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Scania Credit Malaysia Provides Tailor-Made Solutions for Higher Flexibility and Profits for Customers

Scania Credit Malaysia

Scania Credit (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has grown rapidly since its establishment in 2012. From a humble beginning with only 2 employees to today’s 7 personnel, the company has shown its commitment in offering financing services to its customers, providing easy, flexible financing services that best suit their business plan and budget.

Customized Solutions by Scania Credit Malaysia: Enhancing Flexibility and Profits for Customers

Scania Malaysia’s sales keep growing every year. Having an in-house financing service in place

would allow us to act locally to offer financing solutions that suits the local business environment.

It not only supports our sales but enables the company to position itself as a one-stop solution

provider to customers; from truck, bus, trailer and equipment, financing, through to maintenance and servicing,” said Business Development Manager for Scania Finance Asia Milan Yang.

Unlike banks and finance companies that focused on making profits, Yang said the company’s objective was to support customers’ business towards achieving their best profitability.

“Our operations are very lean; we share Scania Malaysia’s premises and resources. This allows us

to offer customised, flexible repayments and tenures as well as more competitive financing terms

to meet the specific needs of the companies compared to banks and finance companies. Thus, we

are able to help the operators manage their assets from the onset and generate revenue while paying for the vehicles in a more innovative way.”

In addition, he continued, customers would enjoy a personalised, hassle-free experience when they

partnered with Scania Credit. The application procedure is simple, quick and easy. With all the required documents in place, from application to approval it would take about 3 to 5 working days for fewer than 5 vehicles. Of course, he pointed out that the company would conduct a financial

check such as credit and repayment records, behavioural analysis, background, among others, before the application was approved. “Just as you know your business best, no one knows our vehicles better than us. Our product expertise and experience in the industry enable us to optimise funding cost and cash flow management by setting up the best financial plan for the entire lifecycle of the vehicle, he stressed.

The first hire-purchase contract that the company processed was in February 2013. Now we have an active portfolio of approximately RM200 million. This comprised both truck and bus operators.

“We are quite happy with our performance for the first half of 2017. The take-up rate is growing every year. In fact, it has increased more than 70 per cent since we first began,” he added proudly.

Apart from hire purchase, the company also provided insurance service. “We are partnering with Allianz and our packages are specially designed to help our customers minimise their financial

loss and maximise their uptime.”

Yang pointed out that when the customer insured with the company, it started with a promise that the repair costs would be covered in an accident within the agreed terms and conditions. The entire Scania organisation, he said, from Scania Parts, Scania Assistance and claim support service to the workshop and insurance specialists stood ready to get the customer’s vehicle repaired and back on the road as soon as possible, with minimum fuss and paperwork. Yang added that the company would ensure that the customer’s insurance reflected their needs.

“With our one-stop service, we are able to turn the downtime into uptime for our customers. Moreover, customers would be assured that their vehicles are repaired by a Scania expert, using the right tools and genuine parts.”

Looking at the long term, Yang said Scania offered driver-oriented products and services that helped to prevent accidents such as Scania Driver Training, Driver Coaching, Driver Support and Fleet Management.

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