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Daihatsu Malaysia Embarks on Flood Relief Program to Aid Affected Owners

Daihatsu Malaysia Flood Relief Program

Daihatsu Malaysia has organised the Daihatsu Flood Relief Program and Daihatsu Staff Flood Relief Donation Drive to ease the burden of flood victims.

Daihatsu Flood Relief Program Prioritises User Safety and Fleet Efficiency

To ease the burden of those severely affected by the unfortunate recent flood, Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. has embarked on a special flood relief program as part of its initiative to support its affected customers across Malaysia respectively.

The initiative will be open to all Daihatsu vehicles affected and damaged by floods from 22nd December 2021 onwards until 28th February 2022 at all authorised Daihatsu service centres. This program will benefit both individual SME owners as well as corporate fleet users.

Arman Mahadi, Managing Director of Daihatsu Malaysia Group commented, “Malaysians have witnessed hundreds of vehicles caught stranded in floods and traffic jams as reported in news broadcasts. Among the Gran Max users impacted by this were business owners engaged in their daily operations, courier dispatchers on their daily delivery runs, and even long-haul drivers commuting from state-to-state, all of which required immediate vehicle inspection followed by servicing. The transportation industry, aided by the likes of Daihatsu commercial vehicles, provides essential support to the economic activity of businesses, and therefore having a single vehicle off the road for a period of time can cause a sizeable impact. All things considered, our Daihatsu Flood Relief Program aims to prioritise the safety of all our users in order to increase fleet uptime and ensure the operational efficiency and profitability of businesses.”

Daihatsu Flood Relief Program

Under the programme, affected Daihatsu owners are entitled to up to RM 100 Towing Service Subsidies per vehicle to the nearest authorised Daihatsu service centres, terms and conditions apply.

On top of that, eligible owners will benefit from up to 40 per cent off selected Daihatsu Genuine Parts and 20 per cent off labour services along with Free Vehicle Inspection Services. For engines and transmission hauling, selected Daihatsu genuine spare parts replacement can be performed, which comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year or 20,000 km (whichever comes first).

For added convenience, DMSB also offers mobility solutions by deploying and mobilising its Daihatsu Mobile Service team, which provides onsite vehicle servicing at the customers’ most convenient location and time upon request, subject to availability of radius range.

As an authorised Hino Malaysia dealership, any DMSB Hino owners affected will also be eligible for Hino Flood Relief Assistance that will run concurrently and consecutively with Hino Malaysia.

Arman further emphasises that We are committed to providing every possible aid towards our customers, keeping in mind that every solution offered is reliable and efficient. All authorised Daihatsu service centres will remain in operation during this crucial time, providing optimum access to owners in need of our service assistance. 

Daihatsu Staff Flood Relief Donation Drive

Daihatsu Malaysia also organised a staff flood relief donation drive, which was distributed to  employees in the Group who were affected by the flood disaster. In total, the fund reached RM30,000.

“The Daihatsu Staff Flood Relief Donation Drive was put in place to allow our employees to contribute and provide a helping hand to our dear colleagues and their families. Along with the financial assistance, a team was formed through a special task force. They were dispersed at several locations to conduct house visits for the severely affected employees, provide assistance in the form of food, basic necessities and other means of moral support,” he added.




据悉,该计划将使个人中小企业的所有者和企业车队用户受益。所有授权的大发服务中心将为在2021 年 12 月 22 日起至 2022 年 2 月 28 日期间受水灾影响和损坏的大发车辆提供该项服务。

大发马来西亚集团董事经理阿曼(Arman Mahadi) 评论说:“据新闻广播报道,大马人目睹了数百辆汽车被困在水灾和交通堵塞中。受此影响的 Gran Max 用户包括从事日常运营的企业业主、日常送货的快递员,甚至是在各州之间通勤的长途司机。这些业者都需要立即检查车辆,然后进行维修。交通运输业在大发商用车等公司的帮助下,为企业的经济活动提供了不可或缺的支持,因此在一辆在路上行驶一段时间的车子将带来大影响。在考虑了各种情况后,我们的大发防水灾计划旨在优先考虑所有用户的安全,以提高车队的出勤率并确保企业的运营效率和盈利能力。”



更重要的是,符合条件的车主将享有高达40%的特定大发原厂零件折扣和20%的人工服务折扣及免费的车辆检验服务。他们的引擎和变速箱也可进行特定的大发原厂备件更换,并享有一年或 20,000 公里(视何者为先)的保修。





马来西亚大发还组织了员工抗水灾捐款活动,将捐款分发给集团内的受灾员工。在该公司员工的积极响应下,筹款总额高达 30,000 令吉。 


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