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CAM is Back in Action in Sarawak!

CAM Action Sarawak

Huong Seng Motor Trading showcased the 15-seater CAM Kingo Van, 18-seater CAM Kingo Plus Van series and Sinotruk Howo A7G at the BCF event

CAM Takes Part in BCF 2022

Huong Seng Motor Trading Sdn Bhd, the CAM dealer in Sarawak, recently took part in the Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) 2022 in Sibu from 8th to 23rd July, which also happened in conjunction with Sarawak Day on 22nd July.

“This is an annual event that celebrates food, dance and culture that we used to participate in every year as the response was always very encouraging. However, it was on hold for two years due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This was the first time that we joined an open event after the movement control order (MCO) and we were extremely excited to meet our customers and potential buyers,” said Goh Kee Seng, Managing Director, Huong Seng Motor Trading.

The company showcased the 15-seater CAM Kingo Van, 18-seater CAM Kingo Plus Van series and Sinotruk heavy truck – Howo A7G model – under the Sendok Group during the event. “We are glad that the CAM booth attracted many visitors and garnered many new enquiries from individuals and companies involved in commuter or goods transport. This is really a good sign that the economy is recovering. We also obtained great feedback during the event…..”

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CAM的砂劳越代理商宏盛汽车贸易有限公司近期参加了7月8日至23日在诗巫举行的 2022年婆罗洲文化节(BCF)展会。该展会展出期间,也正好是7月22日的砂劳越日。

宏盛汽车贸易董事经理吴义生表示:“这是一个庆祝食物、舞蹈和文化的年度活动,我们过去每年都会参加,因为反应相当令人鼓舞。但随着冠病的爆发,该被活动停办了两年。这是我们在行动管制令 (MCO)之后第一次参加公开活动,我们很高兴能够见到我们的客户和潜在买家。”

展会期间,该公司展示了信诺集团旗下的15座CAM Kingo客货车、18座Cam Kingo Plus客货车系列和中国重汽豪沃A7G车型。 “我们相当开心CAM展位吸引了许多参观者,并收到了很多从事通勤或货物运输的个人和公司的新询问。这是经济正在复苏的一个好兆头。我们在活动期间也取得了很好的反馈……”


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