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From Uptime to Sustainable Outcomes – Mohd Sidek Talks about his Journey with Scania

Mohd Sidek Talks Scania

Seeing that his investment in the Scania truck is paying off, Mohd Sidek secured another Scania New Truck Generation G360A4X2NA

Mohd Sidek Gives Scania’s Partnership Solutions Two Thumbs up

When Mohd Sidek was given the opportunity to start his own LPG sub-distributorship in Senai by his elder brother Omar Amzah, Managing Director of Amzah Mohd Trading, little did he know that he was going to be a successful businessman with room to grow further.

It was the trust that he had built over 15 years working for Amzah Mohd Trading, established in 1992, that gave Omar the confidence to set up Mohd Sidek Amzah Enterprise in 2014. Being a sub-contractor to Omar exposed him to the business risks that his brother goes through. However, with continuous success, Mohd Sidek proudly purchased his first Scania truck G360LA4X2MNA to handle the transportation of the LPG cylinders from the Petronas refinery in Pasir Gudang to serve the exclusive Petronas LPG distributorship of Amzah Mohd Trading for the Senai zone in Johor state.

“We purchased our first Scania truck back in 2018, and the truck has been performing excellently with the best uptime. This truck has been travelling a minimum of two trips from Pasir Gudang to Senai for 26 days continuously in a month. With the Scania truck, we have peace of mind in knowing that our LPG transportation is smooth and safe,” said Mohd Sidek.

Mohd Sidek further added that as a truck driver himself, he understood the value of having the right vehicle for a successful business. Scania was naturally his first choice as it is a premium brand that prioritises both safety and performance especially when the truck will be transporting 21 pallets or 735 LPG cylinders during each trip.

“Having our own truck was a dream come true and is the key to expanding our business as we can be more independent and plan our schedule better. Scania trucks are considered to be premium and have received many recommendations by truck drivers in the industry,” he added.

Trust in the After-Sales Services 

“Assisting Mohd Sidek Amzah Enterprise in accommodating the necessary requirements and regulations of its business has definitely been a pleasure. I’m proud to be able to provide him with our contract services for our trustworthy products world-renowned for their vehicle optimisation, fuel economy and reduction of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. In his line of business, the constant level of high performance, safety and dependability are imperative at all times,” stated Kana Devananthan, Service Sales Executive, Scania Malaysia.

Mohd Sidek also subscribed to Scania’s Maintenance, Fleet Management System (FMS), and Scania Ecolution for the Scania truck that they operate. He also signed Scania Repair and Maintenance, FMS and Scania Ecolution contracts for the New Truck Generation.

“All these after-sales services are designed to ensure smooth and hassle-free operations of my Scania trucks, keeping them on the road almost all the time. Since I am always on the move doing marketing, I monitor the trucks and drivers’ performance with my handphone, and one of my dedicated staff will also monitor the same through her desktop. All in all, the after-sales services contracts are worth the investment as they work in sync in support of one another and have proven to reduce my cost of operation,” said Mohd Sidek.

The New Truck Generation Delivers 

Seeing that his investment in the Scania truck is paying off, Mohd Sidek secured another Scania New Truck Generation G360A4X2NA that was delivered on 15 June, 2020. He was truly happy after taking this truck for its maiden trip to transport the LPG cylinders, to and from Pasir Gudang.

“It drives like a dream with a cabin that will put other brands to shame. It has a fully adjustable seat placed close to the door and an ergonomic dashboard with touchscreen and a large windscreen with extended view giving clear visibility from different angles. The truck itself is more enhanced and very powerful. Safety features such as the improved response from the braking system are additional plus points for Scania’s New Truck Generation. Everything has been designed for the comfort and safety of the drivers,” stated Mohd Sidek with a big grin.

The New Truck Generation is equipped with advanced powertrain and aerodynamic solutions that consume an average of 3 percent less fuel. So, better savings in fuel costs with less Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. Other features of the New Truck Generation include new chassis design, extended storage options, and enhanced safety features such as the award-winning rollover side curtain airbags, which are a first in Malaysia.

The Ecolution Way of Working 

Ecolution works! Sidek Amzah has joined us on a journey. They now see the value of a close partnership with us. To make sure their fleet of Scania vehicles keep running efficiently and without disruptions, they now subscribe to our comprehensive R&M package. They get the full benefit of the Scania Services portfolio: Maintenance with Flexible plans, FMS Control package, Scania Assistance, Scania original spare parts, Fleet Care and more. Sidek Amzah will see improved uptime of their Scania fleet and reduced operational cost. This is just the start,” said Thor Brenden, Services Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

Mohd Sidek will continue the Ecolution partnership to further reduce operational costs and carbon emissions, while exploring further improvements, improvements that can only be identified and implemented when Scania works together with its customers.

Given that the truck travels 26 days in a month, Mohd Sidek had to ensure that the wellbeing of the environment is also taken into consideration. The company became one of the few logistics company in Johor to sign up for Scania Ecolution as part of its greener footprint and has since noticed a minimum of 5 per cent savings in terms of the truck’s fuel consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions. To date, Mohd Sidek Amzah Enterprise has reduced its CO2 emissions by 1,230 kg which is equivalent to planting approximately 55 trees that have been flourishing for the past year.

Scania Ecolution is important to us because as a relatively small player in the market, we are still able to be competitive with the bigger boys, partly due to the cost savings from lower fuel consumption. And more importantly, Scania Ecolution helps us to reduce our carbon footprint which means we are able to reduce our impact on the environment,” stated Mohd Sidek.

“Mohd Sidek, like most operators in the transportation business, is prudent, but our approach via Ecolution gave him the belief that we are sincere in helping him reach the sustainability level in his business. Fast forward to today, Mohd Sidek was so impressed with our way of working and now really believes that we are a Total Solutions provider/partner and that we stand by our commitment,” said Daniel Tan, Sales Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

The Bright and Green Future

Mohd Sidek always believes that building a business based on trust fortifies it and is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. In a few short years Scania has been able to impress him as a trustworthy company that delivers everything that was promised.

“In the beginning, I did not really understand what Scania Ecolution was but kept my faith in Scania based on the after-sales services that had benefitted me all along. With the guidance of the Scania’s Executives I began to understand that every calculated motion that Scania makes in conjunction with the after-sales services contract that I subscribed to, is to increase my profitability via fuel economy, lowering my cost of operations and reducing CO2 emissions. Hence, the more uptime from my Scania trucks, the more successful my business becomes,” exclaimed Mohd Sidek.

“Great news that one of our good customers, Mohd Sidek, recognises the value in the partnership we have established through our products and services in general over the years and our Ecolution partnership in particular. Together we can achieve greater profitability for the operator as well as a sustainability win for everyone. With these confirmations of the service agreements, we will continue to support in the best way and reinforce our partnership,” stated Anders Liss, Region Manager-South & Country Manager-Singapore, Scania Southeast Asia.

And with the recent promotion of Amzah Mohd Trading to a stockist, Mohd Sidek Amzah Enterprise has been promoted from a sub-distributor to a full blown exclusive distributorship for Petronas LPG for, Senai, Skudai and Kulai. I am working very hard to increase the sales of LPG and looking to secure more trips for my Scania trucks with the hope of adding more New Generation Trucks for my LPG distributorship. And I am very happy with Scania’s commitment and the Scania Ecolution way of working that will undoubtedly act as a catalyst towards the rapid growth of my company,” concluded Mohd Sidek.

从出勤率到可持续性成果— 莫西德克分享他与斯堪尼亚的旅程

当莫西德克(Mohd Sidek)身为Amzah  Mohd 贸易董事经理的哥哥奥玛尔(Omar Amzah),给了他在士乃(Senai)开始一个液化石油气子分销业务的机会时,他并不知道自己有一天会成为一名有着进一步成长空间的成功商人。

莫西德克创立Mohd Sidek Amzah 企业的信心,来自于他为1992年创立的Amzah Mohd 贸易公司服务超过15年所建立起来的信任。而作为奥玛尔的承包商,让他面对了其兄长经历过的商业风险。然而,持续的成功让莫西德克买下了他的第一辆斯堪尼亚型号G360LA4X2MNA 卡车,从国油巴西古当(Pasir Gudang)炼油厂将液化石油气运送给Amzah Mohd 贸易柔佛士乃区的国油独家液化石油气分销商。

“2018年,我们购买了第一辆斯堪尼亚卡车。这辆卡车性能好,出勤率高。我们会一个月26 天连续往返巴西古当和士乃至少两次。有了斯堪尼亚卡车,我们很放心,因为我们知道它确保液化石油气的安全和顺畅运送。”他说。




“有机会协助Mohd Sidek Amzah企业适应其业务必要的要求和规定,绝对是我们的荣幸。能够为他提供我们优化车辆、节油及降低二氧化碳排放,享誉全球且值得信赖的产品合约服务,使我们深感自豪。他的这一个行业,需要有始至终持续保持高性能、安全性及可靠性水平。”马来西亚斯堪尼亚服务销售执行员卡纳(Kana Devanathan)表示。





“它那如梦似幻的驾驶室,让其他的品牌自愧不如。靠车门可完全调节的座椅,人体工学触摸屏仪表板,视野开阔的大挡风玻璃,无论从哪一个角度看都清晰可见。该卡车经过了强化,并拥有更大的动力 。安全功能如改善的制动系统反应是斯堪尼亚新一代卡车的附加优势。所有的一切都是为了司机的舒适和安全性而设计。”他咧嘴一笑说。

该新一代卡车备有先进的动力系统和空气动力学解决方案,平均节省燃油3% 。节省燃油成本和降低二氧化碳排放。其他特点包括新底盘设计、扩展储物空间选项、强化安全功能如获奖无数的防翻滚侧帘安全气囊,这些在马来西亚都是首创。


“Ecolution真的可行。Sidek Amzah已经加入了我们的旅程。他们如今看到了与我们紧密合作的价值。为了确保他们的斯堪尼亚车队能够在没有干扰下有效地运行,他们订购了我们的R&M综合配套。他们能够获得斯堪尼亚服务组合的全部好处:弹性的维修规划、车队管理系统配套、斯堪尼亚协助、斯堪尼亚原装配件、车队关怀等。Sidek Amzah将看到他们的斯堪尼亚车队改善的出勤率和降低的运营成本。而这些只是开始……。”东南亚斯堪尼亚服务总监布伦登(Thor Brenden)表示。


由于该卡车每月行驶26天,莫西德克必须确保它环保。该公司成为其中少数签购斯堪尼亚Ecolution 服务的柔佛物流公司之一,作为其减少碳足迹的一部分。效果已经显而易见,至少降低了5% 的燃油消耗量和二氧化碳排放。截至目前为止,Mohd Sidek Amzah企业已经降低了1,230公斤的二氧化碳排放,相等于过去一年里大约55棵正在开花的树。


“莫西德克,就如同其他的运输业者一样谨慎,但我们透过Ecolution方式接触他,让他相信我们很真诚地在协助他实现他生意的可持续性水平。时至今日,莫西德克非常欣赏我们的工作方式,他现在也真的相信我们是恪守承诺,真正的整体解决方案供应商/伙伴。”东南亚斯堪尼亚销售总监Daniel Tan表示。




“这真是个好消息!莫西德克,我们的一名好客户认可我们在这些年来通过产品和服务,还有特别是我们的Ecolution合作所建立起来的伙伴关系价值。 只要联手起来,我们就可以获得更大的利润,为营运者和每个人赢得持续性。有了这些确认的服务合约,我们将继续以最好的方式支持和加强我们的合作关系。”东南亚斯堪尼区域经理- 新加坡南部及区域经理利斯(Anders Liss)表示。

近日Amzah Mohd贸易升级为库存商,Mohd Sidek Amzah 企业则从次级分销商升级为国油液化石油气的士乃、士古来(Skudai) 及古来区的全面独家经销商。“我很努力地提高液化石油气的销售量,并希望能够透过增加我的斯堪尼亚卡车的运送次数,为我的液化石油气分销业务添购多几辆新一代卡车。斯堪尼亚的承诺和斯堪尼亚Ecolution的工作方式让我很满意, 它们无疑是促使公司快速发展的催化剂。”

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