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UD Trucks is UPC Chemicals’ Preferred Truck Brand

UD Trucks UPC Chemicals

UD Trucks and sole distributor/partner Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE) recently welcomed UPC Chemicals (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd as the new owner of UD trucks. UPC Chemicals purchased 5 heavy-duty UD Questers through Edaran Setia Auto, TCIE’s authorised private dealer in the East Coast region.

Preferred Truck Brand: UPC Chemicals Chooses UD Trucks

This marks the start of a budding partnership among all parties as the new UD Trucks is the first and only truck brand owned by UPC Chemicals. To mark this milestone, a momentous truck handover event was held at UPC Chemicals’ Port Tank Farm in Kuantan, with attendance from all the companies’ management teams.

Eddy Chan, Director, Sales and Marketing, UD Trucks Malaysia, said: “The UD Trucks brand is highly notable for its Japanese craftsmanship and hands-on field approach, which are key factors in creating reliable, durable, fuel-efficient and modern-looking trucks that are built to go the extra mile. The Quester truck was engineered with global technological know-how and safety principles to help customers stay ahead of the competition. With our long-time partner TCIE’s extensive expertise in local sourcing and assembly, it allows the Quester to be an affordable heavy-duty vehicle that does not compromise on superior performance.”

Wong King Yoon, Chief Executive Officer, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd, added: “I am confident that UPC Chemicals (Malaysia) is in good hands because Edaran Setia Auto already has TCIE’s full support in providing excellent UD Trucks aftermarket service and easily obtainable UD genuine parts through our vast service network. Our support would ensure that UD Quester trucks perform at their best and contribute to UPC Chemicals’ business by promoting uptime and maximising productivity.”

UPC Technology Corporation was founded in 1976 as a petrochemical products producer. In addition to continuously focusing on the core chemical business, UPC supports the development of specialty chemicals and logistics service businesses. With 7 manufacturing and logistics centres in China, UPC is expanding its business in the Asia Pacific and working closely with local raw material supplier BASF Petronas Chemicals Sdn Bhd to meet the demand of the rapidly growing Asean market.

“To meet the fast-growing business, we know that we should be better prepared to handle more deliveries. We need trucks that are robust, reliable, fuel-efficient and affordable to transport our products to customers all over Peninsular Malaysia. Together with Edaran Setia Auto, who has been very graciously meeting all our demands, we believe that the new UD Quester would definitely help us increase our business productivity,” said Wu Weiting, General Manager, UPC Chemicals (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

TCIE has an extensive network of 43 services centres and dealerships nationwide. Any purchase of UD trucks is supported by the UD Extra Mile Support services that include UD Genuine Service and Parts, UD Driver Training, UD Telematics and UD Trust Service Agreements.

UD Trucks


UD Trucks 和独家授权经销商陈唱工业用具有限公司(Tan Chong Industrial Equipment,简称TCIE)日前欢迎联成化学(UPC Chemicals)(马)私人有限公司选择 了UD 卡车,正式加入UD Trucks 大家庭。 联成化学通过Edaran Setia Auto购买了5辆UD Quester 重型卡车。Edaran Setia Auto是陈唱工业用具位于东海岸的授权私人经销商。

这个订单开启了双方的合作伙伴关系,因为UD Trucks 是联成化学首个,也是唯一一个使用的卡车品牌。 为了纪念这个里程碑,双方在联成化学位于关丹的储槽库举行一场卡车移交仪式,该公司的管理层也出席观礼,共襄盛举。

马来西亚UD Trucks 销售和营销总监曾国賓在移交仪式中提道:“UD Trucks品牌以精湛的日本工艺和务实的实地研究闻名,两者是生产可靠、耐用、省油、现代化卡车,进而使卡车运行时间更长的关键因素。Quester卡车采用全球技术知识和安全守则,以提升客户竞争力,立足前沿。作为我们的长期合作伙伴,陈唱工业用具在本地采购和组装方面的知识和经验非常丰富,使得Quester成为性能卓越且价格大众化的重型卡车。”

陈唱工业用具有限公司首席执行员黄庆云说:“我有信心联成化学会得到周到的照顾,因为Edaran Setia Auto 获得陈唱工业用具的全面支持,我们通过广泛的服务网络提供他们优越的UD Trucks售后服务以及原装UD零件。 我们会延长卡车运行时间,提高卡车生产力,确保UD Quester表现卓越,为联成化学的业务作出贡献。”

联成化学科技公司(UPC Technology Corporation)是一家生产石油化学品的公司,成立于1976年。除了专注于核心的化学业务,联成也开拓特殊化学品和物流业。联成在中国设有7家生产和物流中心,并积极开拓亚太区业务。该公司也和本地原料厂商巴斯夫国油石化(BASF Petronas Chemicals)私人有限公司合作,以满足东盟市场强劲的需求。

联成化学(马)私人有限公司总经理吴维鼎说:“为了应付业务急速发展的需求,我们必须为运送更多产品做好万分的准备。我们需要可靠、耐用、省油和价格大众化的卡车来运送我们的产品给全马各地的客户。Edaran Setia Auto一一满足了我们的要求,我们相信全新的 UD Quester能加强我们的生产力,也提高我们的营业额。”

陈唱工业用具在全马共有43个服务中心和经销点。 UD Trucks的客户能使用UD Extra Mile Support后援服务,包括购买原装UD零件、参加UD司机培训班, 签订UD Telematics和UD Trust 售后服务配套。

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