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Isuzu Elf NMR Crew Offers Flexible Efficiency and Safety for Cargo and Crew

Isuzu Elf NMR Crew

The Isuzu Elf NMR Crew truck model is distinctive when it comes to flexibility, versatility and great manoeuvability. 

Isuzu Elf NMR Saves Time and Costs

Deciding on a cab style for a new truck is often determined by factors such as the type of business and services, plus how many people use the truck cab regularly. The Isuzu Elf NMR Crew truck model is an ideal option for both cargo and crew to be conveniently transported to the place of work or deployment in a single vehicle, thus saving time and costs, Isuzu Malaysia explains.

Created to offer a combination of advantages of both the NLR Crew and NPR Crew, the NMR Crew is distinctive when it comes to flexibility, versatility and great manoeuvrability, like the NLR Crew. It also offers a higher payload and capacity, like the NPR Crew thanks to its construction as a stable 6-wheeler.

The Isuzu Elf NMR Crew is a four-door crew cab truck with a comfortable selection of seats that fit a maximum of five to six people and is fully equipped with three-point safety belts.

With a large interior volume of this vehicle class, this truck model is suitable for a range of businesses and services. These include engineering, technical workshops, the utility sector, emergency services such as fire or technical relief services, roadworks, catering and food truck owners…..

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五十铃 Elf NMR Crew 为货物和工作人员提供灵活的效率和安全性

新卡车驾驶室样式的选择,一般取决于业务和服务类型,以及需要定期进入卡车驾驶室的人数等因素。马来西亚五十铃表示,只要一辆五十铃 Elf NMR Crew就可方便地将货物和工作人员运送到工作地点,节省时间和成本。

NMR Crew结合了NLR Crew 和 NPR Crew 的优点。它在灵活性、多功能性和出色的操纵性方面与NLR Crew一样与众不同。它具备了能够与NPR Crew相比,更高的载荷和容量,以及稳定的六轮。

五十铃 Elf NMR Crew 是一款四门卡车,拥有舒适的前排和后排座椅,最多可容纳 5 至 6 人,并配备了三点式安全带。



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