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Sendok Group Launches New CAM Kingo Series

Sendok Group CAM Kingo Series

The CAM Kingo series has 4 different variants, which the company claims is by far the most complete van range in town.

New CAM Kingo Series Make its Debut in Malaysia

R&A Marketing Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Sendok Group, launched the new CAM Kingo Series, a new van series under King Long, on 19th July.

The CAM Kingo series has 4 different variants, which the company claims is by far the most complete van range in town. This includes Kingo Ute Window, 15-seater basic spec; Kingo, 15-seater comfort spec; Kingo Plus, 18-seater comfort spec; and Kingo Ute Panel, high-roof panel van with 9.2m3, which is the biggest panel van in its class.

Available in difference sizes and specifications, it is said to be best in value, versatility and practicality for various commercial applications. The addition of the CAM Kingo series complements the current CAM van range and fills the current vacuum in its class.

Powered by a 3.0L Common Rail Turbo Intercooler Euro 3 diesel engine, the CAM Kingo series produces maximum power of 110kW/3400rpm and maximum torque of 370Nm/2000rpm. It comes with full safety features in the ABS+EBD and reverse camera with sensor. Other features include LED daytime running lights, halogen projection headlamps, chrome honeycomb grill, sporty 16” alloy rims, double rear cooling coil units with 9 air vents, semi fabric seats and dual sliding door.

Widely used as a comfortable people transporter, CAM Kingo series is also applicable for courier services and logistics, factory/school bus, semi-panel van, ambulance, hearse and utility van.

CAM Kingo series comes with 5 years or 150,000km warranty (applicable for private and commercial registration). It is also supported by a 24/7 hotline, CAM nationwide 65 service dealers and free nationwide towing service within the warranty period. The OTR selling price (without insurance) for company private starts from RM100,870. As part of the launch promotion, a free dash cam or exclusive CAM carpet is given upon purchase of the new CAM Kingo series.

During the launch, Gwee Bok Wee, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Sendok Group, said: In conjunction with the revised New Automotive Policy (NAP), Sendok Group plans to bring in Green Vehicles in expanding its vehicle range. The CAM Kingo series would be expanded to include the Electric Vehicle, whereby King Long in China readily has the technology and technical know-how of such products.“

Gwee also announced that Sendok Group’s turnover under the new commercial vehicle segment during the past 10 years had grown to RM200 million last year and was building a new manufacturing plant spanning 10 acres (400,000 square feet) located in Klang, which was targeted to be ready in year 2020, to expand market coverage.

“Responding to the Industry 4.0 application, the new manufacturing plant would adopt more automation and digitalisation. With this new production capacity, Sendok Group targets to cater to the bigger demand of the Southeast Asian market and capitalise on the Asean Free Trade Area, and move towards the international market,” added Gwee.

R&A Marketing was appointed the sole distributor of King Long Minivan in Malaysia in 2010. In conjunction with the launch, Sendok Group also celebrated its commemoration of the 10 years’ co-operation with Xiamen King Long United Automotive industry Co, Ltd.

The launch was officiated by Guest-of-Honour Dr Ong Kian Ming, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, accompanied by Gwee and Simon Xie, Managing Director of Overseas Sales & Marketing, Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry.

信诺集团推介全新CAM Kingo 系列

信诺集团子公司R&A 行销私人有限公司于7月19日推介全新CAM Kingo 系列, 一辆新金龙客车。

CAM Kingo 系列有4个不同的版本,该公司宣称是目前市场上最完整的客车系列。这包括Kingo Ute 有窗15座位入门版、Kingo 15座位舒适版、Kingo Plus18 座位舒适版及Kingo Ute 高顶厢式,容积为9.2 m3客车,是其等级中最大的厢式客车。

据悉,该系列拥有不同的大小和规格,物超所值,用途广泛,特别适合各种商业应用。CAM Kingo系列的推出完整填补了CAM客车的类型和同类产品中的市场空缺。

搭载3.0 升涡轮增压共轨欧3内冷式柴油引擎,最大输出110kW/3400 rpm 和最大扭力370Nm/2000rpm,该系列拥有完整安全配备如ABS+EBD,以及配备传感器的倒车摄像头。其他的配备还有LED日间行车灯、卤素车头大灯、车头通风栅格镀铭蜂巢设计、16寸铝合金轮圈、后段车厢9个排风双冷却盘空调设备、半合成纤维座椅及车子两旁拉开式车门设计。

除了被广泛用来载客外,CAM Kingo系列也适用于快递服务和物流、工厂巴士/校车、半厢式货车、救伤车、柩车及多用途客货车等。

CAM Kingo系列提供5年或150,000 公里保修(适用于私家车和商用车注册)。所有的用户将享有24/7热线、CAM 分布于全国各地的6S服务代理及在保修期限内的免费全国拖车服务支援。 该款货车的上路价为100,870令吉。作为发布会的优惠之一,举凡购买全新CAM Kingo系列将随车赠送一个仪表相机或独家CAM汽车地毯。

信诺集团集团董事经理兼首席执行员魏木维在发布会上表示 :“配合新的国家汽车政策主要围绕的3个方向,即下一代汽车(NXGV)、出行即服务(MaaS)和工业革命4.0, 我们将引进CAM Kingo系列电动车。金龙客车在电动车的发展趋势,包括CAM Kingo电动车产品设计、技术建设方面,在中国国内已达到成熟技术效果。”

他也在会上公布信诺集团新商用车部门的业绩表现,他说该部门在过去10年里成长迅速,去年的营业额已增至2亿令吉,并在巴生兴建了一个面积10英亩(400,000 平方米)的新厂房,预计在2020年完工,以扩张市场覆盖。


R&A 行销在2010年被委任为金龙轻客产品的独家经销商。配合该发布会,该公司也庆祝他们与厦门金龙联合汽车工业有限公司的10年合作关系。


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