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Isuzu Elf Range Comes with Safety Plus Enhancement

Isuzu Elf Safety Plus

Isuzu Malaysia has launched the enhanced Elf light-duty truck range that comes equipped with the Isuzu Safety Plus platform.

18 Variants of Isuzu Elf Equipped with Isuzu Safety Plus

The range features a combination of crucial safety system upgrades, plus B20 biodiesel compatibility and greater warranty benefits, to meet the current market demands and to deliver more efficient transport solutions to truck operators in Malaysia.

The enhancements are available in 18 variants of the Elf, which ranges from 4-wheeler to 6-wheeler. With the introduction of the newly-enhanced trucks, Isuzu now offers the widest light-duty truck range equipped with the comprehensive Isuzu Safety Plus platform and other relevant features to help truck operators run a safer, more productive and sustainable business.

“The enhanced Elf range with Isuzu Safety Plus truly represents a thorough evolution to delivering more superior levels of safety and performance that many truck operators seek in order for them to effectively navigate their business in today’s market environment,” said Koji Nakamura, CEO of Isuzu Malaysia.

Isuzu Safety Plus Platform

The Isuzu Safety Plus platform is supported by four main safety features which include an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), an Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), an Anti-slip Regulator (ASR) and a Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Airbag.

This enhanced Elf range with Isuzu Safety Plus is the first in its segment that offers the full benefits of Isuzu’s S.E.E Technology, which signifies the three core aspects of Safety, Economy and Environment. Here, safety is derived from being a market leader in introducing both active and passive safety features, economy is offered from the extensive warranty and environmental care is given via the B20 biodiesel compatible technology.

“With Isuzu’s S.E.E Technology at its core, the enhanced Elf range with Isuzu Safety Plus corresponds to today’s truck operators’ need for efficiency, safety, cost savings and a lower carbon footprint – everything delivered in a dynamic, versatile and reliable light-duty vehicle,” stated Koji Nakamura.

The Isuzu Elf segment has enjoyed being the top-selling light-duty truck for the past 10 years in Malaysia, and the introduction of this new range is expected to perpetuate its market-leading position.

“The enhanced ELF range with Isuzu Safety Plus is the ideal distribution partner that is set to power through as the next game changer in the segment. At Isuzu, we believe we have raised the bar once again and we are confident that this enhanced range is poised to propel us to achieving another notable milestone as the most preferred and most sell-able light-duty truck in Malaysia this year and beyond,” added Koji Nakamura.

Featuring active safety aspects for maximum protection, the ABS safety feature in the Isuzu Safety Plus platform efficiently reduces the risk of skidding by preventing the wheels from locking up during braking on slippery surfaces. It helps to maintain traction with road surface, thus giving a more secure directional stability and solid handling for the driver.

Paired with the ABS is the EBD which functions by automatically distributing the ideal brake force for all wheels based on the weight of the load, road condition and speed. This feature maximizes stopping power by enabling a precise brake force distribution, giving the driver greater vehicular control.

The Isuzu Safety Plus benefit is further amplified by the ASR function, which has an on/off option that can prevent the wheels from spinning during slippery road conditions and cornering by increasing road traction. This increases the life span of the tyres too.

In addition, a vital passive safety feature included in the Elf range with Isuzu Safety Plus is the SRS Airbag which reduces impact and injuries to the driver in the event of a head-on collision with a stationary or moving vehicle or object.

On top of that, the seat belt system presents two key functions to ensure utmost safety. Firstly, the Seat Belt Pre-Tensioner operates by retracting the belt instantly and removing the slack in the belt to firmly secure the driver. Secondly, the Seat Belt Load Limiter releases the webbing force gradually so as to not exert too much pressure on the driver’s chest, thus minimizing bodily injury in the event a frontal accident occurs.

Customers who purchase the enhanced Elf range with Isuzu Safety Plus will get to enjoy extended warranty coverage of 5 Years or 200,000 km, whichever comes first. This extensive warranty coverage is one of the best in the market, demonstrating Isuzu’s commitment in extending solid and long-term support to its Malaysian customers and helping them to lower their overall operating cost.

The trucks are now available at all 43 authorised Isuzu truck outlets nationwide.

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