体便利性和功能性。 




法米还强调带有倒车摄像头的新现代多媒体播放系统,最大幅度地提升了用户体验。他说,高分辨率的 7 寸触摸屏显示屏具有流畅的触摸控制和“大量信息娱乐功能”,这使用户能够在聆听自己喜欢的音乐的同时完成工作。在“更智能、更强大”的 Android 10.0 操作系统的支持下,据说可以提供更流畅、更高效的用户体验。他指出,带有调谐器的双 Din 主机播放器为用户提供了访问多种媒体源的选项,例如收音机、MP3 播放器、Aux-Jack 和 USB 端口。


与之前版本的 Gran Max音频播放器系统相比,Gran Max MC 还配备了增强版的蓝牙接口。它的蓝牙 4.2 移动设备使配对更容易和更快,用户可以通过智能手机的蓝牙功能与车载多媒体设备的蓝牙通信模块配对并建立连接,使用一些功能。它还可启用手机电话簿同步的驱动模式,用于通话和音乐播放,管理手机电话簿,以接听和拨打电话,以及结束通话。法米表示,这些功能不仅增强了连接性,还允许驾驶员使用该系统免提拨打电话。 


更值得一提的是,它也可通过智能手机应用程序的连接显示全球定位( GPS)导航镜像,因为 GPS 对商用车尤其有利。 “在车队管理中使用 GPS 将带来高效、优化、灵活和用户偏好的路线结构。它还可以帮助配送企业和司机规划出最高效和优化的日常配送路线。” 

其全新的 12v-24v 快速充电 USP 端口,能够为一系列设备进行有效的电池充电。他认为这是一个受到物流和运输公司欢迎和赞赏的功能,因为它可以为大多数设备充电,尤其是长途行驶。

具有这些新增功能的Gran Max MC 2022,从 RM73,888起跳(NSP)。

阿曼总结说:“大发马来西亚努力整合一系列增强的新产品和服务,以造福新和旧的客户。配合大发的官方口号“Light You Up”,我们的目标是进一步提升大发迄今为止的发展优势,反映其照亮客户更精细部分需求的使命。因此,Gran Max MC 正是我们对 2022 年的承诺之一。“

在这五年里,大发马来西亚取得了一些值得注意的创新!从首款自动变速箱 (AT) 轻型商用车、新的欧4 排放、大发移动服务、大发商务车队计划、大发电子展示室(Daihatsu e-Showroom)在线订购到大发电子商务数字商店等创新的推出,让客户满意是该公司的首要优先任务。




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