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Sendok Taihei Now Opened

Sendok Taihei Opened

Sendok Group announced the establishment of Sendok Taihei Sdn Bhd recently, a joint venture company between the Group and Taihei Kogyo Inc Japan. The new company is headed by Gwee Bok Wee, the majority shareholder Sendok Group’s founder, as Managing Director.

Sendok Taihei Officially Launched

A ceremony was held and officiated by Jamil Derus Ahmad, the Officer of Logistics and Land Transport Division, who represented Malaysia Minister of Transport Loke Siew Fook to mark the opening of the new one-stop total solutions commercial vehicle service centre.

Located on 5 acres of land at Batu 5, Jalan Kapar, Sendok Taihei offers comprehensive preventive maintenance and repair services for all makes of commercial vehicles covering trucks, tractors and trailers, either on contract or on-demand basis.

“Apart from the above services, we would support Sendok Taihei with mobile mechanics and vehicle recovery services. In the near future, we intend to expand the services to include collision repairs, vehicle leasing, commercial rental and used vehicle sales,”Gwee said at the launch.

Combining the company’s local work practices with the partner’s Japanese work ethics, he said Sendok Taihei aimed to deliver value to its customers through personalised attention, maintaining personal relationships and fostering trust, honesty and respect. Services, he stressed, would be the foundation of the company’s relationship with the customers, communities and colleagues.

He also revealed that the company wished to expand its business to major towns in Malaysia within the next 2 years.

In conjunction with the opening ceremony, Sendok Group took the opportunity to launch its CAM Lubricants Series. According to the Group, the Series uses only 100 per cent virgin base oil with no recycled lubricants to ensure the highest quality base oil with no contamination of any particles in the final product. All CAM Lubricants are synthetically blended with special and unique additive package formulation, which the company took from a globally renowned overseas supplier that was established since 1982 for each specific range of the CAM vehicle range. These special additives are exclusively manufactured to ensure there are no sludge and rust, anti-wear and anti-friction properties and anti-oxidants. Furthermore, the oils are designed especially to maximise the performance of Super High Performance Diesel (SHPD) engines.

The 3 new lubricants introduced were the CAM 17K Synthetic 10W40 SN/C14 for CAM van and light trucks, CAM MC Synthetic Technology 10W40 C14 +/SL that is specially formulated for the Sinotruck MC T series trucks and CAM Dynamic (Semi Synthetic 15W40 C14/ SL) for heavy trucks. The Group also introduced 2 new gear oils, the CAM Gear Oil 18000 80W90 GL4 and CAM Gear Oil 19000 85W140 GLS.

CAM, the sales and marketing arm of the Sendok Group, displayed its complete range of commercial vehicles, ranging from pickups, light trucks, 10 to 18-seater vans, heavy trucks to mining trucks, and many more at the event.

Sendok Taihei 开始营业

信诺集团与日本太平兴业株式会社联营的Sendok Taihei 私人有限公司如今开始正式营业。此新成立的公司将由最大股东,也就是信诺集团创办人魏木维出任董事经理。

物流及陆路交通部主任贾米(Jamil Derus Ahmad),代表马来西亚交通部长陆兆福主持该全新一站式整体解决方案商用车服务中心的开幕仪式。

坐落在巴生Batu 5, Kapar路五英亩的土地上,Sendok Taihei为所有的商用车,包括卡车、牵引车及拖车,不论是承包或按需方式提供完善的预防性养护和修理服务。

“除了上述的服务,我们也会透过流动的技术人员和紧急修理车服务来支援Sendok Taihei。我们将在不久的将来扩展该服务以涵盖碰撞修理、汽车租赁、商用车租用及二手车销售。”魏木维在该发布会上表示。

他表示,Sendok Taihei 将信诺的工作实践与其日本伙伴的工作操守结合起来,以个人化服务、保持与客户的个人关系及培养信任、诚恳及尊重为客户提供价值。他强调说服务是该公司与客户、社区及同事关系的基础。


配合该开幕仪式,信诺集团也借此机会推介其CAM 润滑油系列。据该集团表示,这个采润滑油系列是采用百分之百原始基础油(Virgin base oil)制成,完全没有任何回收润滑油的成分,以确保基础油的最高品质和最后产品不受任何微粒的污染。所有的CAM润滑油采用独特的添加剂配方混合而成。这些独家制造的添加剂没有油泥和生锈,具有抗磨损、抗磨擦及抗氧化特性。此外,该特别研制的润滑油可强化超级高性能柴油引擎(SHPD)的性能。

这3款新润滑油分别为适用于CAM货车和轻卡的CAM 17K Synthetic 10W40SN/C14 ,专为Sinutruk MC T 系列卡车 配制的CAM MC Synthetic Technology 10W40 C13+-/SL ,以及适合重型卡车的CAM Dynamic Semi Synthetic 15W40 C14/SL 。该集团也推介两款齿轮油-CAM Gear Oil 18000 80W90 GL4 和   CAM  Gear Oil 19000 85W140 GLS

信诺集团的营销臂膀CAM,也在该活动中展示了全系列的商用车,从皮卡、轻型卡车、10至 18座位货车、中性卡车至矿用卡车等。

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