Volvo Trucks Commemorates 50 Years of Achievements in Malaysia

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Volvo Trucks is extremely glad to celebrate our 50th anniversary in Malaysia this year.

50 Years of Volvo Trucks in Malaysia

Volvo Trucks is commemorating its 50th anniversary of achievements and milestones in Malaysia this year. 

The company started in Malaysia in 1969 under Federal Auto Industrial Sdn Bhd and a year later, the Swedish Motor Assemblies plant began operations. The first product brought here that year was the complete built-up N Series truck, a tipper and heavy haulage transporter that featured the three-point safety belt created by Volvo. It was one of the first trucks to sport this important safety feature.

Over the next five decades, Volvo Trucks expanded its footprint through launching new truck models, opening dealerships across Malaysia, gaining new customers and introducing many key aftermarket services and activities. 

Volvo Trucks is extremely glad to celebrate our 50th anniversary in Malaysia this year. This is one of our momentous milestones and we are very satisfied with everything that we have accomplished over the past five decades. We also feel truly honoured to have the continuous support of the industry and our customers as they made it possible for us to grow our business,” said Mitch Peden, Managing Director, Volvo Malaysia

Highlights of Volvo Trucks Heritage in Malaysia 

The year 1969 marked the setting-up of Volvo Trucks operations in Malaysia and the introduction of the complete built-up N Series tipper and heavy haulage truck.

The 70s saw the complete knocked-down assembly of the N Series truck being initiated and the 3-point safety belt equipped in all the units, making Volvo the first truck brand to highly emphasise safety. Breakthroughs made included introducing the turbo engine used in the F Series truck. It also delivered the Volvo F88 truck to the Malaysian Army. 

In the 80s, Volvo Trucks introduced new innovative technologies and features focused on improved efficiency, performance and safety. It launched the Euro 1 engine in the FL10 model and became the first truck brand to introduce the airbag as well as the 6x2 tag axle. This decade also saw the arrival of new models to service the booming transport and logistics sector - F7, F10, F12, FL10, N10, N12 and NL12. Additionally, it delivered the N10 trucks to the local Fire Department and the first batch of N12 logging trucks to East Malaysia. 

The 90s saw the arrival of the Euro 2 engine and latest FL10, FL12 and FH12 models, and the introduction of its Blue and Gold Service Agreements to serve customers’ demand for cost-effective preventive maintenance and repairs. In addition, Volvo Trucks introduced its first Breakdown Service Team to ensure that aftermarket support reached customers wherever they were. 

Making impact beyond 2000s

Increasing demand for reliable heavy-duty trucks saw the Volvo FM9 and FM12 models being brought here in 2002, followed by the launch of the Customer Care Centre to provide 24/7 breakdown service support. 

The Volvo Driver Training programme and annual Fuelwatch Challenge to promote safety and fuel-efficient driving behaviour among truck drivers were also launched. 

The Volvo I-Shift transmission that uses road grade, speed, weight and engine load to gauge optimum time for switching gears to increase fuel efficiency was introduced as one of its latest advancement in trucking solutions. 

As business expanded, Volvo Trucks appointed Dai Lieng Machinery Sdn Bhd as its first private dealer for Volvo in East Malaysia in 2008. 

Subsequent investments involved the RM75 million for its 3-year network enhancement strategy across Peninsular and East Malaysia that included establishing the Port Klang dealership as its flagship outlet to serve some 3,000 Volvo trucks

In 2014, two new models - facelifted and improved Volvo FM and FMX – were introduced to meet different industry applications. The following year, Volvo upped the ante by introducing Volvo Dynafleet – its telematics system for customers to better manage their fleet and keep track of trucks and drivers’ performance in real-time. 

Its most significant product milestone was achieved when the premium flagship Volvo FH Series, comprising two variants FH13 and FH16, made its ‘epic entry’ in 2017. With breakthrough innovations such as the ultra-low crawler gears and Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS), the FH series offers superior handling, performance, safety, fuel efficiency and ergonomics and could withstand extreme heavy loads. 

In 2018, Volvo Trucks carried out its biggest local corporate social responsibility project in Bario, Sarawak. It funded an estimated RM500,000 to build a fire-fighting system for the Bario Asal Lembaa longhouse settlement and five eco-shelters along the 25km Bario ancestral jungle trail to improve the lives of the Kelabit community. 

Over the last two years, it also launched additional aftermarket services such as the Volvo Service Planning, 24-month Fitted Parts Warranty and Port Klang Extended Workshop Hours programmes

“Strongly guided by our three core values in safety, quality and environmental care, Volvo Trucks successfully achieved 50 years in Malaysia by continuously expanding our resources, products and service offerings and giving back to communities,” said Peden. “Although today we are well positioned as the market leader in the heavy-duty European brand segment in Malaysia, there’s still a lot to achieve. The next 50 years would pose new challenges and we are ready to embrace it as we remain focused on driving efficiency, innovation and excellence for all our stakeholders.”




富豪卡车(Volvo Trucks)今年将迎来在马来西亚立足50周年纪念,同时欢庆这些年来实现的发展成就。 

1969年,Federal Auto Industrial私人有限公司设立马来西亚富豪卡车;一年后,瑞典Swedish Motor Assemblies汽车装配公司的厂房也在马来西亚投入运作。富豪卡车当年引进马来西亚的首个车款,便是整装进口(CBU)的N系列翻斗和重型运输卡车。这款卡车装有富豪发明的三点式安全带,也是率先装置有关安全配备的卡车之一。


马来西亚富豪卡车董事经理佩登(Mitch Peden)说:“我们对于欢庆富豪在马来西亚扎根50周年纪念感到非常骄傲。这是本公司重要的里程碑之一,我们对于这半个世纪以来所取得的成绩感到非常满意。我们也很荣幸能得到业界及客户的长期支持,才能让我们有机会在这个市场里茁壮成长。”   



1970年代,N系列卡车开始以全散装件(CKD)形式进口,卡车内也安装了三点式安全带,使富豪成为第一个高度重视安全的卡车品牌。富豪卡车取得了几项突破,包括推出了搭载涡轮引擎的F 系列卡车。马来西亚武装部队也选用富豪 F88卡车,进一步巩固富豪在马来西亚的地位。 

1980年代,富豪卡车凭藉各种创新科技及着重提高效率、功能和安全的功能而名声大振。富豪推出Euro 1 引擎和FL10 卡车,并成为第一个在6x2牵引车安装安全气囊的卡车品牌。富豪卡车接着迎来了F7、F10、F12、FL10、N10、N12 和NL12卡车。马来西亚消防和拯救局开始引用N10卡车,富豪也首次向东马的客户介绍N12伐木卡车。 

1990年代,富豪卡车迎来Euro 2 引擎以及最新的FL10、FL12 和 FH12 卡车,并推出蓝牌和金牌服务协议,以满足客户寻找符合成本效益的预防保养及维修卡车需求。此外, 富豪卡车也成立第一支卡车故障救援小组,确保售后市场服务能随时随地支援客户。  



为了进一步提高生产力和道路安全意识,富豪推出富豪司机培训计划,同时举行Fuelwatch Challenge省油挑战赛,向富豪卡车司机推广安全和节能的驾驶方式。 


为了配合业务拓展,富豪卡车于2008年委任大连机械有限公司(Dai Lieng Machinery)为富豪在东马的首个私人代理商。 




2018年,富豪卡车在砂拉越峇里奥(Bario)落实规模最大的企业社会责任计划,并拨出约50万令吉为峇里奥Asal Lembaa长屋居民建设救火设备,同时在当地长达25公里的祖传森林地带兴建5个生态歇脚站,协助改善加拉毕(Kelabit)族裔的生活。 










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