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DHL Express Pioneers Electrification of Delivery Fleet with CAM EC35 Van in Malaysia

DHL Express CAM EC35 Malaysia

DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider, recently announced the addition of six electric vans in Malaysia.

DHL Express Plans to Add Another 55 EVs

These vehicles are already on the roads across the Klang Valley for last-mile deliveries. The introduction marks the company as the first in the country to transition towards a commercial electric vehicle (EV) fleet.

The new vans were deployed in early October, serving the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas. DHL plans to add a further 55 EVs to bring the total number to 61 by 2023. These additional vehicles would be deployed in other states nationwide.

“Logistics operations efficiency, innovation and sustainability are at the forefront of our agenda,” said Sean Wall, Executive Vice President, Network Operations and Aviation, DHL Express Asia Pacific. “While improving our service capabilities to exceed rapidly evolving customer demands, we remain aware of our responsibility to the environment and strive towards clean operations. Electric delivery vans represent the future of our global green network and drive our climate-neutral goals.”

Distributed by R&A Marketing Sdn Bhd of Sendok Group, the fully-electric CAM EC35 has a cargo space of 4.8m³ with a payload of more than one tonne, similar to that in the internal combustion engine vans it is replacing. It requires eight hours to be fully charged for a travel distance up to 266 kilometres. With direct current (DC) fast charging (at up to 40kW), the time is reduced to 2.5 hours. An anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) are among the standard features that enhance the couriers’ safety and driving experience as they cover their daily routes…..

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DHL Express率先将CAM EC35引进其大马配送车队

全球领先的国际快递服务提供商DHL Express,近日宣布其马来西亚车队中将增加六辆电动货车。该公司已经正式启用这些车辆,为巴生谷地区提供最后一英里配送服务,成为国内第一家采用电动货车的物流公司。

“物流运营效率、创新和可持续性是我们议程的首要任务。”DHL Express亚太区网络运营和航空物流执行副总裁华尔(Sean Wall) 说。 “在提高我们的服务能力以超越快速变化的客户需求的同时,我们仍然意识到我们对环境的责任,并努力实现清洁运营。电动送货车代表了我们全球绿色网络的未来,并推动了我们的气候中和目标。”

信诺集团成员企业–R&A行销私人有限公司分销的全电动CAM EC35的载货空间为 4.8 立方米,有效载荷超过一吨,相等于它正在取代的内燃机货车。充满电8小时后可续航266公里。若使用直流 (DC) 快速充电(最高 40kW),充满电的时间可缩短至2.5 小时。防锁死制动系统 (ABS) 和电子制动力分配 (EBD)可提高送货员每天开车配送时的安全和驾驶体验。与此同时,DHL正在开发基础设施来支持该这些电动火车。例如,服务中心的智能充电点具有扩展性,可满足未来几年增加的电动货车充电需求……


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