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Isuzu Malaysia’s COO Shares How They Stay No.1 Amidst Pandemic

Isuzu Malaysia COO Pandemic

By achieving the No. 1 spot within the commercial vehicle (CV) Malaysian market, Isuzu Malaysia is undoubtedly a brand going from strength to strength.

Isuzu Malaysia Executes New Strategies

This has been helped by the strength of the company’s leadership and strategic execution. However, during the pandemic, it was certainly not an easy time for Isuzu Malaysia, as the pandemic forced the company to think of new strategies within a changing market.

Atsunori Murata, the Chief Operating Officer of Commercial Vehicle Division for Isuzu Malaysia,  shared in detail the challenges faced by Isuzu and how the company managed to stay on course, weathering the storm.  “First of all, I would like to say that Isuzu Malaysia is extremely delighted to be the top commercial vehicle brand in Malaysia. This achievement is possible as a result of several crucial factors that have helped us establish the Isuzu brand as a trusted name in transport solutions throughout our years of operation. One of the most important contributive factors is the extensive and strong dealership network that we have here. In fact, the largest from a truck brand with 59 centres located in all states and at strategic locations, to deliver quality products and services to all our customers,” said Murata.

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在马来西亚商用车 (CV) 市场中名列第一,马来西亚五十铃无疑是一个不断壮大的品牌。这得益于该公司的领导力和战略执行力。然而,冠病的大流行,对大马五十铃来说肯定不轻松,因为它迫使他们必须在不断变化的市场中探讨新的应对策列。

五十铃马来西亚商用车部门首席运营长村田笃纪( Atsunori Murata)对五十铃面对的挑战、公司如何坚持下来渡过难关方面做了详细的分享。他说:“首先,我想说大马五十铃非常高兴能够成为大马的顶级商用车品牌。我们之所以能够达成这个成就要归功于几个关键因素。它们帮助我们在多年的运营中,将五十铃品牌确立为运输解决方案领域值得信赖的品牌。其中一个最重要的因素是我们在这里拥有最广泛且强大的代理商网络。我们在每一州和策略性地点设有 59 个服务中心,为我们的客户提供优质的产品和服务…..。”


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