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Isuzu Retains Top Titles as Malaysia’s No.1 Truck and Light-Duty Truck Brand for 2021

Isuzu Malaysia Truck

Isuzu Malaysia retains the top spot again for overall truck and light-duty truck categories. 

Isuzu Malaysia Contributes its Success to Dealers and Employees

Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd has announced that the brand has retained two titles once again – as Malaysia’s top-selling truck for the 8th consecutive time and as the best-selling light-duty truck for a 12th straight year.

These accomplishments were delivered through the total combined sales of 4,808 units of trucks in all segments and 4,545 units of light-duty trucks recorded in 2021.

“We are extremely thrilled to be able to achieve and retain the top spot again for overall truck and light-duty truck categories, which our Isuzu brand has been privileged enough to enjoy for many consecutive years in this market. These achievements demonstrate the continuation of our robust footprint and growth in Malaysia. It shows our ability in positioning ourselves to harness the opportunities available whilst tackling the challenges amidst a pandemic-laden market situation,” said Koji Nakamura, Chief Executive Officer of Isuzu Malaysia.

It is also particularly significant given how this situation had caused supply chain disruptions such as a scarcity of raw materials, which has impacted production in the trucking industry, he noted.

Isuzu Malaysia also shared that another factor that had significantly contributed to the brand’s continuous market-leading success has been its extensive dealer network across the country. The regular communications between head office and dealer partners helped foster strong relationships, which enabled Isuzu Malaysia to capture on the ground market intelligence to deliver what customers need.

“Our dealers have a closely established rapport with our customers and were able to constantly gather feedback about the customers’ business situation and trucking solutions requirements. With this crucial ‘on the ground’ market information, our sales and aftersales teams could identify the gaps and work towards maintaining the strength of their respective operations for the benefit of our customers,” said Atsunori Murata, Chief Operating Officer of Isuzu Malaysia.

Murata added that prior to the pandemic, Isuzu Malaysia’s management team used to make regular face-to-face visits to its dealerships, business partners such as body builders and transporters, and customers.

However, this had to be immediately re-strategised by optimising digital communications platforms for its marketing efforts, such as creating videos on YouTube and Facebook, disseminating SMSes and holding meetings using Microsoft and Google tools. These changes were made to ensure continuity in Isuzu‘s building of relationships. Isuzu could also continue to promote new products and services in a straightforward manner for the customer.

In the last two years, Isuzu Malaysia rolled out several strategic initiatives such as partnering with new dealers, opening new centres and introducing new product innovations. The Elf range with Isuzu Safety Plus is a prime example, as it has greater safety and efficiency features, plus on-time truck delivery to customers.

The company said all these initiatives helped to meet the trucking solutions needs of customers while enhancing their satisfaction through Isuzu‘s market reach and quality service, which is pivotal in maintaining its robust truck sales and market-leading position.

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2021年,该公司在所有细分市场的卡车总销量为4,808辆,轻型卡车的总销量为 4,545 辆。

马来西亚五十铃首席执行长中村幸滋( Koji Nakamura )表示:“我们非常高兴能够再次荣获和保持总卡车销量和轻型卡车组别的头号交椅,我们的五十铃在这个市场上连续多年享有此殊荣。这些成就证明了我们在马来西亚的稳健足迹和延续的增长,以及我们在冠病大流行的市场形势下把握机遇和应对挑战的能力。”



马来西亚五十铃首席运营长村田笃纪(Atsunori Murata )说:“我们的代理商与客户建立了密切的关系,能够不断收集有关客户业务状况和他们对货运解决方案的要求和反馈。凭借着这些重要的‘实地’市场信息,我们的销售和售后团队可以找出差距,并努力保持各自的业务实力,为客户带来更大的好处。”



在过去的两年中,马来西亚五十铃推出了多项战略举措,例如与新代理商合作、开设新中心和引入新创新产品。配备五十铃Safety Plus 的 Elf 系列就是一个很好的例子,因为它具有更高的安全性和效率,以及准时向客户交付卡车。



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