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Volvo Trucks Begins Global Competition for Aftermarket Technical Staff

VISTA aims to further upskill, attract and maintain skilled technicians.  

VISTA Builds Competency and Share Expertise

Volvo Trucks recently kicked off its largest global competition for aftermarket technical service personnel, VISTA or the Volvo International Service Training Awards. Through teamwork and competence development, VISTA aims to further upskill, attract and maintain skilled technicians.  

This year, up to 20,000 technicians from Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses global dealer network, including teams from Malaysia, are expected to participate in this global competition. 

Even though VISTA is a competition, the main objectives are to encourage teamwork to build team spirit and pride, while inspiring self-improvement and competence development on technical skills. It’s seen as a way to increase technical knowledge and the quality of work which leads to improved customer service and greater customer satisfaction. 

Volvo Trucks says highly skilled and motivated technicians enable its workshops to carry out fault diagnosis and fix trucks’ problems in a timely manner while meeting high quality standards. These skills are seen as key in helping customers achieve maximum uptime for their trucks. 

“A top-of-the-line service network is crucial for our customers’ logistics and haulage business,” says Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks. “VISTA shows just how important our mechanics are and, at the same time, the competition improves our skills so we could deliver outstanding service provided by the best service crews in the world.” 

VISTA first started in 1957 originally as a competition only for Volvo technicians in Sweden. Twenty years later by 1977, it had reached across all continents, attracting authorised Volvo dealers from all over the world. Today it is a biennial event and the biggest competition for aftermarket technical service personnel in the world. 

Mitch Peden, Managing Director of Volvo Malaysia, says: “VISTA is much more than a competition. It is a simulation of the workshop environment to build competency and share expertise, in addition to motivate and foster teamwork and collaboration among our technicians. It is also a way for Volvo Trucks to address the challenges of recruiting and retaining competent workshop technicians. At the end of the day our customers benefit with better service through improved skills and teamwork enhancement.” 

Fifty teams, with each comprising four aftermarket service personnel, from Volvo Malaysia’s network of dealership are taking part. The teams would need to complete several rounds of theoretical and technical tests before a winning team is announced. 

The winning team from Malaysia as well as winning teams from other participating countries would meet in the semi-finals in Gothenburg, Sweden in May 2020. Several top teams would then proceed to compete for the final global championship in Turin, Italy in September 2020. 

“The team from Volvo Trucks Malaysia that made it to the semi-finals in Sweden in the previous 2018/2019 VISTA competition gained invaluable experiences from this global competition. Their improved knowledge and skills were applied in their day-to-day work and it has been successfully reflected in our employees’ competency level,” Peden says.








一个最好的服务网络对我们客户的物流和运输业务尤其重要。沃尔沃卡车总裁阿尔姆(Roger Alm)说。“VISTA在显示我们技术人员的重要性之际,也提升我们的技能,以便我们能够以世界上最好的技术服务人员提供卓越的服务。 

VISTA始于1957年,最初只是一个瑞典沃尔沃技术人员的一个竞赛。20年后的1977年,它遍及各大洲,吸引了来自世界各地的沃尔沃授权代理。今天,这个每两年举办一次的活动 ,已经成为世界最大规模的后市场技术人员大赛。

马来西亚沃尔沃董事经理佩登(Mitch Peden) 说:“VISTA不仅只是一个比赛。它模拟了修车厂环境,在激发和培养技术人员的团队合作外,也建立起技术人员的能力和提供他们分享专业知识的机会。它也是沃尔沃卡车应对招聘和留住有才能的修车厂技术人员的一个方法。最终,透过技能的提升和强化的团队合作,我们的客户将获利于更好的服务。 

共有50个来自马来西亚沃尔沃代理网络的队伍参加该竞赛,每一组有4 名售后服务人员。在公布胜出的队伍前,这些队伍必须完成好几个回合的理论和技术考试。 


2018/2019 VISTA 竞赛中,代表马来西亚沃尔沃卡车参加半决赛的团队,从这个全球竞赛中获得了宝贵的经验。他们将增进的知识和技能都用在每日的工作上,而它的成功反映在我们员工的能力水平上。




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