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Exclusive Interview: Daniel Tan, Sales Director, Scania Southeast Asia

Daniel Tan Scania Southeast Asia

Daniel Tan joined Scania Southeast Asia in 2017 and was instrumental in the record sales for Scania trucks in Malaysia in 2018.

Scania Continues to Make Waves in the Market

In an interview with Truck & Bus News, Daniel talks about the recent instalment plan promotion that is changing the perception of potential customers who aspire to own Scania trucks. As Scania continues to make waves in the market, those potential consumers now have a pretty good idea that ‘Being Profitable with Scania is More Affordable Than Most Think’. This campaign is the first such promotion in conjunction with Scania Malaysia’s First 50 Years celebrations.

This amazing promotion, he said, is valid for trucks ordered and delivered between January to December 2021. From as low as RM6,888 to just over RM11,118 per month on-the-road, customers can have a Scania New Truck Generation for five different applications. Financial services are subject to credit approval and terms and conditions apply.

Daniel explains that with these packages, this campaign promotes peace of mind plus all-inclusive and predictive costs to customers for whom Scania will provide superior uptime, as well as superior fuel savings. The customers commit to an affordable monthly cost, while their profits will increase.

Five Applications Promotion with a Little More Focus on the Scania XT Tipper

Daniel added that the five applications that were highlighted at the beginning of the campaign were focused more towards the Scania XT Tipper. “The Tipper is ‘Tougher than Tough’ and can do more for the operators by increasing their bottom line. This is why customers around the world, in general but especially in Malaysia are embracing the XT’s superior performance. At the end of the day, customers always want value for the hard-earned investment that they make, be it for one truck or 50 trucks at a go.”

When questioned as to how tough the Scania XT is, Daniel explained, “The Scania New Truck Generation XT is tailored to withstand challenging surroundings, securing uptime and boosting productivity with tougher interiors, tougher exteriors and more power. The steel bumper, protection shield and towing device to handle all obstacles ensures maximum uptime.”

As for comfort and safety, “The Scania XT has a cabin that is one of a kind with an adjustable seat that is close to the door, ergonomic instrument panels and a large windscreen with an extended view, making it easier for the drivers to operate in a comfortable and safe environment. The standard Electronic Braking System (EBS) and speed limiter further make the Scania XT one of the safest trucks in its class today.

“The Scania New Truck Generation XT Tipper is a very highly specialised vehicle and known as the premium truck the world over. Our customers know the great value that comes with our vehicles and after-sales services. The Return On Investment (ROI) is unbelievably fast, for those who subscribe d to Scania Total Solutions packages, thereafter, generating very high revenue and continuous profits for our customers for many years to come. Once they join the Scania family, they become life-long members,” exclaimed Daniel, enthusiastically.

Tough challenges call for durable and powerful powertrains. XT trucks, he pointed out are equipped with world-class powertrains. They offer outstanding uptime and fuel efficiency as well as excellent driveability, making the vehicles fit for every purpose.

With the high torque-to-horsepower ratio of all Scania engines, Daniel stressed that the XT range is prepared for any mission ahead. From the lightweight inline-5 engine through to the famous Scania V8, the company offers a wide range of engine alternatives spanning from 250 up to 560 horsepower.

The engine management system, he continued controls the cooling fan, turning on only when necessary to save fuel and reduce noise. The XT has a clever design with the timing gear at the rear of the engine, so the crankshaft can rotate more evenly, reducing wear and improving operating economy. With the latest improved technology, improved injectors, combustion chambers and rear axle ratios, he noted all contribute to reducing both engine speed and cutting fuel consumption by a minimum of 3 per cent.

“Our other range of Scania New Truck Generation for container haulage, general cargo, bulk transport and tanker haulage have seen increases in their sales too, as Scania trucks are recognised for their superior fuel economy, safety and reliability in all  applications. They are designed to give an efficient cost total for operations, as well as increasing customers’ business profitability.”

With the introduction of the Scania Ecolution partnership, launched in 2018, Daniel mentioned that, customers can now aim to reduce their Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions.

“Gaining rapid recognition, the Scania Ecolution – or the Scania way of working, is offered to all our customers, new and old. Whether they activate the Fleet Management System (FMS) communicator that comes with new trucks or retrofit older ones with them, they will upon activation be in control and able to lower their operational costs via their drivers’ driving behaviours.”

It is and will always be the company’s ambition, he stressed to help customers to reduce their carbon footprint while providing the essential services to the community at large to be ‘A Good Company’ by caring for the environment.

“We have loyal customers, who have been with Scania for decades and have expanded their businesses beyond their wildest dreams. Of course, we also approach all interested groups that are within our reach regardless of the size of their operations. Every customer or prospect is important to us and our ‘Customer first’ motto applies to all. The response to this campaign has been great to say the least, and there is now a wait list too. We are seeing huge volume of orders coming in by the day, both large or small, which are rolling in daily across the country.”

Scania Continues Breakthroughs Despite Pandemic

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, Daniel was pleased to reveal that Scania is still making breakthroughs with the Scania New Truck Generation that was launched in 2019 and has taken the country by storm.

“We are stepping up our production as orders for the Scania New Truck Generation have picked up quite encouragingly and we are doing our best to ensure that our customers are getting in their orders as quickly as we can produce the trucks,” added Daniel.

For those who qualify, he said, Scania Credit could customise the hire purchase to suit the customers’ affordability. According to him, there is a significant number of existing Scania customers who are seeing good returns on their investment, who would testify to Scania’s hire purchase policy.

Scania is leading the shift towards a sustainable transport system with its total solutions subscriptions. All of our policies have helped our customers in achieving their objective of maximising their profits while minimising their carbon footprint,” concluded Daniel.

专访:斯堪尼亚东南亚区销售总监Daniel Tan

2017年,Daniel Tan加入斯堪尼亚东南亚,2018 年,他成了斯堪尼亚卡车在马来西亚销售量创新高背后的推手。



他说,这项惊人的促销活动适用于所有在 2021 年 1 月至 12 月期间订购和交付的卡车。从每月低至 6,888令吉到略高于11,118令吉,客户便可以拥有一辆适用于五种不同应用的斯堪尼亚全新一代卡车。融资服务须经信贷批准,必须符合条规。

Daniel 解释说,该项活动通过这些配套让斯堪尼亚能为客户提供更卓越的出勤率和燃油节省,让他们安心并可预测成本,因为成本已经全数包含在内。这样一来,客户每月承诺的是他们负担得起的成本,他们的利润也将提高。


Daniel补充说,该促销活动一开始着重的五种应用,稍微偏重于斯堪尼亚XT自卸车。“此自卸车‘比坚韧更坚韧’,而且可以为运营商做更多的事情,提高他们的利润。这就是为什么全世界的客户,尤其是马来西亚的客户,都对 XT 的卓越性能感到满意。归根结底,客户总是希望他们辛苦赚来的投资物有所值,无论是购买一辆卡车还是一次性购买 50 辆卡车。”

询及斯堪尼亚 XT 的坚固程度时,他解释说:“斯堪尼亚全新一代卡车XT是专为承受具挑战性环境而量身定制,通过更坚固的内饰和外部,以及更强大的动力来确保出勤率和提高生产力。其钢制保险杠、保护罩和牵引装置可处理所有障碍物,确保最高的出勤率。”

在舒适性和安全性方面,他说:“斯堪尼亚 XT 的驾驶室独一无二,靠近车门的可调节座椅、符合人体工学的仪表板和可扩展视野的大挡风玻璃,营造了一个舒适安全的环境,让驾驶员更容易操作。标准的电子制动系统 (EBS) 和限速器进一步使斯堪尼亚 XT成为当今同类卡车中最安全的卡车之一。”



他强调说,凭借着所有斯堪尼亚引擎都具有高扭矩马力比,XT系列已为未来的任何任务做好准备。从轻量级直列式五气缸引擎到著名的斯堪尼亚 V8,该公司提供范围广泛的引擎替代品,功率从 250 马力到 560 马力不等。

引擎管理系统,他续说,控制冷却风扇,只有在必要时才会打开运作以节省燃料和降低噪音。 XT巧妙地设计了引擎后部的正时齿轮,使曲轴旋转得更均匀,减少磨损,提高运行经济性。他指出,最新的改进技术、改善的喷油器、燃烧室和后轴传动比,这一切都有助于降低引擎转速并将油耗量降低至少3%。


Daniel指出,随着该公司于2018年推出斯堪尼亚Ecolution合作伙伴理念,客户现在可以致力于减少二氧化碳 (CO2) 排放。








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