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CAM – Putting Customer First

CAM Customer

CAM aims to provide innovative products and services that meet customer needs. 

CAM Believes in Do It Right the First Time

The Sendok Group, established in the 1980s in the business of automotive parts, has grown to include the production and sale of new commercial vehicles under the brand CAM Malaysia in 2009. This move into the commercial vehicle market has solidified the company’s position as a leading player in the industry.

CAM stands for ‘Consistent’, ‘Active’ and ‘Mobile’, and the company aims to provide innovative products and services that meet customer needs and promote full mobility for their businesses.

‘Do it right the first time, every time’ is the belief that CAM subscribes to daily. To guarantee customer satisfaction and maintain the high standards of CAM, the company says, are crucial to properly manage the distribution of new commercial vehicles. This includes ensuring that warranties and after-sales services are promptly addressed and customers have convenient access to the necessary spare-parts for CAM  light commercial vehicles, even in emergency times.

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信诺集团成立于1980 年代,从事汽车零部件业务,2009 年发展到包括生产和销售马来西亚 CAM 品牌的新型商用车。其进军商用车市场的举措,巩固了该公司作为领先企业的地位。

CAM 代表“一致性”(Consistent)、“活跃”(Active)和“移动” (Mobile)。该公司旨在提供满足客户需求的创新产品和服务,并促进客户业务的全面移动性。

“第一次就做对,每次都做对”是CAM在日常实践中一贯秉承的信念。该公司表示,为保证客户满意度并保持 CAM 的高标准,妥善管理新商用车的分销至关重要。这包括确保及时处理客户保修和售后服务,并确保客户即使在紧急情况下也能方便地获得 CAM 轻型商用车的必要备件。



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